Mrs Thompson, was a Hard Working Decent, Woman, may she Rest in Peace.

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Killer ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s tribute to late mum read out at funeral as he watches service from prison

  • Published: 15:47, 24 Apr 2023
  • Updated: 16:44, 24 Apr 2023

HEARTBROKEN murderer ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson has described his late mum as the “best mother in the world” as he watched her funeral service online from Portlaoise Prison.

A letter was read out on behalf of Thompson, who is serving a life sentence for the 2016 feud murder of Daithi Douglas, in which he credited Lisa for keeping him safe during the Lansdowne Road riots of 1995.

Lisa's coffin is carried from the Dublin church
Lisa’s coffin is carried from the Dublin church
'Fat' Freddie Thompson was not given permission to attend the service
‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson was not given permission to attend the serviceCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin
His mum Lisa Thompson was laid to rest today
His mum Lisa Thompson was laid to rest todayCredit: Collect –

And while the killer couldn’t attend in person, mourners turned to wave at the webcam just before his letter was read out at St Nicholas of Myra church.

In a the message, read out by his niece Katelyn, Freddie said:“Hi Mam, your best son here. I love you so much, you’re the best mother in the world.

“When our time comes to meet again I’ll be right beside you and we can talk more then.

“On a funny note I always think back on the days that we used to be selling in Croke Park and you used to sneak me in on the school buses, the bag of chocolate was bigger than the bus itself.

“I can remember back in 1995 when Ireland were playing England in Lansdowne Road and the fans started killing each other. It was mayhem but I remember you putting your arms around me and pushing me through the fans to be get me into a stall where I would be safe.

“Most of you in the church will remember that game. From that day until the day you passed away I always knew I’d be safe once I had you with me.

“From your son Frederick, I love and miss you always.”

Fr Joe Kennedy said earlier: “Frederick can’t be hear today, as you know, but he’s hopefully watching it on the webcam. We hope you can hear us loud and clear Frederick.”

Thompson, 43, was jailed for life in 2018 for the murder Douglas, who was shot dead in the doorway of his partner Shoestown shop on Bridge Street in July, 2016, as part of the Kinahan-Hutch feud.


His mother Lisa, who was in her 70s, passed away last week following a brief illness.

Her remains were brought in to the church, with Freddie’s brother Richie carrying the coffin at the front.

Richie and his other siblings, William, Lisa Jane and Scott, were comforted by family and close friends as the funeral procession arrived at the church.

A number of women, including the mother of Regency murder victim David Byrne, Sadie Byrne, one of Lisa’s seven sisters, wore pink because it was her favourite colour.

Fr Kennedy mentioned the assassinated cartel thug during the service, saying: “Can I share a very special prayer. I mentioned that I’m in Mount Argus and I’m often in Mount Jerome, which is not far from Mount Argus.

“Very very often I would call and say a prayer for her nephew David, who was laid to rest there, at his graveside, so we’ll say a little prayer for him, bless him, and his grieving family and a prayer for all of his Lisa’s extended family who have gone before us.”

At the start of the service, Lisa’s grandkids placed items on the altar which were symbols of her life.

These included a packet of cigarettes because she was “never without a butt in her pocket or a cigarette in her mouth”, Lisa’s cardigan because “if anyone was ever going anywhere she’d say see if they have any nice cardigans for me”, her pocket was “a symbol of her hard work as a street trader” and her hairbrush and rollers because “she was a very glamorous woman who was rarely without her rollers in her fringe”.

Fr Kennedy said that much of the congregation attended the church last November when Lisa and Sadie’s mother Maria was laid to rest.

He also named her seven sisters and two brothers and prayers were also said for three of her siblings who had previously passed away.


In a letter read out by her daughter Lisa Jane, Fr Kennedy said Lisa “was a very hard-working woman and everything she did was for her family.”

It added: “If there was a few bob to be made, whether it was buying or selling, Lisa was there, whether it was chocolate or friends.”

Fr Kennedy added that the letter speaks about her great love for her family and her grandkids, laughing as he said: “Lisa love to see her grandkids and her nieces and nephews knocking in and calling to the house. Lisa Jane also goes on to say that she also loved to see them going.”

Her daughter described her as “odd in her own special way who loved her own company and she would glady sit by herself in the lamplight having a drink and a smoke.”

She also described her as a “kind soul” who if you liked you she would love you with her “whole heart”.

Lisa loved to holiday in Benidorm with her sisters and was found of buying “rubbish” while she was there.

She also said her sisters and brother would be waiting for her and they would have a “big party in heaven”.

Freddie’s brother Richie waved at the webcam and said “howya Fred”, before addressing mourners before the service ended.


He said: “I didn’t think I was going to do a eulogy but I got stuck with it. I’ve nothing prepared.

“I was in a pub on Wednesday, in Morrissey’s, and a fella came in to me and said can I see you outside for a minute.

“I thought there was going to be a bit of trouble. Anyway, he said to me ‘Richie I just wanted to say your Ma was a great woman’.

“I said where do I know you from and he said ‘I’m from the Barn, I used to do all the chocolate for your Mam. I remember my Mam owed your Mam money and she still gave loads of chocolate for the kids going to school every morning’.

“So that’s the kind of person me Ma was and is. I just want to thank me Ma’s sisters for all the support, and I want to thank the singers and the priest.

“Me Ma was a great mother, best in the world. Thank you.”

Her coffin was then carried from the church to the tune of the Adele’s version of the Bob Dylan song Make You Feel My Love.

Her remains were taken to Mount Jerome cemetery for burial, yards from her nephew David Byrne, while the family and friends later gathered in the Red Cow Inn.

‘Fat’ Freddie was taken from Portlaoise Prison under heavy armed guard to spend a few moments with his mother at Massey’s Funeral Home in the Coombe last Friday.

There was a heavy garda presence outside the church on St Francis Street in Dublin’s south inner city ahead of the Requiem Mass.

Officers from the Armed Support Unit, as well as armed detective units and a number of marked garda cars kept watch on proceedings.


An application from him to be allowed attend the funeral was rejected by prison authorities.

He was convicted of the Douglas murder in 2018. His trial at the Special Criminal heard that while he wasn’t the gunman, he was found guilty on the strength of mobile phone evidence which connected him to a number of cars which were involved in the hit.

Douglas was murdered as part of the high profile Kinahan-Hutch feud.

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