· Do you any of you remember posting about Covid19 Passports, well they are here right now, and just like any communist state it gets worse for the citizens day by day. Now if you want to take your parents out for a meal on Sunday make sure they have their Covid19 passports with them, oh and yours, you don’t want to embarrass them,. The Attorney General who knows sweet dam all about our Constitution and they don’t have to know nothing about law, if you are a grave digger or a toilet cleaner you can be the Attorney, I joke you not, even the Minister for Justice Helen McEntee have only the basic education now what does that tell you, anyway you will only get a pint of beer or a pigs foot if you have been vaccinated against Covid. And the laws are going to be enacted so this government can force a vaccine on you. There is also talks that Ireland will falling in line with other countries where you will eventually be fitted with a Microchip to make it easier for you to pass through airports and sea ports, and of course so you can take a day of from cooking and pay some restaurant to cook for you, Now this is modern Ireland that your ancestors died and suffered for. We have been betrayed by FF the ones who claim to be Irish Republicans. Now this didn’t happen just this week FF done it a long time ago, oh yes they hoodwinked me for years as well, but I have seen the light and I suppose The Arsehole Martin put the final nail in the coffin, well along with other members, I now beg you please don’t ever vote for them again, They are all corrupt they knew of every dirty trick that was being played on us and the were too cowardly to stand up and protect us. Anyway if you don’t get vaccinated you won’t get fed, that is what you voted for, oh and you will be confined to this island.

Written by Archie, and well put together. Many Questions here, the Murder in West Cork is far from Over? Archie Daunt commented on how it seems to be a Battle of Experience and Criminal Knowledge, Between Jim Sheridan and the Netflix documentaries? Watching Netflix: this is a shocking indictment of how the Irish Gardai handled this investigation, it is Swiss Cheese with so many holes that it is now wonder the French Legal system/magristrates found Ian Bailey “Guilty of the Murder” of Sophie du Plantier. Thankfully our legal system have made the right decision not to extradite him so that the French can imprison him for 25 years. Mr Bailey was found Guilty by the French “in Abstentia”. Based on the investigation in 1996 by An Garda Siochana, the DPP (based on Netflix portrayal) could not have found that Mr Bailey could go forward for Trial.

There are some glaring questions around this murder that no one seems to want to ask, consider or find answers

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