What a Evil Bastard, Justice Served.

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Father who abandoned his child on the side of the road gets jail time

• 7h ago

A man has been jailed for three years after he pleaded guilty to leaving his baby on the roadside in Letterkenny in August 2020.

The man abandoned his child after being angered that his partner, the two-year-old’s mother, had gone on a night out.

Before Letterkenny District Court court, details of the crime were shared which stated that the accused had called his partner a minimum of 30 times and told her that he would abandon the toddler if she did not disclose her location to him.

The man is reported to have taken pictures of the child and sent them to his partner before leaving the child alone at around 5am.

Later that morning, the child was discovered by two men on their way home from a night out, crying and visibly scared. The child was wearing socks with no shoes and holding a baby bottle at the entrance to a construction site.

Having found the child, the men presumed the little one may have accidentally made her way out of her home unbeknownst to her parents and began knocking on doors in an effort to bring her home.

After none of the locals recognised the child, the gardaí were contacted and involved. Later on, a woman phoned the gardaí to state that her daughter was missing after being in her father’s custody.

CCTV footage of the incident involving the father, who has not seen his child since, leaving his child was uncovered and judge John Alymer told the court that the child has been ‘exposed to significant risk of death or injury’ in a ‘fairly pre-meditated fashion’.

The child’s mother explained in a victim impact statement that her daughter has issues around being in the presence of other people and will only stay with her or her parents.

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