When a Garda Station, is under Siege, Law and Order, is Breaking Down.

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Bomb squad called as Tallaght Garda Station evacuated

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Bomb squad called as Tallaght Garda Station evacuated© Provided by Irish Examiner

Agarda station in Dublin has reopened after it was evacuated on Friday evening after “contents of concern” were found in a suspect’s bag.

In a statement earlier this evening, gardaí said Tallaght Garda Station had been evacuated.

A spokesman said gardaí were on active patrol in the Tallaght area earlier when they arrested a man

When he was brought back to Tallaght Garda station, an initial inspection of a bag in his possession “indicated contents of concern”.

“As a precaution the garda station has been evacuated and the Irish Defence Forces explosive ordnance disposal team has been requested,” he said.

In a later statement, the force confirmed that the bomb squad had “completed their examination of the bag and contents.”

They said: “The bag and contents have been removed and will now be subject to further technical and forensic examination.

“A male in his 30s has been arrested and detained under Section 30 Offences Against the State Act, 1939 at a South Dublin Garda Station.

“Investigations are ongoing.”

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