Another Foreign, Drunken Yob, Abusing Gardai.

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Man tried to hide beer from gardaí

 • 9h ago

Aman spat and shouted insults at gardaí who caught him hiding a can of beer in his jacket after he was told to stop drinking on a city street.

Narcis Ionut Cirnu (32) pretended to throw the can away, and was then arrested for his aggressive reaction to gardaí.

Cirnu, with an address at a city hostel, pleaded guilty to threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour. Judge Bryan Smyth gave him a two-month suspended sentence.

Dublin District Court heard gardaí found the accused drinking from a can of alcohol near the entrance to a shop at Moore Street on January 22.

When he was told it was against the law, he shouted loudly and aggressively at the gardaí, then crossed the road to a bin where he pretended to dispose of the can.

Instead, he hid it inside his jacket and when the gardaí challenged him, he became aggressive and called them “names and insulting words,” a sergeant said.

He shouted and spat aggressively on the footpath and was arrested and taken to Store Street garda station.

The accused had come to Ireland to work but could not get a PPS number, his solicitor John Quinn said. He “doesn’t have a great memory” of the incident, Mr Quinn added.

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