Well now, juat when you, Thought, you Heard it all, this Below, is a New Ban on, Sexual Talking. Allerson is one, Sick Man.

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Man banned from talking about sex to women in public

• Yesterday 16:51

A 34-year-old man has been banned from making sexual comments in public to any woman in England and Wales.

Jacob Allerson was caught repeatedly making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to young women across Chester, even going so far as to follow them through the streets.

He would refuse to take “no” for an answer, intimidating and harassing young women at shops and cafés. After several reported him to the police, he was handed a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order at Chester Magistrates Court on May 11.

A preventative measure is used to stop anti-social behaviour when “all other measures have been exhausted”, Cheshire Police say. If he refuses to comply with the conditions and continues to harass local women, he could face time behind bars.

The order includes an order that bans Allerson from following or acting or any in a way “that would cause a female harassment, alarm or distress including making any unsolicited explicit sexual comment, suggestions or requests to any female in a public place in England or Wales”.

As part of the order, Allerson has been banned from various businesses across Chester, including three Caffè Nero coffee shops, a Fatface, and all branches of local gym chain Brio Leisure across Cheshire West and Chester Borough.

He has also been told to “immediately cease” all contact with women who have previously said no to meeting up with him.

“Police received complaints from members of the public and businesses that their young female staff were being followed,” a statement from Inspector James Wilson read.

“Allerson would not take ‘No’ for an answer when he asked them out and made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature towards young women in Chester.

“Allerson continued to be a nuisance and was intimidating women who should have been able to go about their business without fear of harassment.”

Cheshire Police’s priority remains to “protect women”, Insp Wilson added, noting that the force is committed to making Chester a “safe and enjoyable place” for everyone.

“I hope this order will help to make women feel much safer and if anyone sees Allerson breaching this order, please contact police on 101 or via the website.”

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