Irish people throughout the World will grasp the significance of this day 100 years ago when Ireland, the 26 counties started to achieve its absolute independence from the colonial power (which still holds firmly 6 counties). 700 years of occupation and the people said enough. I highly recommend ARTE station history section. Ireland during the Famine and then the Rising through to signing this Anglo Irish Treaty and sadly there had to be a Civil War too.

6th December 2021 News Anglo-Irish Treaty signed 100 years ago today A depiction of the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations in progress

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Urban Planning. Do we have it in Dublin or is it part and parcel of a plan that we know nothing about? What we do know is that there is much dereliction removing the sense of community within local areas. Then of course there is development and we can access Bartra (private developer Gerry Barrett) and now Conor McGregor. All we ask from them is that they comply with planning to ensure that we are left with a city that ranks highest in the world for its advancement. Eoin O’Brioin, Rory Hearne, Frank O’Connor, Jude Sherry, Anois, Darragh O’Brien…I sincerely hope they have a broad vision. Now is the opportunity to take our cities and stamp the mark of our young generation on the development of same.

The reality is a selection of dereliction and how it debases community. Then we look to those who have funding,

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For those who don’t get it, btw, I’m not saying I’m vaccinated. I’m responding to people who make the argument below. We know protection wanes over time. The only thing the vaccine cert will do in terms of your rights is buy you a few months. Unless you’re willing to get a needle in your arm multiple times per year, you’ll end up in the same position as any unjabbed person. Point being, this is something everyone needs to sit up and take note of. Don’t think you’re not threatened by these measures because you got your two doses. You haven’t got your rights back – they’ve only been lent to you. Everyone, jabbed and unjabbed alike, is still under the government’s jackboot.