People before Profit, has Crossed the Line, here,Boyd Barrett, may Lose his Seat, next time out, Parents Across Ireland, are in total, Shock, at this, Grooming of their Children, they will Stand, and Fight this, to the Bitter End.

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H Brennan just commented on The Book of Filth has being Removed, How could this Happen to our Children, Who is behind this Sexual Darkness, Would somebody, at the Government, Table, have the Balls to Stand up, and Say, Enough.Well done Peadar.Thousands of people, have Written in here, in total Shock. It borders on Pedophilia, without Doubt, Shocking.This is a Victory, for parents and Children..

News Irish News BOOK ROW Government faces fresh questions as book with ‘explicit adult sexual material’ removed from …

It’s a sick society that promotes this offensive material and People Before Profit ought to stick within their capabilities because to promote these perversions is criminal intent to grooming our present-day youngsters. Juno Dawson needs all books to be fine-combed forthwith.

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