Down Gangland Memory Lane, the Infamous, Blue Lion Pub, at least 7 Murders, in the Pub, 30 years, Ago, often Asked, how many were Solved back then. Names like the Brazils, Comerfords, and Hutches, all drank in the Blue Lion.

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Dublin shooting may be revenge contract killing
THE man shot dead in a central Dublin pub last evening may have been the victim of a revenge contract killing.
Tue Apr 2 1996 – 01:00

THE man shot dead in a central Dublin pub last evening may have been the victim of a revenge contract killing.
John Reddan, in his mid forties, who was well known to gardai and had contacts with many Dublin criminals, was drinking with friends in the Blue Lion public house in Parnell Street at 6.30 p.m. when a lone gunman shot him in the head at close range.
Reddan stabbed to death Sean McNeill (23), from Darndale in north Dublin, outside a disco in Coolock on St Valentine’s night last year.
Gardai arrested Reddan, a well known Dublin criminal figure, within days of the stabbing. A file was prepared by detectives at Coolock Garda Station and submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions almost a year ago. A decision to charge Reddan was still awaited by gardai.


Gardai believe last night’s killing was in revenge for the killing of Mr McNeill.
According to a Blue Lion customer, who did not want to be named, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet walked into the pub, went towards the lavatory before returning and walking back into the bar.
“He walked up to Reddan and shot him in the side of the head, then walked off. As he was walking out he started waving the gun around at us and everybody just dived on the ground.
The eyewitness said Reddan was sitting with friends near the bar. He said Reddan fell on to the floor and appeared to be dead.
Reddan was originally from the north inner city but had moved to Finglas. According to sources in the north inner city, Reddan was still well known in the area and involved in criminal activity but was not a drugs dealer.
Gardai confirmed last night that Reddan had been “known” to them for more than 20 years. They said he was an active criminal involved in various types of crime and had been connected, over the past 20 years, with several of the major criminal gangs.
He stabbed Mr McNeill to death after a row at Tiffany’s Nightclub in Coolock.
According to Garda sources last night, Reddan’s murder and the stabbing were “more than likely associated”
The style of last evening’s killing and the fact that a handgun was used suggested that a professional assassin was responsible.
The gunman was accompanied by an associate who waited at the door of the pub and then drove away in the direction of Summerhill. Gardai later found the motorcycle, which was abandoned on Sean O’Casey Road, about a quarter mile from the pub.
The killing bears similarities to a number of others in Dublin in recent years and which are believed to be the work of professional gunmen, who carry out “contract” killings for money.
The Blue Lion public house, a two storey building about 100 yards from the northern end of O’Connell Street, quickly

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No photo description available.
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Gunman panics after bungled bid to shoot pub customer

Tom Brady
September 08 1998 12:11 AM

A MAN survived an attempt on his life yesterday when a gunman fumbled as he pulled a handgun out of his pocket.The intended victim, believed to be Derek Hutch, was sitting on a bar stool at the Blue Lion pub in Parnell Street in Dublin at lunchtime when the gunman ran into the premises.
He singled out Mr Hutch, who is in his 30s, but was unable to pull out the weapon immediately and another pub customer hurled a stool at him.
The gunman then panicked and fired one shot which hit the ceiling of the pub. He then ran outside where an accomplice was waiting on a motorcycle. Up to 30 customers were in the pub at the time.
In April 1996, John Reddan, who was the prime suspect in the murder of a publican’s son during an armed robbery 14 months earlier, was shot dead by a lone gunman while he was drinking in the Blue Lion pub.
Reddan was believed to have been killed in revenge for the fatal stabbing of Sean McNeill (23) outside a disco in north Dublin on St Valentine’s Day in 1995.
Gardai were awaiting a decision from the DPP on whether to charge Reddan with the stabbing when he was shot dead.
Detectives reckoned that a northside criminal was responsible for Reddan’s murder but were unable to gather sufficient evidence to charge him.
Reddan had been an associate of a major Dublin gangland figure.
Detectives from Fitzgibbon Street under Supt Cormac Gordon were last night investigating the latest Blue Lion incident.
Last week a close associate of murdered gangland boss, Martin “The General” Cahill, also had a lucky escape when a gunman hit him with a shotgun blast at close range.
Victim Seamus “Shavo” Hogan was hit by shotgun pellets in the shoulder but discharged himself from hospital the following day.
It was the second attempt on his life in three weeks and gardai believe the shootings were part of a feud among criminals on the southside of the capital.
Hogan has refused to co-operate with garda inquiries into the shootings which took place in Drimnagh and Crumlin.Martin Kellys The Blue Lion Martin
                        Kellys The Blue Lion Martin Kellys, The Blue Lion
130 Parnell Street
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– To be honest, I don’t think many vistors to the city will have a drink in here – we were advised not to by the locals! However, it features on the famous Dublin Pubs poster so we wanted to cross it off the list! Let’s just say it’s not exactly up-market! But being from Scotland we were well received by the patrons and lived to tell the tale!
Submitted by Dave & Tom, Glasgow – Many people advise not to go here it is very much a locals pub but as I’m an English girl and I have taken many friends here I found the locals very welcoming but I suppose its what your used too. Its not a high-class place but I had many great nights here. So it’s worth a try!
Submitted by Soraya Youssif, Southampton, England – This is a unique pub. It’s truly authentic. It’s where the locals go. No tourists. Be quiet. Be polite. Mind your own business. Keep your mouth shut. Best between 6pm and 8 pm. You should probably leave by 9 pm. Definitely Dublin’s best pub. Three minutes’s from The Gate Theatre. I never visit Dublin without visiting both.
Submitted by Michael, Pittsburgh, USA

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