April 15th, 2023: Tweets, videos, a quotation. Ukraine daily review. Timothy Snyder: West should not be talking about Peace but looking for the DEFEAT of the Russian Federation. Movement from Empire to Integration has been the choice of many European countries, and Ukraine grasps this. The EU emerged as an alternative to autocratic imperialistic historical monoliths.

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Wall Street Silver


15th April 2023

George Orwell:



Bill Browder


April 14th, 2023

I disagree. Russian spies should be arrested and held until a swap is agreed for various US and European hostages that the Russians have taken

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Anders Åslund


14th April 2023

“Norway Expels 15 Suspected Spies From Russian Embassy in Oslo” Great! An example worth following. The West should expel all Russian “diplomats” who are really spies, agents or disinformation agents.



Mikhail Khodorkovsky


14th April 2023

Opened in 1996 to honour the memory of Andrei Sakharov, the Sakharov Center, a leading human rights organisation and a rare island of free debate, closes its doors to the public in response to an eviction order from local authorities. No place for free thought in today’s Russia.



Guy Verhofstadt


15th April 2023

Europe needs to offer hospital care for Navalny immediately…. and hit everyone involved with Magnitsky sanctions & expulsion of all Russian diplomats if the offer is not taken up !

theguardian.com Alexei Navalny in ‘critical’ situation after possible poisoning, says ally Russian opposition leader said to have had severe stomach pains, with ambulance being called to penal colony ==============

max seddon


14th April 2023

“It’s a sort of slow and methodical murder, happening in front of our eyes right now, with the whole world watching. It’s very disturbing,” ⁦


tells ⁦



Alexei Navalny ‘seriously ill’ in Russian jail

Aides suggest opposition leader may be being poisoned in ‘slow and methodical murder’


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Pjotr Sauer


15th April 2023

“I want to say that I am not losing hope,” Evan wrote in a brief, two-page note that his family in Philadelphia received on Friday. “I read. I exercise. And I am trying to write. Maybe, finally, I am going to write something good.”

Jailed WSJ Reporter in
                  Letter Home Says He Is ‘Not Losing Hope’


Jailed WSJ Reporter in Letter Home Says He Is ‘Not Losing Hope’

The handwritten letter in Russian is the first direct communication Evan Gershkovich has had with his family.




14th April 2023

North Korea’s launch of a new ICBM, as well as Russia’s recent launch & the US planned one next week, are dangerous and provocative and part of all nuclear-armed states’ work to make arsenals even more deadly. #nuclearban bans developing nuclear weapons, all countries must join.

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April 14

North Korea says it has tested a new solid-fuel ICBM, its first known use of the propellant in a longer-range projectile. Here are some characteristics of solid-fuel technology, and how it can help Pyongyang improve its missile systems



The Spectator Index


April 11th 2023

Nuclear weapons

Russia: 6,255

United States: 5,550

China: 350

France: 290

United Kingdom: 225

Pakistan: 165

India: 156

Israel: 90

North Korea: 40-50


The Moscow Times


15th April 2023

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia’s Pacific Fleet had launched surprise combat drills on Friday.

themoscowtimes.com Russian Pacific Fleet Put on High Alert in Snap Drills Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Friday the country’s Pacific Fleet had launched surprise combat drills as tensions rage with the West over Ukraine.



15th April 2023

Russia state-affiliated media

As many as 52,000 Russian young men have already received draft letters as part of a regular spring call-up, of whom 21,000 have been found fit for military service, Colonel Andrey Biryukov said:




The Wall Street Journal


Both Russia and Ukraine have been looking to allies for military support as the war continues and supplies run low. Here’s how North Korea, Iran and China have assisted Moscow.

wsj.com North Korea, Iran and China’s Connections to Russia’s War Machine Both Russia and Ukraine have been looking to allies for military support as the war continues. WSJ looks at which countries have



15th April 2023

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, president of #Brazil said that the United States should stop “encouraging war” in #Ukraine “and start talking about peace.”



Euromaidan Press


15th April 2023

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis has said the Swiss government plans to provide $1,7 bn assistance for Ukraine by 2028 Earlier, Switzerland joined EU sanctions on Russia, restricting the export of weapons, coal, and luxury goods by UkrInform



Where does Ireland stand now re the Magnitsky Act? Scrutiny of the IFSC is essential. We are duty bound to know what exactly this Magnitsky Act is about. Listen here to Bill Browder. See 2022 media coverage re Ireland and Magnitsky Act.

The Labour Party


Earlier this week


said ‘Ireland was in danger of becoming the best small country in the world to wash dirty Russian Oligarchs money through the IFSC’ We need to legislate now for Labours Proceeds of Crime/Magnitsky Bill to target through CAB the oligarchs’ money


Micheal OLainn


Ireland has

1. No domestic Magnitsky law and enforcement resource

2. Maintains full diplomatic relations with Russia

3. Permits and facilitates Russian shadow banking in the IFSC and full professional services supports.

Ireland: 15th April 2023. President Biden, President of the US, has just held a 4 day visit to Ireland. Where do we stand re the Magnitsky Act? Ireland is a neutral country which means we must be very strong in alternative ways like promoting Peace misssions, and ensuring corruption by Russian oligarchy and their enablers is tackled head on … and not facilitated in our country.


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Paul Niland


15th April 2023

Prigozhin redefines success. “inform everyone that the Russian Federation has achieved the results that it planned.” That was the plan, was it? On 24/2/22 of last year Putin pointed to Bakhmut on a map and said, ‘get precisely that far!”

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15th April 2023

Prigozhin called on the Kremlin to end the war against Ukraine. “Today, the ideal option is to announce the end of the SVO, to inform everyone that the Russian Federation has achieved the results that it planned.” Beggars, and this counteroffensive has not even begun yet … Show more



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Jason Jay Smart


15th April 2023

“Sanctions will hurt Europe  more than they will hurt Russia .”  The Ruble continues its descent into the abyss.



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15th April 2023

Russian mobik says they are positioned right next to Vuhledar, although they should be in the territorial defence. All they can do is simply hide from shelling and pray to not get hit. In addition, they are not paid daily allowances for the same reason – supposedly they are in… Show more



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