Dublin Inquirer: Homelessness and bureaucracy; this is an excellent article. It is important to realise even if you are working; interest rates are rising, homes are in short supply and as the old saying goes most of us are just two paychecks away from financial disaster. These are the stories of people who face eviction and the lacunae … those potholes of disaster that leave families homeless. Fred says the Dublin Inquirer is a grassroots publication that should be on all readers sources of news

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26th March 2023. Tweets, videos, quotes. The world over people are becoming fatigued by war in Ukraine, just like Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Mali, Sudan, and so many more countries, people are not able to withstand the horrors and sadly the people at the heart of the fight are the victims. Today I have put up a clip from a remarkable Peace activist Johan Galtung. He uses Twitter and is man in his 90’s who has dedicated his life to Peace Studies.

Mirpuri Foundation Leif Eiriksson Peace Award 2022 – Johan … YouTube·Mirpuri Foundation·19 Jul 2022 To explore:  see TRANSCEND INTERNATIONAL, A

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To all concerned: Today’s Sunday Times – front page, written by John Mooney. Decent Gardai last week raid the house of an alleged rogue officer, a member of the SDU, they uncovered 48,000 euros in cash, bank accounts and other materials like mobile phones, and cryptic numbers. They also uncovered that this officer is alleged to be linked to the Hutch Mobster Mob. Also, the rogue officer (alleged) has been taking cash payments for a long time in a protection racket from small businesses in the Dublin area. As one retired decent officer, with a Rank, stated, “in my last 8 years in the Force, I never saw as much corruption and rogue officers, they operate like a private army from within, they only talk to each other, drink with each other and they don’t mix with the other Gardai. In the last 3 weeks over 12 Gardai have been arrested for alleged scams ie taking money from young people on Deliveroo bikes. 4 of these officers are from the same unit. Other Gardai are alleged to be involved in money laundering and prostitution rackets. This is becoming so scary because one has to ask now if we are talking about 2,000 rogue gardai out there, if we are the people of Ireland should feel SCARED today. Just look to Supt. Spud Murphy, Mooney, and Cooper. To be continued. Fred