The Entire Country, was so, Relieved, 10 years Ago, DJ Recovered, thank God, a True Gentleman.

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So what was wrong with DJ Carey? He had a life-threatening heart virus...

10 years ago

So what was wrong with DJ Carey? He had a life-threatening heart virus…


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Last month, hurling legend DJ Carey was rushed into hospital after he collapsed in a garda station in Kilkenny. At first there were speculations that he had suffered a heart attack, but that wasn’t the case. So just what was wrong with DJ?

According to his father, John Carey, DJ was suffering from a serious heart infection which could have killed him if left untreated.

The Irish Sun reports that the Kilkenny star was rushed to hospital after he collapsed from intense chest pains in his local garda station.

After numerous tests, it was confirmed that the hurler had suffered from myocarditis – a viral infection of the heart. According to reports, DJ could have died on the spot if he had not received medical attention as quickly as possible.

“He was struck down with a viral infection in the heart. It was very serious. He is out of hospital now but he is on medication and he is still not in the best of shape. He’s had a tough time of it,” said worried dad, John Carey.

“I heard talk that he had a panic attack – but that was rubbish. It was a heart infection,” he added.

As well as being potentially fatal, myocarditis can cause permanent damage to the heart.

DJ had been under severe stress and pressure in recent months, due to financial troubles and the breakdown of his long-term relationship but his father said that the recent health scare had given the entire family a wake-up call.

“We’re family. We’re here for him. He’s had a very tough time recently – and none of it was DJ’s fault,” said Mr Carey.

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