Thank you, for your Comment, Feargach. We do need to, Reorganise, Urgently. The Private hired Thugs, and the Irish Gardai, Read Gene Kerrigans piece, in Yesterdays, Sunday Independent. Eviction above, North Frederick Street.

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ICCL demands answers from Gardaí over disproportionate and ...
Feargach just commented on Shocking, Can Godart be Stopped, Legally?. Landlord who evicted tenants then rented out flats on Airbnb has history of unlawful evictions   April 10 2023 … Direst action by citizens, in the form of public protest, picketing etc is legal. Also we have representatives in the European Parliament who can expose this grasping individual who cares nothing for the misery he is causing. In particular we have representatives Clare Daly and Mick Wallace who could raise the this.
In the 1970s there was an organisation, the Dublin Housing Action Committee (DHAC), which took action to prevent evictions and organised massive support to highlight the housing abuses of landlords. We need to reorganise.

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