The Late Late show last night; the comment by Nicola Tallant has shocked an entire nation; a senior GSOC Garda, attended a party at the Monk Hutches’s house with other alleged gangsters. How could this happen? Where is Simon Harris, the Minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner and other serious Garda management, at Garda HQ. Let us put this a different way. The Four G’s: when you see a squad car patrolling, do you ask a question “are they part of gangland” or Gardai doing their work? The next: what about GSOC? Now one would ask are they Fit for Purpose? Then there is Gangland who seem to be in every corner of society and last but not least, our Government who seem to be asleep just like Eamon Ryan in the Dail, when corruption runs deep all around us. The Monk is only out, 6 Days, and this, Scandal Erupts,

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Cartoon Monk by memoangeles | GraphicRiver
BREAKING: Simon Harris TRAPPED Inside Of Simon Harris – Waterford ...
Gardaí driving squad cars without specialist course - four years after ...
GSOC launches investigation into man's arrest in County Limerick town ...
Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

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