Delaney literally Broke the FAI and as I write this the Gardai are Investigating him? Now we find out on today’s Sunday Times, Delaney got over 1.5 million euros lump sum, and a hefty Pension for life, plus had his Visa Card 56,000 euros in debt paid for, Why? What the Fuck is going on here? The Playboy of the Sunny South East is laughing at all Decent Irish Soccer Fans, and we sit and do Nothing. A woman with severe Alcohol problems got 3 months in Prison last Thursday, for the Theft of 2 bottles of Cider valued at 10 Euros, another paradox that is a Scandal. I have said this several times down the years, a Two Tier Legal System exists in Ireland. Any Views Judge Woulfe of Golfgate?

SECRET ARRANGEMENT Former FAI CEO John Delaney was allowed sign secret pay deals for himself worth €3m as association in

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