Daly a Mouthpiece, for Mick the Plasterer, expert in, Q, Daly loves the Attention, Shane, check this out, she went to Evening classes, to learn the Dublin Brogue, Daughter of a Army Officer. Russia is not winning, a so called Superpower, and the Contract Killers. And we are still, Occupied.

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I fully stand with in solidarity with Claire Daly regarding her thoughts on Ukraine. This war is a disaster for Europe, its great for the U.S.A. but a complete disaster for Europe.
The emotional blackmail that goes on in Ireland gets very tiring, ‘Shur, weren’t we occupied for 800 years’ & ‘Shur weren’t the Irish immigrating all over the world’. Not every place is Ireland and not every situation that happens in the world is a like for like comparison with events in Irish history.
People complain about high prices in shops, no accommodation, rent being so high, and so on, and then pretend like the the war in Ukraine is completely unrelated or has no effect. You can’t have it both ways, you want this war to continue, you will have to pay high price’s and everything else that comes with it.
Russia is winning, they’ve taken Bakmut, which is a key logistical hub and a launch pad for further advancement in Ukrainian territory.

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