After the Crash of 2009? These Arrogant Bas….. have learned Nothing, but Arrogance, and Contempt, for the Irish People. There are people in this Banana Republic, who believe they are Above any Law….the easy route was the UK and bankruptcy with no baggage guaranteed; and within a year. Easy to see from below why the elite bankrupts were facilitated by NAMA and given roles within.

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Bad bank and NTMA splash €230k on boardroom

   6 hrs ago

Bad bank and NTMA splash €230k on boardroom

Fitting out the boardrooms and chief executive offices at the new headquarters of the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) and the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) cost almost €230,000.

The spending included €21,875 on a table for the boardroom of the NTMA and a €36,531 outlay on 26 chairs for the room. Expenditure for the Nama boardroom was a little more scaled back, with the meeting table there costing €9,803.99 and 20 chairs purchased for €27,331.40.

The NTMA said both rooms were in use not just for board meetings but also for other work-related meetings. The offices were fitted out as part of a move by 970 staff from both agencies to their new HQ at Dublin Landings in the city’s docklands in 2019.

The decor for the NTMA boardroom cost a total of €128,088. Two storage sideboards for the room cost €6,120 each. An audio-visual system was €36,320.

The bill for the Nama boardroom came in at €67,525 for the agency, which was originally supposed to be wound down this year.

The office of the NTMA CEO was somewhat modest with the final cost coming to €23,302, according to records released under FOI.

Asked about the costs, a spokesman for Nama and the NTMA declined to comment.

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  1. Absolute disgrace ,bettween fresh towels been delivered, fresh fruit, and bottle water ,these clowns have lost the.plot.
    Another rip off , Irish paying for german pensions , laughable if it wasnt such a scam


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