Bailey again, Arrested for Alleged, Drunk Driving, Time will, Reveal the Facts here.

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Ian Bailey denies being over drink-drive limit on Sunday

 • Yesterday 17:55

Ian Bailey denies being over drink-drive limit on Sunday© Provided by Irish Examiner

Ian Bailey has insisted he was not over the limit when he was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving in West Cork on Sunday night.

The poet and writer said he attempted to provide a roadside breath test on three occasions but that the machine may have been defective, and later provided a urine sample at Bantry Garda Station.

“I was returning from a very good Tradfest in Ballydehob,” he said. “I became aware of blue lights.

“I thought he said ‘you have been driving erotically’ but apparently what he had said was ‘you have been driving erratically’.” 

Mr Bailey said he then attempted to provide a breath test on three occasions, as per the garda’s instructions, but that when each one failed to register on the device he was then told he would be taken to provide a sample at the garda station.

Mr Bailey said he blew into the bag as hard as he could and, when it did not work, he told the garda: 

There might be something up with your machine — it’s not my fault.  

He said at the garda station that he elected to provide a urine sample as he is “needle-phobic”.

The incident occurred at approximately 9.30pm on Sunday and Mr Bailey said “I was driving, in my opinion, perfectly safely”.

“I am just waiting. I am hoping that the samples of urine I gave them last night will be under the limit.” 

He added that he did not believe he had driven with excess alcohol on board as he said he had consumed just a pint and a glass of wine across the entire evening.

Mr Bailey, found guilty in absentia in 2019 by a court in Paris of the murder of French film producer, Sophie Toscan du Plantier, has always denied any involvement in her death.

Just last week he revealed that he is likely to lose his current rented accommodation in Bantry due to the lifting of the eviction ban by the government.

He said that situation is causing him anxiety.

“I am one of many,” he said, adding that he is a “single guy” and that “a snowball would have more chance in hell” of swiftly securing alternative accommodation. 

“It’s just terrible.” He said it may be the case that he has to rely on emergency accommodation as provided for by the local authority. 

Asked if anyone had reached out to him with an offer of accommodation ahead of May 1, when he said he is due to leave his current lodgings, he replied: “Not immediately.” 

Mr Bailey also queried how news of his arrest on Sunday night became known and also said that an alleged assault on him last year is still being investigated by gardaí. 

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