The Ghost of Sir Jimmy, is still, Hoovering around, the Royal King Charlie.

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The Prince and the Pedophile: What's Charles Connection With Sir Jimmy ...
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Frank Callery


Nice pic from Jim Tolan

When I’m out in the ‘hood

Like a good king should

An’ I’m pumpin’ the fist with the brothers;

I’ve got oodles of cred —

With them nations we’ve bled

I’m the king of the street, motherfuckers!

Know I’m takin’ a chance

With the Jim Savile stance

But old pals, they’re so hard to forget;

Now I’ve got the street cred

And Savile is dead

But these goons haven’t copped on yet!

So now bling’s my thing

It’s the right of a king

Like the old perk of droit du seigneur;

I’m smart an’ I’m dashin’

An icon of fashion

I’m just Chas the Turd out on tour!

— Frank Callery

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