9th June, 2023. Tweets, videos. Listen to Gorbachev, read his quotes about the importance of the environment. Then listen to Sky news and the Nova Kakhovka dam and the impact of this catastrophe which could be termed a war crime and policy of scorched earth in our time at the instigation of ??? Final video…most people have no interest in AI but this man’s interview is easy to grasp and he places the crisis of the moment with the rapid growth of AI as a disaster bigger than COVID-19, Ecocide and the wars that destroy people and our world. Einstein had an IQ of 160; already the machine has reach 155 and the prospect is over 200 soon. We need perspective not the hardship of wars and geographical snatches. Archbishop Karill & Putin have no grasp of this nor will they.

Gorbachev “We must without bloodshed find away out.”  7,031,666 views Nov 8, 2019 The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has

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