The Sad Gardai, being Bullied and Stressed out, Bless them all, What about the Innocent people, who were Stitched up, by the Heavy Gang, and the Corrupt Rogue Gardai, still Lurking in the Shadows, Yes there are Decent Gardai, but Stand up, point out, the Rogues, you work with, Daily.

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Gardai suffering post traumatic stress due to bullying in force & working in ‘toxic environments’, GRA claim

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  • GRA conference in Westport
  • Published: 20:40, 24 Apr 2023
  • Updated: 20:40, 24 Apr 2023

GARDAI are suffering from post traumatic stress due to bullying in the force, it has been claimed.

And Garda Representative Association Assistant General Secretary Tara McManus also told how frontline gardai were also working in “toxic environments”.

The 45th GRA conference takes place in Westport, Co Mayo
The 45th GRA conference takes place in Westport, Co MayoCredit: CONOR Ó MEARÁIN

The claims were made on the eve of the 45th GRA conference in Westport, Co Mayo.

The GRA, which represents 12,500 members, also outlined how gardai were resigning due to workplace stress.

The Assistant General Secretary said: “Members are struggling and they are suffering from post traumatic stress due to bullying and other issues.

“A lot of people I have spoken to have told me they are working in toxic environments.

“Some of the individuals who have left An Garda Siochana have said it’s like walking away from an abusive relationship.

“They have also explained that they are no longer investigators – they are administrators.”

 GRA President Brendan O’Connor also told how the force was at “breaking point”.

The senior GRA official said: “There are external and internal factors that are bearing down on us.

“There’s a lack of systematic failings in this country that are letting our members and the public down.

“The biggest issue that we have is the recruitment and retention crisis.

“We also find that there’s a disconnect between management and our members.

“Morale is also a huge problem and we are being overwhelmed.

“There is no greater expert in policing than our members but we have academics, talking shops and oversight bodies who have not delivered in policing.”

Other issues raised ahead of the conference were ongoing garda suspensions, Garda well being and how there were 285 serious assaults against Gardai in 2022.

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