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Far-right troll jailed for harassing autism campaigner now targeting mum over death of child

Vile Eamonn Deegan is sending disgusting messages to another mum about her son’s death just weeks after his release

Fiona O'Leary
Fiona O’Leary
Troll Eamonn Deegan was locked up for harassing mum Fiona O’Leary
Troll Eamonn Deegan was locked up for harassing mum Fiona O’Leary
Troll Eamonn Deegan was locked up for harassing mum Fiona O’Leary
Troll Eamonn Deegan was locked up for harassing mum Fiona O’Leary

Yesterday at 14:30

A vile internet troll who was jailed for harassing an autism campaigner is now targeting a grieving mother over the death of her only child – just weeks after his release from custody.

The woman, who is being targeted by Eamonn Deegan as she is one of a number of people who administers an anti-fascism Twitter account, shared a number of messages sent to her by the 55-year-old on May 4.

In the messages, Deegan cruelly taunts the mum — whose son’s death in 2010 was ruled misadventure due to alcohol addiction — by saying his death was a suicide for which she is responsible.

“I just wish you had been there when your child needed his mother,” Deegan wrote.

“Perhaps if you had been more of an ‘activist’ with son he’d still be alive.”

In another, he wrote: “You must’ve blamed yourself for his suicide. This is understandable …”

Fiona O'Leary
Fiona O’Leary

Deegan was jailed for eight months in October of last year after he was convicted of harassing Fiona O’Leary, a mother of five children, four of whom have autism.

The harassment took place between June 3-7, 2019.

He was originally given bail on those offences but it was revoked after he was previously caught trolling the grieving mother he has now resumed trolling.

“Eamonn Deegan is still harassing me,” the woman said. “His bail was revoked after his last harassment of me.

“He was jailed, he’s been released and it’s simply rinse and repeat now.

“It’s hurtful to have lies told about my son, his death, and how he [Deegan] somehow tries to make me the reason why my son died.

“I deal with his death every waking minute of every day.

“I don’t need a far-right fascist troll reminding me of my loss.

“Nor do I need anyone to spread vicious untruths about his death.”

The woman said it is not just Deegan who has been harassing her online.

She has also been targeted by other far-right activists.

“They are currently sharing my picture … along with the details they think they’ve learned from Google to get my actual address,” she said.

“So, they may get it. They may come to my door. They may do me harm.

“But, unless they kill me, I won’t stop exposing them.

“I have lost my only child. He may have been a 26-year-old man but he was still my only child.”

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