Scary times, this Garda is a SDU Member, and is Suspened, over Allegations, of Corruption, and helping with Evictions, so many Irish Cops, are Quitting the Force, Weekly, who the Fuck, would Blame them.

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ICCL demands answers from Gardaí over disproportionate and ...

Suspended detective in corruption probe allegedly received thousands of euro to help with eviction

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Retired officer John 'Spud' Murphy is in prison for drugs offences.

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Maeve Sheehan

April 09 2023 02:30 AM

The detective garda who was arrested last month in a corruption probe was allegedly paid a fee of several thousand euro to have a tenant with links to a crime gang evicted from a business premises.

The allegation is central to the criminal investigation into the detective, who is suspected of being part of a Dublin protection racket.

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