What Bluffing Bullshit, is this, the GSOC has Resigned, he knew, what Party he was at, Mastermind Question, Who does not know, the Monk? Exactly. would the Bullshit Stop. Now Gardai Investigating the Garda Watchdog, a Mockery, well the Monk is Laughing all week.

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‘It is paramount to establish if a crime has been committed’ – gardaí to investigate GSOC over Gerry Hutch party

Story by Ken Foy • 11h ago

Detectives from the Garda National Bureau of Investigation (GNBCI) are investigating whether a GSOC investigator committed a crime or crimes in any interaction he may have had with Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch or any of his associates.

No criminality has yet been detected after it emerged an investigator with the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) attended a party with Mr Hutch after his acquittal for the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel.

The investigator had worked for GSOC for a number of years having previously worked with a foreign police force but resigned last week after he claimed he attended a party for Mr Hutch last Monday night.

Gardaí last night confirmed that they have “started an inquiry to examine whether there was any criminality involved relating to a former GSOC investigator”.

A senior source told the Irish Independent last night: “All this is very disturbing in many ways but it has to be remembered that no criminal offence has been disclosed or identified yet.

“The NBCI detectives will now conduct a thorough investigation not only about the house party last week but looking back on the retired investigator’s case history to determine whether he had been compromised in any way.”

Earlier Justice Minister Simon Harris said he had received a report he requested from the chairperson of GSOC regarding the “serious matter”. He said GSOC has now referred this matter to the gardaí to establish if any concerns of a criminal nature arises.

“The minister believes this is the appropriate course of action to ensure that public confidence is maintained in GSOC,” a statement from the Department of Justice said.

“The minister thanks the chairperson of GSOC, Judge Rory McCabe, for his swift action and again reemphasises that GSOC has a vital role in upholding confidence in policing in Ireland.”

In a statement, GSOC said:

“When GSOC became aware last week of a potential conflict of interest involving a member of our staff, we immediately removed that member’s access to our systems and commenced an initial internal investigation. The staff member in question resigned shortly thereafter.

“GSOC engaged at a senior level with the Department of Justice and An Garda Síochána and continues to do so.

“We took these steps promptly in response to the disclosure of a potential conflict of interest so as to preserve the integrity of our systems and facilitate proper investigation of all matters relating to this.

“It is not GSOC’s policy to investigate itself and we see independent investigation as integral to proper oversight, due process and fairness.

“It is of paramount importance to establish whether any concerns of a criminal nature arise. This is a matter for An Garda Síochána in the first instance and GSOC is cooperating with them in their examination of the matter and will cooperate with any investigation that they deem necessary.”

“GSOC is committed to ensuring that any further investigation into this matter that may prove necessary is carried out independently, to ensure that public confidence in the oversight of policing in Ireland is both fostered and maintained,” he added.

This is the first time An Garda Síochána has been tasked to investigate GSOC whose function is to investigate potential garda misconduct.

It is understood that the GSOC investigator was renting accommodation from a female relative of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, he lived nearby and that is how he ended up at the party.

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