After a long time, in the Silent Mist, Alan Kelly, Speaks out.

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Labour TD Alan Kelly

Prosecution of Garda over N7 crash ‘outrageous’, says Alan Kelly

 • 3h ago

Labour TD Alan Kelly© Sam Boal

LABOUR TD ALAN Kelly has said that the prosecution of a Garda over the death of three men who died during a car chase on the N7 was “outrageous”.

The former Labour leader told the Dáil that the Garda was being prosecuted “because he did his duty” and said that there needed to be a debate on GSOC.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) told the Dublin District Court last week that a Garda, who was involved in a car chase involving three male members of a criminal gang, was to be charged with a driving offence.

The three men – Dean Maguire (29), Karl Freeman (26) and Graham Taylor (31) – died following a head-on crash involving their BMW and a truck on the N7, with the car being driven on the wrong side of the road.

Speaking in the Dáil this afternoon, Kelly said that he knew the Garda to be “a diligent worker” and had returned to the scene of the crash to help.

“The people of this country are outraged at this,” he added.

Kelly was told by Ceann Comhairle Séan Ó Fearghaíl to be “very careful about what you say”, before telling the Dáil that there was no indication of what the Garda was due to be charged with.

“We as a legislature need to look at GSOC.  We also need to ask ourselves in this Chamber who in the name of God, and I represent Templemore, would join An Garda Síochána when a garda is being treated like this,” Kelly said.

“It is not acceptable behaviour and we as a legislature and the Government have to lead on this to show the people of Ireland that members of An Garda Síochána who are doing their duty will be respected and will not be treated this wa

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