Well last Monday week was the Irish Gangland Trial of the century and yet our media are not asking the hard questions. Certain sources on social media are, and rightly so. My little input today is: how long was jailed Supt Spud Murphy dealing in drugs and with the alleged connections to Gangland, the Hutch mob. Then we have the Gardai who walked into a house, one night, in the northside of Dublin and witnessed Spud Murphy at a table among Gangland Mobsters, yet those Gardai failed to report Spud at that time. Why? Most likely FEAR and keeping their jobs, guaranteed no hassle from within. Again last Monday week, certain Gardai had massive reservations on how the Hutch case was conducted; yet only one charge was put before the Special Criminal Court … the charge was “Murder”. The three judges assessed the entire trial for 10 weeks and came back with the obvious judgment of “Not Guilty”. As judge Tara Burns said “You could not believe a word out of Dowdall’s mouth” or words to that effect. Dowdall and his father have now secured a deal as part of the Witness Protection programme and this will cost the Irish taxpayers several hundred thousand. Let’s ask a bizarre question here and we can return to it again. Imagine if this was all staged between The Monk and Dowdall. Probably not but stranger things have happened down the years. Now we come to a member of GSOC who got the job some years ago – an interview by ZOOM. The question is who selected this GSOC cop and who sanctioned it and will we ever get his name. Some clowns in Irish journalism claim that this GSOC garda was compromised – would they ever fucking cop on? This guy compromised GSOC and probably the Gardai. We must not forget that this person was investigating the tragic death of the late Supt Colin Fox at Ballymun Garda station. This nameless GSOC cop had access to many files and he sat at the table with the MONK and his Cohorts. For a seasoned experienced cop, he knew exactly what he was doing. The question is Why? and then we have the other question Why was he allowed to resign so quickly and able to leave this country pronto probably with a lump sum and God Knows what Pension Arrangements. Gardai are saying they are having an investigation into GSOC – this makes no sense at all when the main man (culprit) at the centre of it all will not even be asked a question. It is like chasing a race horse on the back of a tortoise. The Gardai are having their annual conference in Westport and I think yesterday they jeered and shouted at Commissioner Drew Harris. What does that tell the Irish people? Hundreds of young Gardai have left the Force in the last few years. Can you blame them? The corruption is rife across this fast becoming Banana Republic. Simon Harris seems to be more interested Balls, Bums and Transgender. This begs the question has he a problem with his identity. Harris is acting as Justice Minister while Helen changes pampers. Harris should be protecting the Irish people from ongoing feuds and crime waves across this country. We have old people living in fear for their lives throughout Ireland.

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