Micheal Martin went on a fishing expedition last Friday without a canoe, as Alan Kelly said in the Dail. We met you in Good Faith and now I hear through RTE that there will be no more problems for Seamus Wolfe has just got the keys to his Wig and Chambers from you Taoiseach. How things change? Even for FF, the masters of intrigue and deception – now Judge Wolfe is watching the game from his 40″ TV in his office and the Game is FF are at loggerheads not just from within but now with the Opposition Parties. How could Martin stand and make a Statement when the Facts are “It was Leo’s problem and that of FG”. Well Martin has shown that he waited years to be Taoiseach but sadly he misread the Script. To be a Leader you need to have Balls of Granite and sadly Micheal you have a lot to learn

The Woulfe Stands Martin down; Leo the Leak, and Poodle McEntee sit tight, and let the Lame Duck face the Storm of the powerful Woulfe? Alan Kelly wants Answers. Pigs will fly over Dail Eireann, and still Alan will be Waiting. In another way, one could clearly say, Woulfe stood down a Entire country, wonder what Dara and Big Phil are thinking this morning?

Government proposes no further action be taken on Séamus Woulfe controversy Micheál Martin and his ministers have decided against subjecting

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