Time to remove propaganda western style shackles and examine what is actually happening in this war of attrition between Ukraine and Russia. Is Ukraine the Proxy basically covering up for the reality that it is a war between Russia (delayed from the fall of Soviet Union in an inept happening) and the US. Both these countries share one failure and that is Afghanistan, then we have Syria, Iraq, and so many more countries that the military industrial complex benefitted from or should I say those benefactors.

This Comment below, came in this morning, with Cartoons; the person, is an apartment owner, at Wellington, here are his Views, they wish to remain Anonymous? We own an apartment there, we rent it out, our Tenants inform us, the House, is Cold, meaning, not Friendly. We pay Annual Maintenance fees, for Fuck all. The people on the Board, are there too long, they feel, entitled, house rules are outdated, we need a change. The House has had its history down the years, the Board closed their ears to news that there was a Brothel, Drug Parties, and more. The Truth is they have been Wasting other peoples monies, for years?? The Water gate Scandal, is beyond Dumb? Whoever heard of hose piping gates in the middle of a drought, in summer. A fine surely must be the decision of the DCC water department.

Last Thursday Afternoon, Scorching Hot day, a Council Engineer, was Driving past, the Famous Wellington House. He could not Believe his Eyes. Two men, Power Hosing, a Fucking Gate, when Water is Scarce, he stopped, and Asked, What is Happening; even the workmen felt Embarrassed. This Arrogant, Stupid Madness, was Ordered on the Instuctions, of Complete Gobshites, with No Regard, or Respect, for Council’s Warning to Ration Water, until the Heat Wave, passes? The Engineer found out, since, that the Directors of the Committee, gave the Orders, of complete Lunacy. Gallons of Water was Wasted, beyond belief?