Mad Dog, calls, McGregor a Fake Gangster, well Boys, have their Fun.

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Criminal Ian ‘Mad Dog’ Maloney calls Conor McGregor a ‘fake gangster’ in TikTok poem

The Dublin criminal fires off a salvo aimed at McGregor in a short TikTok video where he dismisses the UFC star as a wannabe gangster.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor
Ian Maloney in his rap battle
Ian Maloney in his rap battle

Today at 11:50

Gangland criminal Ian ‘Mad Dog’ Maloney has shared a bizarre poetry rap on TikTok where he takes aim at Conor McGregor and calls him a wannabe gangster.

Dublin criminal Maloney, who earned his nickname through a series of violent crimes, has remerged as a writer of poetry who sells his books online after saying he has turned his life around.

He took aim at McGregor in a short TikTok video where he dismisses the UFC star as a “fake gangster”.

He starts the clip by sneering at the Notorious before launching into his “little shoutout to ya”.

“Conor McGregor couldn’t beat Mayweather, “ Maloney raps. “The fight was staged to go 10 rounds for the excitement for the crowds. I have to say I was a fanboy before but with the bad press. you lost my respect.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

“You’re far from that gorilla on your chest. I remember ya before all the money and fame, stop with this fake gangster s**t, it’s lame.”

He then reminds McGregor about his row with radio DJ PJ Gallagher and Paul McGrath when the fighter was criticised for calling the former Naked Camera star a “sad pox of a thing”, adding that he was “crying in the paper bout depression”.

“Slagging PJ about mental health and calling the Irish legend Paul McGrath out,” Mad Dog continues.

“But you tap out like a little bitch, why did you punch that granddad for not drinking that Proper 12 whisky shot,” he adds, referring to when McGregor was caught on CCTV hitting a man in the face in a Dublin pub in 2019

Just as he ends Maloney suggest he’s joking as he adds, “You know I’m messing with ya, McGregor, you know I love ya.”

A Facebook post on what appears to be a Conor McGregor fan page has retorted with an entertaining put down to “Scrawny Maloney, still talking pony”.

“Ya couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag,” it begins. “How’s Wexford? Nice and lonely. Talking about fighting lol you’re three stone wet, I wouldn’t even break a sweat.

It also declares: “I’m not gangster, I’m a politician. A hard working man on a mission cruising towards 10 billion.

The ‘McGregor’ page then tells Maloney to “Go outside and have a whiff lad, it’s daffodil season right now. Fresh air will do ye good… Anyways thanks for the love at the end of the video I appreciate that, good boy.”

Maloney, a convicted armed robber who was once an enforcer for Fat Freddie Thompson, has turned over a new leaf and is writing books of poetry to raise money for charity.

Maloney (35) who was once jailed for his role in the armed robbery of some €1.2m from a Dublin jewellers has penned a book of poems called Wrong Doings – the proceeds from which are going to the Children’s Health Ireland hospital.

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