Well said Shane, Kinahans are the Hunted now, and Hell, Awaits them, if Caught, by the DEA, a American Federal Prison, Wow, I believe the Cell Mates, are Nightly Friendly? Cheers to the Monk.

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Crime lord Daniel Kinahan ran MGM boxing operation like a 'cult' as ...
Kratom added to DEA list after being removed | Speciosa.org
Image result for drug dealer on dea watch list

“Monk, a Free man, and the Kinahans, being Hunted like, Mobsters, and the 5 Million Bounty, on each Head. Who had the last Laugh?”

Bang on Fred. Tis the Monk, even in spite of numerous murdered relatives, is having the last laugh. Teflon Don our Gerry.

I heard the Kin crew are in Iran now, but who knows. Hunted for the rest of their lives, and hell awaits after that.

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