Year of the Gangster

The Year of the Gangster

Oral History – Old inner City….Hardship…..

My vision for 2007 is we will revisit ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit?’. You see Bertie the half Jack Russell and Kerry Blue (what a mix?) will get rid of the rabbit subtly with some deviance thrown in……..According to today’s paper’s he is making overtures to Joe Costelloe. If the numbers add up in June there could be an FF/Labour coalition…….Now what about McDowell. Let’ us get real here. Can you see a Poodle from Ranelagh squaring up to a half Jack Russell and Kerry Blue seasoned Northsider……I don’t think so……

Last night, after reading the book by Kevin C. Kerins ‘Lost Heroines’ a oral history about Dublin into the 1980’s. The book is highly detailed.

It showed Dublin’s inner city in the 1940’s and 1950’s and the struggle for survival. These people lived in tenements throughout the city and the sewage was visibly seen running down the paths.

It showed older grannies working in factories to financially assist their daughters and grandchildren. By the Church doctrine of that time, women were regarded as baby machines. Quite simply, it was alright to have 12 or even 20 children but there was nobody going to ask the Church – how to feed them and look after then.

Birth control was a taboo subject. Seldom mentioned were the family tragedies that destroyed the lives of families because of the burden of too many children and women driven to mental break-down by the multiplicity of pressures in their lives. The Government were silent. The Church was silent and De Valera’s and McQuaid’s Press remained silent.

A lady called Moro Wynn who lived during those times said ‘I went into the confessional box, I begged the priest from Belmullet, I want to have no more children – he would shout get out you evil woman’.

At that time in Ireland, men had no responsibilities, rearing children was not their job, it was the role of the mother. It sounded like ‘Woman, they are not my children, they are yours, so rear them!’. The men were not expected to even speak to their children – that was the mothers’ function.

As one old woman said nicely in the book said (Mrs. Casey), inner city Northside – ‘McQuaid she said, ‘if it was now, he would be taken out and shot. He was revered and reviled. He was regarded by many inner city women as a ‘Holy Terror’ not a ‘Holy Man. On Sunday’s while he and Dev the foreigner had their wild fowl and wine, we had rabbits and boiled nettles. I look back with pain and bad memories. Somebody asked me at 97 now, do you like the present and the Celtic Tiger and I reply – with all the wealth and fancy living, there is still poverty around me in the inner city.

What I recall with surprise is Fear and the component it was in the day to day lives of most people and in particular of women. Fear of the dispensary services, hospitals, mental illness, death of children, eviction, those basic commodities we ought not fear because fear destroys…..

Misery, Fear and Tragedy – the unspoken, the hidden secrets. Within a span of 50 years, there was no assistance for un-wed mothers. They became homeless and helpless and forced to prostitution. George Bernard Shaw called such lives the ‘blackest misery’. These unwed married mothers had to sell their bodies for food and shelter.

Do we recall the Monto? Yes, we had a red light district that witnessed the horrors of the seedy sex industry. Vulnerable women and their expectant children were visibly thrown out to the streets. It goes without saying that the degenerative lifestyles m despair took the only way out of pure despair and committed suicide……Shame matched secrecy and a history untold.

Walking my dog in the early hours of Boxing Day morning – I had returned to those days of the Monto. I walked up Heytesbury Lane and I got two offers from young Lithuanian prostitutes. As I walked onto Waterloo Road, there were two young girls – not more than 19 advertising their wares. Again on Baggot Street adjacent to Weirs Hardware Store, I could not believe the Squad Car Parked across the road at Baggot Street Hospital. As one neighbour of ours put it, at 2.00 a.m. on Baggot Street in the year 2006, you sadly have the homeless, the dealers, the Gardai, and the young foreign prostitutes – they all intermingle.

So the Tiger has brought us back to revisit the Monto. Our friend Liam spoke to one of the girls out walking one night – she rents a room on Waterloo Road. Her clients are politicians, psychiatrists, police, and local and I mean local business men. What has changed? She also had a Priest client who gave her an extra 100 euros for dressing up as a school girl and a spank……I have a fair idea who this priest is and he says mass with an Opus Dei face. Ironically he claimed in a publication that the Catholic Church ought to revise confession and procedures.

Now less of this …. I forget my title the Year of the Gangster.

I start by saying that my heart goes out to the family of Anthony Kennedy this evening. He was not in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was just doing his job. The target was the mobster Marlo Hyland. We have 27 gangland murders this year – I hope this figure is accurate but one is too many. The latest was a Mr. Leddin, 27 years old.

Why? Not only do we have the worst infrastructure by road and housing in Europe, we have no social networks in the illegal drug blackspots in Ireland. Common sense tells me we don’t need extra Gardai, and we don’t need extra resources. We need the Gardai to do their job in liaison with educational infrastructure in these areas. We need special teachers at least 200 of them who teach special children who have a short attention span. The research studies from our Universities have knowledge of the adapted curriculums – the message just never penetrates …….

After I got back from my walk I fell into a deep sleep with my Jack Russell but it turned into a nightmare. Your see the Truth can be a nightmare for people like us……those in denial for a lifetime…….I was attending a double funeral of two gangsters – Marlo Hyland and C.J. Haughey. The dream said it was a Double State Funeral for Two Great Men. Bertie in his speech at Charlie’s graveside said – he had his faults but he was one of us. He may have taken 200,000 pounds from the ‘Liver Collection Box’ and accompanied T… his usual restaurant to order prime steak and wine. By then he had forgotten the ‘Liver Box’. Yes Bertie gave Charlie the blank cheques and stood tall and proud at the graveside.

At the other other gravesside (my dream) McDowell is giving the speech – looking down on Marlo – his old Jebbie school mate. You went the wrong way Marlo after that scholarship (IGA) sponsored by CJ – Irish Gangsters Association……..lets get children from deprived areas into private schools e.g. the McGowans, Sligo, The Gallagher Clan, Sir O’Reilly………………………..and who knows.

The last five minutes of the dream got worse – it was 2007 at the Galway Races, I was putting 5 euros on Shergar’s grandson called C.J. when I noticed Bin Liden exiting the Galway tent with Fahey. He was carrying a copy of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties publication on Human Rights.

Dream …. no … is a nightmare. Hope these hallucinations don’t become frequent or I will need to find a psychiatrist…….and a bed………but then the reality of this and Mental Health Issues in Ireland, that the ignored provision to those have mental health problems will mean I never have a chance to get to the Revolving Door and if left long enough adrift……I might just recover and cost nothing.

Culture is a word we fail to due account of. A redundant 1980’s saw exiles leave, Michael O’Leary Ryanair have the vision of cheap flights, and the marketing the Irish Culture worldwide. Financially what a success and particularly for companies like Guinness.

The Irish Culture as in Irish language was established firmly in the 1950’s.

Political Culture – well this is where are expertise lies. Out of our politicall culture generates policies; tourism; the Financial Services Centre and employment and education options for the inner city.

But what about our Inner City Culture as reported in oral tradition by Professor Kearns. Like the Monto, are we trying to erase this, out of a form of shame………Who knows”.

Kevin T. Walsh

Corporatism by John Ralson Saul (born 1947) Canadian Novelist, essayist and commentator ‘Our civilisation is locked in the grip of an ideology – corporatism. An ideology that denies and undermines the legitimacy of individuals as the citizen in a democracy. The particular imbalance of the ideology leads to a worship of self-interest and a denial of the public good. The practical effects on the invidividual are passivity and conformism in the areas that matter, and non-conformism in the areas that don’t’

Roy Collins ruthlessly shot dead….A father will to forgive the perpetrator….compassion

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics: Dignity

Déar Aib 16, 2009 21:31

The Father of Roy Collins spoke with compassion and forgiveness.

This sentiment and courage is about true humility, a humility borne from pain and hurt. The loss of a Son to a Mother, Father, Wife, Children, Siblings, Friends…….to the security of the people in a country namely Ireland. We can ask Why!!

What we witness is the raw face of Retribution……but the retribution is among the gangsters and a penal system that fails to Heal the Effects of crime……

To Year of the Gangster: We decry, we criticise, we talk, we forget, we forget how to empathise, we ask how do some children develop into criminals……so many questions and no real answers.

We keep the toll of the atrocities, the toll of those murdered, the missing children, the missing women, the onslaught of illegal drug susbstances (substances that are so questionable in make up that the effect is most likely a mixture of alcohol with the drugs). We have rape to which we must add all those who are raped while in a drunker stupor and by consequence afraid to make accusations and proceed, the trafficking of young boys and girls as sex slaves……..who are emotionally as well physically abused.

We now have to review Fraud, currency speculation, taking chances while managing Funds, Pension Funds, Deposits, Share Portfolios. When does taking the chance become in fact ‘GAMBLING’ OR PUSHING THE MARKET UP IN A WHIRL OF GREED AND SPECULATION.

This we don’t really grasp because like Race Horses and the Grand National, the adrenaline starts to flow and it goes global until at a future time…..there is jolt, a drop of fear that becomes fright and the market falls, climbs as little and then falls..

This is the time for us to take stock. Yes, I am relating to a book that I find interesting……..

Written inside is : Walking by the Hilton Hotel – note that the Irish Penal Reform Trust are hosting a conference, Mary Robinson former President, was the main Speaker. The meeting was an open meeting so I took the chance and entered.

This book was for sale: Restorative Justice – Healing the Effects of Crime (Preface by Archbishop Desmond Tutu). The writer is Jim Consedine, Publlishers Ploughshares.

(The writer has experience: 30 years in the criminal justice field, the last 15 years as a District Court Judge in West Auckland, New Zealand. He tells us that he has worked with people like Dr. Peter Sharples and his team at Hoani Waitit Marae……he worked with Maori youth who had offended and on committees. He states ‘By changing the emphasis from a punitive condemnatory staqnce3 to one whgere the group sought to repair the EMOTIONAL AND MATERIAL DAMAGE OF CRIME, I GLIMPSED THE POTENTIAL FOR A WIDER APPLICABILITY OF SUCH A PROCESS AND THE CAPACITY FOR FAR MORE CREATIVE RESOLUTION OF PROBLEMS……….

Okay I know people feel retribution to be the right way and shy away from such Groups as Movements for Alternatives to Prisons. However, this book allows us to break down into two categories the possible reactions to criminal behaviour and actions:

Section one: is about Retributive Justice (is this a ‘dead end street’).

Section 2: is about ‘Restorative Justice’. It is worth considering here the Old Brehon laws, the Maori tradition, the Aboriginal approach…..the Celtic approach of repairing the damage….Biblical Justice……the Canadian approach of Sentencing Circles….the African approach of Compensation, healing and reconcilation…..

What do we really think of the ‘Caged system’ as seen in the US and the UK – opportunities to see inside these ‘caged effect and disciplined’ prisons can be witnessed on some of the Discovery programmes. To me, I feel disturbed by the beastial subjection of human beings as if they have no other use to society. I am not qualified naturally to make such an appraisal but still, someone out there might persuade me about this system of incarceration. The Retribution route has its origins in Britain, once the Colonial power.

I look to the newspapers today and all I seem to read is about schools, teachers, expressions on their faces, blame of Government officials and bankers, business people, lawyers etc. I ask one question Who are they to Judge? Henry James, the famous Psychologist from the 19th century said ‘You may not be able to change a person but YOU CAN CHANGE ATTITUDES’.

Personally, I would think this is still relevant. I add a little insight by an example in my education……I attended a convent school that was changing from private to public… it was in transition…….I found school exceptionally hard and mainly ‘mitched’ classes and days in an ever increasing way until I got out of it. I recall a Maths teacher 5th year. Maths, I just did not grasp and failed it in the Inter Cert. I knew enough to know that asthma and a lot of sickness at national school level left me without basic maths. Let us just say this teacher was assigned the class by the Revd. Mother and Committee. Classes went from A to G but with Maths, the cut off was Say D and I dropped from A to D……..This teacher, or it was apparent to me, then aged 15, wanted the A class and adopted the technique of shaming each person until one day the 25 became 14 and she turned to me.;……I decided foolishly to tell her that if she addressed the problem and taught us the basics we might learn to understand and comprehend a subject. The reply was simple. I was insolent…..and would not even get a job as a shopkeeper…..It said it all – there was great snobbery attached to Maths then. I left, I returned to take the Leaving Cert paper and needless to say to receive a rant from the Principal nun….Fear was core to school policy…..there were the students affected by it and those who did not care less……

Thankfully I was saved by Free Education, Trinitty and the concept of Life Long Learning.

Education is Freedom and we are all entitled to same. There are teachers who are overpaid and really ought not to be near young people..eep education inclusive, free, leave it open for people sent to prison…….remember ‘WE CAN CHANGE ATTITUDES’

Life experience is a great teacher. Mr. Justice Kinlan was focusing on Penal Reform and carrying out an intensive argument. Alas he died. I have not heard who has taken his place and gained access to his files and material.

Michelle Clarke Quotation Peter Williams QC

‘The evil of our prison system is that nbot only are our prisons generating more criminal activity, but they are promoting crime’

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Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics: Dignity

Céad Aib 15, 2009 09:30

Today in the Irish Examiner, journalist Jimmy Woulfe has revealed that there is a major breakthrough into the murder of Roy Collins. The murder investigation has given Limerick Gardai, with the assistance of the National Crime Unit, connecting two men, currently under arrest, to the brutal killing of the businessman, a senior Garda revealed yesterday evening.

This is legally factual because Chief Superintendent John Kerin told a special sitting of Limerick District Court that a significant development, copperfastened his belief, that the two men being held at the moment can be linked to the murder. The Judge believed in what the Superintendent said and Judge Aeneas McCarthy gave permission to the State to detain the men aged and 19 and 23 for a further 48 hours. Items from various houses in the city have been sent for DNA analysis and the black mercedes which was found partially burnt out soon after the shooting is being examined at present by Garda experts. We all hope that the murder of this father of two children can be solved, in the NAME OF JUSTICE.

At the funeral over the weekend, Bishop Donal Murray, at the mass at St. John’s Cathedral in Limerick, spoke passionately that the people involved in these gun crimes would STOP AND REGAIN SOME FORM OF HUMANITY. He went on to say that Roy Collins was a hard working man, a good partner to the mother of his two young children and the intimidation and the threats, in this City of Limerick, will have to stop.

Kevin T. Walsh

The Year of the Gangster

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Aib 13, 2009 11:53

Since last Thursday, the people throughout Ireland and the people of Limerick are shocked at the shooting of father of two young Children, Roy Collins. Mr. Collins was shot at his place of work at Roxborough last Thursday morning just before mid-day. His father on TV3 and RTE television on Thursday night and again on Friday made an emotional plea to find the killers of his son.

Condemnation has come from various ministers and other bodies around Ireland. The funeral takes place of Mr. Collins this morning. He is the eleventh murder in Ireland this year by the GUN, a totally innocent man. His remains will be taken from St. John’s Church in Limerick to Kilmurray cemmetry afterwards – hundreds of people are expecvted to attend the funeral. Yesterday, on Marion Finucane, Catherine Hayes a journalist from Limerick, expressed her shock. The journalist went on to say ‘Gardai are going down a definite line of enquiry – a 19 year old and 22 year old are in custody since Thursday night and their detention has been extended until tomorrow by order of the courts. Many observers and journalists are expressing their shock that this man was gunned down because a cousin of his gave evidence on behalf of the State. Asd Marian Finucane herself said, it is threat to normal society and to the Rule of Law in Ireland.

In the meantime a State Funeral takes place in Ireland today of the tragic death of Garda Robbie McCallian who lost life in the line of duty, last month, in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. He was ‘mowed’ down by a stolen car. The young driver has been charged and has received High Court bail. He also was on temporary release from prison when this tragedy happened.

Two men who were questioned about the Euros7.6 million Banbk of Ireland Tiger kidnapping were ironically arrested last Wednesday 8th April after an attempted robbery in which a security man was shot. The incident happened at the East Wall at 9.20 a.m.; The Group 4 Securicor workers were making a delivery to a post office in North Dublin when the raiders struck. The men are being questioned in Mountjoy and Store Street Garda Station, under Section 30 of the Offences against the State Act.

Kevin T. Walsh


Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics: Dignity

Céad Aib 08, 2009 12:04

Ten gangland murders this year. Shootings on the streets of Dublin, armed robberies on a weekly basis, families being held hostage overnight while the bank at Stephen’s Green is being robbed.

Moving tributes were paid last night to a young Garda who lost his life in the line of Duty. Garda Robert McCallion, aged 29, died in Beaumont Hospital yesterday, surrounded by his family and friends. The young man who was brought before the courts in relation to offences connected to this tragic case was out on bail from Castlerea Prison.

Meanwhile last night, hundreds of mourners friends and neighbours, turned up for the removal of murdered publican Matt Farrell and they walked to the Mary Mother of God Church in Daingean. Scores of people called into the Farrell family to sympathise with their tragic loss of the family of the very popular 64 year old local publican.

The husband of slain businesswoman, Celine Cawley in Howth was sent forward for trial yesterday on a charge of Murder. During a brief court apperance, Eamon Lillis (age 52) Windgate Road in Howth was dressed in casual jeans and brown suede jacket. The television producer was sent forward for trial to the Central Criminal Court. He is out on High Court Bail of Euros 150,000.

Gardai were last night hunting a gang of raiders who robbed a post office in Limerick – hours after they stole a high powered car in Cork. The raiders got away in a black GTI golf car after robbing Caherconlish PO in County Limerick. 3 men entered the post office with a pitch fork, sledge hammer and crowbar. Luckily nobody was hurt. The safe was on a timelock and they only got away with Euros 500.

The DPP is considering prosecution in relation to the death of a woman found strangled in her home in November 2008. Carmel Breen aged 57 of Ballybrack, Co. Dublin, was found dead at her home on November 7th 2008. State Pathologist Marie Cassidy findings state that Ms. Breen died from neck trauma, as a consequence of being gripped tightly around her neck and throat.

Meanwhile Gardai are continuing their investigation into the fatal stabbing of a man whose body was found in a Dublin Lane on December 26th 2008. The file of David White, aged 35, is still open and Gardai are continuing a murder hunt.

Gardai investigating the fatal stabbing of Limerick teenager last month, Darren Bennett, aged 18, arrested two men in connection with the Killing. The two men in their 30’s are both from Limerick City and are being detained for questioning.

The good news is Corrib heroine, Maura Harrington was released from prison yesterday, after serving 28 days for ‘assaulting a Garda’. Her release was welcomed by everyone on this Island and we wish Maura a very peaceful and Happy Easter.

Kevin T. Walsh.

Criminology: White Collar, Murder, Rape

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Céad Aib 01, 2009 19:51

Surely the point is that when the crime is committed, the Gardai carry out their investigations, send their compled file to the DPP, who in turn examine the evidence and apply the 50/50 rule – ie. are you to be charged or let free?

Then you head to hierachical construct of the Judiciary depending on the severity of your crime.

White Collar crime can often have severe implications for people, unknown people, vulnerable people…….think of the 1929 Crash and the suicides then…….Shame and loss of identity destroyed peoples’ lives.

Negative equity is but one example………..none of us really know the tragedies that will unfurl….the emigrations, the diaspora, the homelessness abroad, the prostitution

The sentence by the Judge must weigh up all the factors. This is what the State pays large sums of money for.

Tribunals are a divergent part of Justice where the State intervenes…….it is not about sentence but about up the facts …… so that charges can prevail where wrongdoing applies.


We all know the Revenue have powers

We all know of the Tony Ryan – GPA notiriety and success.

Tony Ryan Junior, no doubt through adept lawyers and accountants, established an ‘Italian Job’ tax dodge.

The Revenue (and we need the money for our National Debt) are making a stand…..against the Scheme which allowed or (saw) the wife live abroad.

The Revenue Commissioners are taking the case to the Supreme Court against the daughter in law of the former Ryanair founder Tony Ryan. This is about Tax Avoidance

or is it Tax Evasion (the Crime)

I suggest we Watch and Wait

Decision could reduce that awful national debt.

Refer Luke Byrne article @mailonsunday.,ie

White crime is often pushed aside as the violent crime dominates media for attention……..but let us think of the credit squeeze and suffering to some now. Look out and always be willing to empower those hurt ……

Gangsters…….a myriad of character typologies….

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Crime

Aoine Márta 27, 2009 10:03

A young Garda, Garda Robbie McCallion who was fighting for his life after been mown down by a stolen car in Letterkenny, Donegal, yesterday. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin yesterday with serious head injuries and also broken arms. A 19 year old youth, in the stolen car was on temporary release from Castlerea prison. He had eleven weeks left to serve for motor offences.

Tom Brady, Security Editor with the Irish Independent has written a very serious article case on the deportion of a Mother and her two daughters. Tom Brady goes on to say, in the Independent, that Pamela Izevbekhai from Nigeria – her daughters Naomi Alero (7 yrs) and Jenima (1ge 5) have been seeking injunctions for a number of years against injunctions – based on fears of mutilation. Now it turns out, according to Tom Brady, that enquiries by the Garda National Immigration unit in Nigeria have uncovered serious discrepancies in the case presented by Pamela Izebbekhai to the High Court and Supreme Court in Dublin and to the European Court of Rights.

A Nigerian obstetrician has dismissed the document, allegedly signed by him, as a forgery. He also rejected this Nigerian womans’ claim that she gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth in February 1993 and that this little girl died in July 1994 following female genital mutilationl Tom Brady goes on to say, these findings represent a potentially serious blow to the prospects of this Nigerian woman to seek asylum status here but to go further at what cost to the Irish Taxpayer.

A Nigerian doctor, Dr. Unokanjo stated on record that the case of death of the child that was never born is a complete forgery. Paul McHenry, secretary at the Irish Embassy at Abuja in Nigeria describes how this is very serious case – of a highly fraudulent nature.

Dr. Unokanjo described all the documentation that this lady produced in the High and Supreme Court as a forgery and again at what cost to the Irish taxpayer.

Gerard Blayney and Lee Cullen appeared in court yesterday. Blayney aged 55, a senior revenue official with 36 years service was charged with VRT fraud costing the State Euros 240,000. Lee Cullen (37) who worked with exclusive cars in Saggart was charged with 21 counts of a loss of Euros 152,000 to the Revenue.

A 41 year old man has been charged, according to Stephen McCaffrey in the Irish Independent today, Colin Duffy will appear at Larne Magistrates Court today. RTE news this morning stated that Duffy and others won a high court battle on a week during which their detention was unlawful. 5 of these people were freed but Mr. Duffy was dramatically re-arrested by police minutes after his release.

A 17 year old youth and Brendan McConville aged 37 were charged with the murder of the PSNI officer and both are remanded in custody.

A homeless alcoholic was jailed for life yesterday, Stephen Byrne age 36, was given life for the murder of Mr. Traynor, Francis Terrace, Bow Street, inner city, Dulin.

Kevin T. Walsh


Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Márta 24, 2009 14:45

A 17 year old youth appeared in Lisburn courts today charged with the murders of PSNI constable Stephen O’Connell.

The Police in the North of Eire are making steady headway in this case and will also further charges of withholding information will be dealt with in due process. The CIRA seems to be the instigators of this tragic murder in cold blood.

On today’s Irish Independent front news the controversy continues in relation to Irish Nationwide Chief Michael Fingleton, who the Government now want the return of the Euros 1 m. bonus back to the Irish Taxpayer. Govt. sources have indicated, which I find extraordinarily bizarre that they do not have the power to reverse a pension deal for which Fingelton organised last year.

Also today it emerged that Philip Collopy, the feared criminal in Limerick died acciden tally during a party over the weekend. Collopy lived in his gangs stronghold, St. Mary’s Park, for most of his life but in recent years he spent a lot of time in Scariff, Co. Clare, where he acquired a large farm and a lot of horses.

A mechanic Eric Doyle who fatally injured Trinity student Lily Hastings Bass was jailed for 7 years by Judge Katherine Delahunt in the Circuit Criminal Court yesterday. Doyle had been banned from driving when this fatal crash happened.

DNA breakthrough unlocks secret of police code cases. Kate Devlin in London today reports that a DNA breakthrough hailed the biggest development in the field for day could result in thousands of old cases being reopened again. From today, scientists in the UK will be able to use the technique in all serious crimes including rapes and murders after a successful pilot scheme.

Kevin T. Walsh

Prison…….birds in cages….Year of the Gangster

Kevin T. Walsh – Justice and Peace

Luan Márta 23, 2009 10:14

Gardai in Raterfarnham are appealing for witnesses in relation to the murder of Liam Murray who was found shot dead in his bedroom last friday morning. Gardai have now established that Liam Murray was seen the between the junction of South Circular Road and Clanbrassil Street.

In Limerick, Philip Collopy, from St. Mary’s Park was found shot in the head on Saturday morning. Gardai have now established that gun went off accidentally. Collopy, according to Barry Duggan in today’s Irish Independent was a career criminal and feared by people in Limerick..

Prison officers will be screened by their own sniffer dogs to detect if they are smuggling drugs into prisons, the Irish Independent has also learnt today. Previously prison staff were not by sniffer dogs for contraband illegally smuggled into the prisons but however the Irish Prison Service has confirmed, it is in own final stages of training its specially trained dog detection unit as part of the new crackdown at the countries 14 prisons.

Limerick prison will be the first to employ the dogs before the 1st of next months.

Separately prison authorities are installing phone blocking technology in Irish Prisons to stop the countries’ leading criminals from directing the illegal enterprises from behind bars.

In the Irish Times, Saturday, March 21st – a brilliant piece written on our prisons by Conor Lally states – there were 3,790 prisoners in custody in Ireland with a bed capacity of only 3,611 representing occupancy of 105%, In a breakdown, Conor Lally states,

ARBOUR HILL PRISON, DUBLIIN 7: Capacity 148; prisoners 153

CASTLEREA, RESOCOMMON: capacity 228; prisoners 267

CLOVER HILL PRISON, DUBLIN 22; Capacity 431; prisoners 476

CORK PRISON: Capacity 272; prisoners; 282

DOCHAS CENTRE, MOUNTJOY: capacity 85; prisoners 108

LIMERICK PRISON (male): capacity 275, prisoners 309

LIMERICK PRISON |(female): Capacity 20; prisoners 32

LOUGHLAN HOUSE, CO. CAVAN: capacity 130; prisoners 135

MIDLANDS PRISON, CO. LAOIS: capacity 469; prisoners 498

MOUNTJOY PRISON: capacity 540, prisoners 637

ST PATRICK’S INSTITUTION. DUBLIN 7; capacity 216; prisoners 228

THE TRAINING UNIT, DUBLIN 7: capacity 107; prisoners 118

WHEATFIELD PRISON, CLONDALKIN, capacity 390; prisoners 416

Conor Lally went on to say In the Irish Times that the overcrowding is creating tension and there are several serious assaults by prisoners on each other dailly. He also went on to mention the terrible murder of Gary Dooch in Mountjoy 3 years ago. The tragic Dooch was sharing a cell with 5 more prisoners. One officer told the Irish Times that some weaker inmates are being forced into collecting drugs when they are granted temporary release for short periods. The officer went on to say if a prisoner is caught on his way back from release with the drugs, he gets a severe beating in the yard or the cell by the other prisoners.

The visititing committees to many of these prisons have written to the Minister for Justice of their deep concerns of the serious conditions and overcrowding and lack of educational facilities due to recent cut backs.

With Mountjoy and other prisons bursting at the seams and tensions rising as drugs become harder to come by, it would appear now, urgently that alternatives to imprisonment need to be found now and Fast.

Gangsters……versus True Justice

Michelle Clarke – Justice, Morality, Fairness and Retribution

Sath Márta 21, 2009 12:04

I am just listening to former Top Ranking Garda, Felix McKenna, speaking on the Marianne Finucane show, Radio 1, as I write this as to how gangland figures now in the use of kids to distribute the drugs across the city of Dublin and other parts of Ireland. Felix McKenna was former head on the National Bureau of Crime and he was accompanied on the show this morning by Retired Asst. Commissioner Martin Donellan.

They both also spoke of the intimidation of witnesses in relation to serious court cases and supported James Hamilton DPP that we should have a better protection procedures for juries.

The Galway man was found guilty this morning – Gerard Barry…..of MURDER TO THE YOUNG SWISS GIRL RIP AGED 17.

Michelle Clarke

Only 25% people report crime……..Fear

Kevin T. Walsh – Justice and Peace

Aoine Márta 20, 2009 11:52

At a two day conference yesterday at Dublin Castle, Mr. James Hamilton of the DPP made some very interesting comments. One comment he referred to was the idea of the Witness Protection Programme. He went on to say, it’s introduction in 1977 following the murder of Veronica Guerin, crime journalist. He added it is expensive pointing out that it is a fairly drastic step to ask people who have witnessed a crime to move to another country and leave their homes and families behind.

An estimated 25% of crimes in Ireland are not reported to Gardai due to intimidation. He also added the intimidation of jury witnesses and referred to the collapse to Liam Keane’s Murder Trial in Limerick.

Yesterday during his opening address to more than 120 investigators from 26 countries across Europe Mr. Hamilton stated that the Irish economy loses a half billion euros every year because of the black market tobacco trade. These cigarettes generally come from Eastern Europe and pose an extra health risk because of the unknown substances mixed with the tobacco.

Yesterday many speakers, spoke of the criminal networks across Europe including the Island of Ireland. As one investigator put it we are dealing with a staggering scale of criminality at present.

Mr. Hamilton also mentioned the recent murders of the soldiers and police officer in the north and strongly recommended close cooperation between the Irish prosecution authorities and the DPP in the north of Ireland for tackling these criminals.

Kevin T. Walsh

Funeral and Solidarity

Kevin T. Walsh – Justice and Peace

Déar Márta 19, 2009 13:50


I totally agree with your article and your links are well put together. The funeral yesterday was a great show of solidarity with Irish people in Birmingham, over the fallen soldier Marak Quinsey. Again good article – the whole people of Ireland want Peace and Transparency.

Kevin T. Walsh

Criminals incarcerated or worse shot dead at random in their prime

Michelle Clarke – Justice Equity Morality

Céad Márta 18, 2009 18:17

What an amount of material contributed by ordinary concerned people as to crime in Ireland, as to illegal drugs in Ireland, as to assaults leading to serious TBI

The start of the Year of the Gangster was December Christmas 2006

Add 3 three (I have no numeracy due TBI) We are talking 2009 March or is it April (TBI)

I am listening to people sitting and chatting over coffee ……………… crime is the topics. It appears break-ins are on the up and up but that makes senses with financial markets hitting the floor

Corruption…………Gardai need investigation, Medical Profession re. private practice; accountants and in particular those who provide audit services (n.b. Enron brought down one of the largest firms (can’t remember the name…..TBI).

Corruption at Government level………..Inordinate spending on Tribunals and virtually no redress from those investigated ……. where is Judge Mahon Arbitrator, what holds up the report……..we need it yesterday. Corruption has to be addressed.

Computer is adaptive technology for people like me because the TBI mugs the brain in fog…..and the computer lets you access the information you need……it can take your voice as the instructor or whatever.

Trinity managed to choose me as a Back to Education person. I was battling but the people in the disabilities and in particulat their carers and unnderstanding lecturers, tutors, assistants. It would be a violation of right if carers are to be removed from people with disabilities…….and I mean a violation. You might as well do as some religions do, cut of the hands of thief………

These people are not gangsters……they often work in areas of govt. policies, arts, law, Outside the Box, NALA – who teach people to read and write. Their publications are so comprehensive that say you had child with dyspraxi, their free booklets would help them. What I am saying here, is my injuries were at 32….what I found is in others they had developed acceptance, confidence, Kev. used to get me to write up the notes and he would copy them……………it was barter in the real of the word. I have bipolar and Cathy had cerebral palsy – she chose to Mental Health and a bit of neurology with me as the subject matter……..we were dedicated to a cause to a purpose. Cathy is now 5 years working in Social Work mental Health and it delights me so…….she is a good and dedicated person. She came on her first Peace March with me and we laughed!!! Thank you Trinity – Explain just how benefical the so called non perfect may be…..everyone has a value even the criminals

12 ‘criminals’ randomly shot dead since Christmas. 3 North of Ireland and the rest down South. What is the cost to the state. There are families, children, education, social background drop, people addicted to hard drugs, people stealing to feed habits, certain laundering routes…..all is corruption.

We have the Criminal Assets Bureau, we have Special Branch, we have Gardai, and now we are under the auspices of Sir Hugh Orde and the PSNI. We have had several large fines from this combination and may it go on.

I see a funeral and I think…… this one of these so called criminals being buried…….how many people are there? Are they family, friends, watchers, vendettas, moaners, press,

What does this cost our Society

Do we need a change of focus? What about Restorative Justice? What about people press power (value oriented and no money as such).

How many of these criminals have had head injuries that might change behaviour. We need proper education standards and an introduction to Behavioural medicine. E.g.

Behavioural Medicine made Simple Frank C. Seitz PhD


Not just a bag of bones – Treat accordingly

A young man was found dead in Moyross today RIP. It was the result of a family feud. His name was 20 year old Darren Bennett – found stabbed and beaten to death on the steps of a house. What violence on our streets – what a waste of human life.

Where is Kathleen O’Toole – Garda Resources Director at 150,000 euros p.a. Plucked from Boston by McDowell PD. In the last 3 years her only contribution appears to be pepper spray.

A little Nostalgia I see the new initiative of 5th years students being available to teach OAPs the internet. What a resource to be tapped.

I would love to know more about the ‘Animal Gang’ Dublin 1950’s – knife culture, fears, spies

Then what about Lugs Brannigan. The only you find a write up on him appears to Whitefriars Street Church… is right beside Mother Teresa and Charles Vanier……………….

Mark Quinsey, the sister of the murdered soldier, thanked people both North and South of Ireland for their support and very kind letters and texts.

Mark Quinsey was buried in Birmingham today. He was murdered by common gangsters shaming the name of the Republican movement. They have no mandate from the PEOPLE OF IRELAND. That is why they are GANGSTERS.

Michelle Clarke Well done to the thousands of Irish who voted with their feet today…………we are in the midst of the curve and we need leaders to direct us in peace and the betterment of whole Island of Ireland.

Michelle Clarke

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Prison Night 2 Maura Harrington……the plain people are with you

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Honour

Déar Márta 12, 2009 20:09

Good night Maure.Harrington on your second night in a horror of a place (I bought a book yesterday on the history of the building) – cells for 4 became 12 (the 1700’s) and ironically one of the advisers to the British govt. was a man called Fitzpatrick and to be more ironic Fitzpatrick advised the FF govt/Green Fools to take away they grey haired medical card and we all know where that bounced back to. Now back to the past on prisons, thaand the gaolers were the mercernaries to take the money. Greed, awful Greed. Distorted aspirations of a those of the so called lower classes but as we know it permeates all over our globe.

Sleep tight Maureen, 28 days will pass, but Justice being done is another issue!!! An issue for the plain people of Ireland – the island of Ireland.

Today Maura Harrington, even in New York and Washington, San Francisco and San Diego and all over Australia and England – you have the respect of the morals of people against Shell and they have many questions to ask the Irish govt. particularly regarding the Irish judiciary and the democracy to protest against corruption.

A US judge today ordered to be put into handcuffs and brought to a US prison while our own country watches Fitpatrick and the boys play golf.

Brian Lenihan today, Minister for Chaos in Finances sanctioned a right of the euros 3,000 extra rise for TD’s. Even the morals of hell were shaken in disbelief. Our morals now throughout Europe have exceeded the rats of corruption and greed since the Roman sewers. Michael Lynn Rogue Lawyer on the Run in Europe ‘I know too much I won’t be a poster boy for Ireland’s corruption, there will be at least another 100 lawyers, accountants, and other professionals going down with me.

What does this say: It used to be the confessional box that forgave all sins……but now all we need is a Fianna Fail pass and as the song goes and ‘A Fianna Fail Cowboy – I can break the law and no one can give a Fuc….k.

There presently doing up Haddington Road Church in Dublin 4…..maybe this is an auspices for forgiveness or take the chance and jail if you get it……

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

Judiciaary – Can theire be a Conflicto of interest – No….Alas Yes

Kevin T. Walsh – .The Rue oif Law……Where is it in Ireland?

Déar Márta 12, 2009 12:37

Morally I feel shame on this Govt. and shame on any person on this ISLAND THAT WOULD not have a degree of deep sympathy for Maura Harrington – (Corrib).

Can someone explain to me the Separation of Powers?

Dr. Jim Devins is Minister – FF – Berties tent now one of Biffos bluffers and in telling us all the economy will recover.

Dr. Jim is the husband of Justice Mary Devins who gave this innocent woman 28 days in prison.

The conflict of interst is quite startling. On one side of the fence her husband supports Shell Coporate.

And Judge Mary, on her bemch locks up anyone who disagrees with her husband and the Government.

That is fact. At least there is a Code of honour among certain gangsters.

Where is this shower of gangsters in Fianna Fail going with this country. They have brought us to our knees.

Democracy is precious – gangsters bankers dodgy developers – all evolved from the Anglo Irish Fianna Fail Bank.

While Maura languishes in Mountjoy prison, Fitzy and the boys (Anglo Irish) still enjoy the scenery of Druids Glen?

We have got to a new low in Irish Judiciary,,,,,,,Year of the Gangsters continue.

K.T. Walsh

Related Link: http://www.those

Bankers and the law.

Michelle Clarke – Social Injustice and Ethics

Céad Márta 11, 2009 15:57

Todays the papers reveal that if Madoff in America pleads guilty he could face up to 150 years in a federal prison.

I bet he must be as sick as a parrot he is not living in Ireland – he could be playing golf with Sean Fitzpatrick and the boys at Druids Glen.

The law in Ireland is very unique. You see we have the untouchables – the Golden Circle – who have brought this country to its knees and destroyed the credibility of banking towards Ireland across Europe.

This Golden Circle are well known by the dogs on the street. I ask where is the Criminal Assets Bureau now.

Will these people pay back the billions they have taken from Anglo Irish Bank. No I don’t think so the taxpayer will.

The Monk walked into the High Court and paid his tax dues to the Irish taxpayer without even being convicted of an Armed Robbery. Crooks come in all shapes and sizes from the shovel to the brief case to the quarry to the golf course from eating a burger at McDonalds to the Shelbourne but believe me they are still all gangsters.

We have a Govt. now that have lost its way……………..where is the plan to get this country back on its feet and get the gangster rooted out………from the suits and the balaclavas.

Every decent person in the Island of Ireland condemns the muder of that Police officer in Craigavon………RIP.

As Martin McGuinness said, they are traitors to this country. I will go a little further and say so are the Bankers – the crooked lawyers, the greedy barristers, the dodgy accountants and a govt. who hasn’t go the bottle to take them on HEAD ON.

Michelle Clarke

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Law, Morality and HUMAN DECENCY

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Márta 09, 2009 17:52

It is the year 2009 – our Economy is in tatters because of greedy bankers.

Eight gangland murders this year and we are only 10 weeks in.

Two soldiers shot in cold blood at Antrim Barracks last weekend. The Real IRA confirmed it through journalist Suzanne Breen in the Sunday Tribune that they are responsible.

RIRA have no mandate to murder innocent people on the Island of Ireland. Everybody across the Island condemned the murders and wish a speedy recovery to the Polish Pizza delivery man – just earning a living…..

The streets of Dublin are awash with drugs – guns – shootings – tiger kidnappings and not forgetting the 7 million intriguing robbery at Stephen’s Green last week – many questions to be answered.

In the meantime, our banks themselves are awash with corruption. There is insider trading, and cosy deals. The infamous 7 billion Bed and Breakfast (to massage the books) from Irish Nationwide to Anglo Irish. Yet Gillian Bowler stays on – it beggars belief.

One month ago a 75 year old man mentioned on Vincent Browne received a prison sentence of 14 days for a fine of 580 euros. Disgraceful – this man was just out of Chemo Therapy.

As Bob Dylan said ‘Rob small and become a criminal – ROB BIG AND THEY WILL MAKE YOU A KING

Anglo Irish and Fitzpatrick has cost the Irish taxpayers billions yet this disgrace banker can fly at will to Marbella, wine and dine, play golf, fly back to Ireland and yesterday he could play golf at Druid’s Glen.

What the fuck am I missing here? Define the word crime? I really would love to know now.

Last October / November – it is well documented before the scandal of Anglo Irish – Sean Fitzpatrick advised the Government that it would be wise to take the medical card from thousands of vulnerable over 70’s.

What other country would allow this man to laugh at a Nation – on its knees, right now.

Rodney Doyle – FAS was given large pension, lump sum and keep the car for being a complete incompetent gobshite with taxpayers money.

In the meantime, Fitzpatrick gave the finger to the Dail Committee.

Our Judiciary, our bankers, our barristers, and don’t forget Michael Lynn – yes it is the year of the GANGSTER again but I ask who are really the GANGSTERS! Not the poor bastard doing two weeks for parking fines in Mountjoy prison.

Kevin T. Walsh

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Where are the boundaries? Where is the Rule of Law

Michelle Clarke – Accumulating Gangsterhood

Luan Márta 02, 2009 17:21

and most importantly where is the Separation of Powers? Has anyone taken a squint recently? Can anyone clarify the checks and balances and vested interest perspective.

I have listened to Fergus Finlay, with great interest this evening (more poignant because of personal experience)

Our children…..where are their rights….what happens if they are homeless, taking drugs and die. We need to focus on this issue urgently……he recommended Emily Logan.

We have the HSE and they have a brief by the state and they have a duty to look out for our children. Instead we have lost children to suicide, children to poison, children to prisons, to inadequate adult psychiatric hospitals, to incompetent parents.

The vulnerable have no advocates to fight their case against the Monalith of bureaucracy.

Has anyone ever tried in fear to assert their opinion to say psychiatrist or junior psychiatrist……..thery have the loaded gun, not you. If you then go to the Medical Council, the psychiatrist has the waft of legal eagles so what chance do you really have. For a start they have FULL HEALTH and counsel, solicitors, devils, expertise and precent case history.

Where is the Equality? We are not talking money we are talking about subjugated people by an elitist group paid a lot of money.

Related Link:

Double Standard

Kevin T. Walsh

Sath Feabh 14, 2009 18:58

There was a 75 year old man on the Vincent Brown show recently . He was sentenced to debtor’s prison for 14 days for owing €480. He ended serving 5 of these days, as he explained on the program, due to the public outcry which ensued once it came out in the press. Now I ask you, what sort of a system treats a man in such a manner while at the same time there are numerous individuals who are living prosperous and free lives and who are responsible either for embezzlement or misuse of funds totaling hundreds of millions. There is something seriously wrong here. It’s the classic case of one set of rules for the common people and another set of rules favouring the elite.

Kevin T. Walsh

Corporatism by John Ralson Saul (born 1947) Canadian Novelist, essayist and commentator ‘Our civilisation is locked in the grip of an ideology – corporatism. An ideology that denies and undermines the legitimacy of individuals as the citizen in a democracy. The particular imbalance of the ideology leads to a worship of self-interest and a denial of the public good. The practical effects on the invidividual are passivity and conformism in the areas that matter, and non-conformism in the areas that don’t’

“Money has always been created out of thin air by human beings.”


Máirt Ean 20, 2009 19:49

It’s one thing for responsible governments to create money “out of thin air” to meet the needs of the nation (at zero interest) as former US President Lincoln did (for example); and, something very different for an elitist clique to supply governments with money created by the exact same means: but, with the avoidable addition of crippling compound interest which the tax payers can never pay off, and with all sorts of grossly undemocratic and corrupt levers on the politicians the elitist clique are now in an all too powerful position to bully — levers which are oiled by extreme greed and extreme lawlessness.

Who needs these grossly corrupt bastards?

Not From Trees

Pat Ohara

Máirt Ean 20, 2009 17:00

Money has always been created out of thin air by human beings. (It does not grow on trees, as my mother used to say.) That is how economics works. Good book on the basics:…img_b

Don’t throw the baby of Economics out with the Bathwater of crooked bankers.

More debts and violence

K.T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Ean 20, 2009 16:20

Yesterday in the Dublin Central Criminal Court, Judge Carney passed a life sentence on Brian McBarron for the murder of the young nurse Sara Neligan, daughter of prominent heart surgeon Dr. Maurice Nelligan.

Last night in Tallaght 3 men were shot – 2 are critically ill in hospital and one Mr. O’Halloran is dead.

In Clontarf this morning at 8.00 a.m. a raid on a Brinks cash truck took place. Gardai at the moment are not giving out much information.

Our Government in their own minds did us a favour today by coming back to debate about the nationalisation of Anglo Irish Bank while Sean the God FitzP bakes in the sun in Cape Town.

Joan Burton came to the fore today, in the Dail by asking the hard questions.

The People of Ireland are entitled to know what kind of Clowns ran a bank to virtual collapse. 2009 is only beginning

K. T.. Walsh

Related Link: http://www.2006violence

Thirst for Justice


Luan Ean 19, 2009 20:44

Assassinated for the cause of justice: Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

“There can be no peace without justice, and there can be no justice without a reform in our economic system, for the financiers are behind all the corruption in our Government.” (From: )

Related link:…f&oq=

Corrupt bankers will soon own everything?


Luan Ean 19, 2009 15:38

“We are coming to a point where, eventually, the Government will own nothing, the people will own nothing, and the Bankers will own everything! We are becoming enslaved by the financial institutions of the nation!”

From “America’s greatest problem” (and the World’s): (by Melvin Sickler)

Related link:…s-avg

Money Master Gangsters: “We created it” (out of thin air!!)


Luan Ean 19, 2009 09:19

When will our politicians in the (Republic of Ireland), and politicians elsewhere (in England, in the European Union, and in the United States for example), face up to this centuries old fraud and tackle it responsibly? — instead of endlessly tinkering with it, which only makes the whole overall problem worse in the long run?

It’s a bit like endlessly delaying the day when a rotten tooth has to be removed: because it’s too far gone to be saved, and the infection is spreading to other parts of the body.


“From the testimony of Marriner Eccles, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, before the House Banking and Currency Committee, Sept. 30, 1941:

Congressman Patman: ‘Mr. Eccles, how did you get the money to buy those two billions of government securities?’

Eccles: ‘We created it.’

Patman: ‘Out of what?’

Eccles: ‘Out of the right to issue credit money.’


“The Federal Reserve (privately owned banks) are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.” – Senator Louis T. McFadden (for 22 years Chairman of the U.S. Banking and currency Commission).


Related link:…f&oq=

The Year of the Gangster

Barry Brennan

Domh Ean 18, 2009 20:44

Kevin, I think your man Fitzpatrick had an inkling that if he had turned up for the AGM there’s a good chance he would have had things thrown at him and maybe they would have hung him upside down from a tree on Dawson Street.

There were a lot of angry people at that meeting. Having said that, if you invest in shares, you should pay close attention to the warning which accompanies every ad on TV and radio: The value of shares can go up as well as down. Buying shares is often akin to a glorified casino.

Barry Brennan

The Baggot Street Rip off


Domh Ean 18, 2009 18:06

Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous prices in shops like Donnybrook fair? Thia area is fast becoming a rip off zone. Although its one of my favourite areas it is fast becoming the next Greystones. gangsterzone? I guess so

Money Truths


Domh Ean 18, 2009 15:07

“Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its power but the truth is, the Fed has usurped the government. It controls everything here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will. “

Congressman Louis T. McFadden, 1933, Chairman, Banking and Currency Committee.

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Erratum Gangsters and accountability

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Domh Ean 18, 2009 14:26


Apologies for one line in my last posting. The Independent yesterday stated that ‘IF Sean Fitzpatrick, Anglo Irish Bank was living in America, he would be arrested and taken into Federal custody. As the journalist said, it will cost the State billions.

In the meantime, the media today tell us that the former disgraced Bank Chief Fitzpatrick is holidaying with his wife in Cape Town since Christmas.

John Murray Brown in the Financial Times yesterday wrote a headline ‘Anglo Irish failure threatens State’. He went on to say that Lenihan’s statement on last Thursday – the decision to nationalise Anglo Irish was the only option to prevent collateral damage to Ireland’s credit rating. Lenihan went on remarkably to say the taxpayer has to own this Bank to protect the State.

Why does our Govertnment not order Sean Fitzpatrick back from South Africa. This man should have been at the EGM on Thursday but Fitzi has shown his contempt for the people of Ireland.

Brian Hennessy, local postman was charged yesterday at a special sitting in Kilkenny District court with the murder of Sharon Whelan and her 2 little daughters – a tragic story.

K. T. Walsh

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

“Democracy will rise superior to the money power.”


Domh Ean 18, 2009 14:22

“Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.”

The above texts formed part of an e-mail sent yesterday to U.S. President George W. Bush – which was copied to President-elect Obama, and to others (including Prime Minister Brian Cowan T.D.).

The full text of yesterday’s e-mail to President Bush can be viewed at:…l.htm

Related link:…f&oq=

It appears some people just love being criminal

Kevin T. Walsh – Soci

Sath Ean 17, 2009 18:02

A man has appeared in court around now or later on this evening for the murder of Ms. Sharon Whelan and her beautiful daughters. This case has taken a very unusual twist and there is more to come.

In the meantime the body of missing man, P. Gunn was found in a ditch, with stab wounds near the airport. Mr. Gunn was missing for two weeks.

The two men shot dead at Summerhill last week – Michael Roly Cronin and Mr. Moloney, from Ballymun were shot dead by a gangland assasin. Gardai released three women and a man without charge in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday Frank Dunlop appeared before Judge Catherine Delahunt on 5 counts of corruption. Judge Delahunt remanded Dunlop on bail. Then Judge Delahunt stood down for another judge to sentence Dunlop.

The Independent today stated that Sean Fitzpatrick of Anglo Irish Bank was living the America – he will be arrested and taken into Federal custody.

Sunday World are famous, apart from their own ego, for using the title ‘the Untouchables’ but I ask tonight – who really are they? The facts on the newspapers now – are Bankers, Developers, all in the Mahon tribunal, the 31 barrister millionaires and let us not forget there is still no warrant for Michael Lynn’s arrest, 18 months on. Intriquing, of course. Lynn connects with Nationwide (Fingleton) in dealings – 12 m and then Fitzpatrick, disgraced Anglo Irish banker deals again with Nationwide – you could not write this script.

I often wonder who are the real gangsters in Ireland.

Related Link: http://www.discipline

“Our leaders are but trusted servants”


Domh Ean 11, 2009 19:58

Keep in mind that our “leaders” (so called) are but the trusted servants (and sock-puppets) of the super-gangsters operating out of places such as Washington DC, New York, London, and Brussels.

Global corruption has now advanced to the stage now where our corrupt leaders have to do whatever their corrupt “Money Masters” instruct them to do.

Related link:…earch

Corruption moves to Top in Ireland: Recall this appears to be a Fact without a prison sentenc

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Domh Ean 11, 2009 19:06

Sadly 2009 has brought the shootings. There are two men dead, one in hospital, a shooting last night in Finglas – o yes sadly 2009 is definitely year of the gangster.

I will give thanks to Indymedia a total clinical up-to-date posting on the shootings and drug finds shortly.

On the topic of Indymedia and the server … We need this site in these turbulent times with corruption be accepted as legit.

Freedom of speech is on this site and God Help us if we lose it. Keep going Indymedia and well done.

Back to the year of the Gangster I am stunned tonight. My Jack Russell refuses to have his tea with disgust.



I thought these comments are fitting for the topic Year of the Gangster. Is Gormless Gormley living on planet earth. He promised his own voters in Sandymount no incinerator but the facts are he lost that battle and then we know the Tara saga with Dick Dodgy Roche – Gormely again lost that on.

Corruption the neat little number referred to as ‘White Collar crime’ abounds wreckless through our financial services, this teints our solicitors – figures absent from media. Then we have the church and its novel corruption, decade by decade, with denial to the forefront. Where is the passion for Justice and in particular social justice. What about democracy? Shame on Mr. Gormeleys loose words …… we must fight for our right to freedom, for a transparent, ethical driven country. Peace of a different kind has come to the Island of Ireland. It brings a different tune we hope.

I close by saying – you have to earn credibility and Gormley has lost out on this moral credibility again

John, you are part of a leaderless Government. 5,000 people are losing their jobs per week. O yes John we have all gone green with anger.

You now should realise like Coughlan – Gormely, Ryan and Sargeant are way out of their depth.

Sadly, the shootings and the killings go on – those 30 guns I hope are found before more lives are lost

Kevin T. Walsh

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The Year of the Gangster

Barry Brennan

Luan Ean 05, 2009 07:51

It was indeed sad to hear about Tony Gregory’s passing away after a long illness. Barely 61 he was. He was one of the few Irish politicians I actually respected and I always felt he was someone who would bring a sense of honesty to an environment sadly bereft of such a quality. Enda Kenny paid respect to him with the following:

‘He was an original mould-breaker, both in creating the Gregory Deal, so influential in transforming inner city Dublin, and in refusing to wear a tie in the Chamber of the Dáil, thus disrupting the cosy comfort of Dáil tradition…..Tony Gregory was a fearless defender of his inner city constituents, proud of his heritage, and absolutely courageous in standing up to drug barons and drug pushers…..I admired his conviction and his total commitment to his people. We shall miss him.’ Yes indeed we shall.

In terms of total commitment and the other qualities Mr. Gregory possessed, many other politicians would do well to take a leaf out of his book. We need more politicians who act with honour and dedicate themselves to the causes of their constituents and of their own beliefs with conviction: we need more conviction politicians.

With regard to Beverly Cooper Flynn, I have to agree with what you are saying Kevin Walsh. It is nothing short of scandalous that a politician who was found guilty of abusing her position of power and influence should be re-admitted to the political fold. What sort of message does that send out to the wider public and to other politicians who might be thinking of doing the same? It’s the equivalent of saying ‘ah sure, for your wrongdoings we’ll send you out into the political wilderness for a while to placate the people, and when the people aren’t really looking, or when there’s a major event happening (i.e. an economic crisis)., we’ll quietly let you back into the halls of power. There’s an arrogance about way the whole matter is being handled, not to mention the fact that taxpayer’s money is being lavished on such an individual.

Kevin I would have to disagree with you on Sarkozy. Of course he ain’t perfect, but he is the sort of conviction politician I was referring to. While I may not agree with all that does, he, in my opinion, acts with a sense of urgency commensurate with the seriousness of the situation at hand, and he has the strength and conviction to see his visions through to the end, often in spite of the organized groups going up against him, i.e. the unions. For me his greatest worth as a politician is that he recognized that there was a need for deep and broad reform in France. France was and still is stuck in a time warp. It was losing its competitiveness and across the whole economy and society things were going from bad to worse. High unemployment nationally and 50% unemployment in the poor suburbs, especially among the Maghreb immigrants mostly from Morocco and Algeria. There are many problems with the French system at the moment. Punitive taxation rates and an inertia within the state system. 70% of the youth want to become civil servants; what does that say about the way young people are educated to think that a government job is the best they can aspire to. The social system has failed in France and they need to reform urgently. This is why they voted for Mr. Sarkozy, simply because they recognized the need to reform. I watched many debates on French television and the people are almost unanimous in their desire to see reforms introduced. It is only a relatively small minority of people who oppose any kind of change; they want to protect their well-feathered nests. Could I Kevin refer you to an interesting article recent from the Economist on Sarkozy:…13896

On a more general note, I would like to state that I admire many of the people who post in this site. I admire them for the way in which they take a stand against what they consider the issues of importance to them, whatever these issues may be. It is important that a forum like Indymedia exists which provides a platform for such people to express their opinions, and do so in a way which is outside of the control of the mainstream media. The mainstream media would never allow such opinions to be expressed. The media in Ireland is controlled by a small number of people, and we know who they are. As I see it, a good example of an on-line activist on this site is Mr. Kevin Walsh. For me it seems that this man is very keen that any inconsistencies and errors in the judicial system and process be exposed and discussed. I have read many of his posts concerning these issues and I am sure his comments will make people think, and people like Kevin aren’t just sitting on their asses and being armchair critics, he is doing something about it. Imagine how different things would be if we had 100 Kevin Walshes, Michelle Clarkes and a 100 other people like those who post here. Maybe by being an activist in this forum it will lead to the creation and emergence of these hundreds of new kindred spirits. Let us hope so.

Yours, Barry Brennan

Tony Gregory

Michael – Human League

Luan Ean 05, 2009 04:20

….Thank You Dear Michelle for your couragous words on Tony Gregory R.I.P. ….I wonder who will jump on the bandwagon now as They did when Tony was advising the government on how to Take the assets of known drug dealers only for his ideals to be hi jacked by the Gangsters in Style , commonly known as the government , Will the present heartless GIS DO another adoption in the near future ??

A man of morals

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Domh Ean 04, 2009 12:52

A Man of True Morals – said by Pat Rabbite and RTE’s Richard Crowley in relation to the passing of Tony Gregory RIP

Richard Crowley further went on to say – Gregory stood up to the drug dealers in the inner city and the gangsers for 30 years. As Crowley put it – I am sure he was threatened many a time but Gregory never flinched. It is sad that during his career that Tony wanted to be involved in the Dail, on committees involved with drugs and crime but never got the chance sadly. A true hero of the people of the Inner City.

Michelle Clarke ‘Evil domains when good men do nothing’

Unusual Murders Christmas 2008

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Sath Ean 03, 2009 10:58

Saturday 3rd January 2009.

First I deeply regret the passing of Tony Gregory TD, a man as Michael and others have said, walked the walk, not just talked it in relation to drugs in the inner city for 30 years or more. A man who will be sadly missed by every parent in this city who fights the war on drug to keep their children safe. May you rest in Peace Tony,

Gardai begin probe of the first casualty of murder for the New Year. Keith Mills, age 22, a father of a young baby girl who was viciously assaulted on December 22nd last at a house in Coolock. Mr. Mills died in Beaumont Hospital on New Years Day.

In the meantime Eamon Lillis from Howth charged with the murder of his wife Celine Cawley is still being held in prison – 10 days after he was granted bail.

Shane Phelan reports today in the Independent that Mr. Lillis is finding it very difficultf to access his bail. Intriguing but fact.

The wife of a high profile Dublin Executive has been remanded in custody in Newery’s Magistrate court for murder. Karen Walsh age 42 is charged with the murder of her next door neighbour, 81 year old Ms. Rankin, on Christmas Day.

The murder accused Karen Walsh is married to a high profile Government advisor appointed by Mary Harney. Mr. Durkin, husband of the accused is a tax consultant, auditor, chartered accountant and financial advisor to the Council of the Pharmaceutical – the regulator for pharmacists. Mr. Durkin, a senior partner, with Devaney and Durkin, a Dublin firm that provides specialist advice to business and entreprenneurs thoughout Ireland. Mr. Durkin also sits on a State board with Garda Assistant Commissioner Noreen O’Sullivan of An Gardai Siochana.

Dearbhail McDonald reports today that this will be a very high profile case – one reason being that Ms Walsh, the accused, was arrested with a 39 year old man – unnamed. The man was released last Wednesday, pending further enquiries while she remains in custody. Mr. Durkin, husband of Ms. Walsh is also a director of Irish book keeping service limited and Durkins Finacial Services Limited as well as D and D Construction, a building and civil engineering firm in Dublin.

I will close by saying that Beverly Cooper Flynn has been accused last night of bringing politics to a new low. She has continued to take 41,000 e Independent TD’s allowance. The sad fact is she is back in the Fianna Fail party almost a year, on her salary of 103,000 euros annually. I would Like to ask as a tax payer why nobody has questioned this in the past 12 months. This is daylight robbery of tax payers money.

K.T. Walsh

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Band On The Run

Michael – Human League

Déar Ean 01, 2009 22:40

And Many HAppy Returns Mr. K.T.Walsh .

I think You have hit the nail on the head with your last line in your usual well researched Posting . Of course he ( Lynn ) Blackguard ,Embezzler , is on the run and living the life of Reilly with the Blessing of The Incorporated Law Society and The High Court and his many Fwends in Low Places . We Had the Church in Buckets Of Laughter when they were exposed had we not ??? And now we have ”our learned friends” in attendance at the Circus Of Fools .

Maybe now we will take your good self and Michelle ( My Belle ) in a more serious manner than before , Roll on June 2009 .

Happy New Year

The will to arrest a Rogue Solicitor

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Déar Ean 01, 2009 16:43

January 1st 2009: Happy New Year to all at Indymedia,

Could someone please confirm for me the time Michael Lynn (Rogue Solicitor) is on the run across Europe right now. 85 euros m. is missing from clients all over Ireland and beyond.

31 people were put to jail in December. The fines and debts listed from 128 euros to one man owing 900 euros. Now this is only lunch change for some barristers.

The sentences ranged from 24 hours to one month in prison for these 31 unfortunate Irish citizens.

As one Journalist in the Times said…..the man who was imprisoned for 24 hours – it cost the State almost 4,000 euros (Taxpayers money) to incarcerate the poor unfortunate for a debt of 120 euros. What really is going on in this country?

Why can’t the Gardai in Harcourt Square, in liaison with Interpol, after almost 19 months of Lynn on the run now get an international warrant for his arrest in Bulgaria or whereever he is and bring him back to face the courts.

Maybe Mr. Lynn knows too much and maybe people in high places don’t want him back. Banana Republic – absolutely

Kevin T Walsh

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Dont Bother Listening To The News,Health Warning

Michael – Human League

Céad Noll 31, 2008 02:22

As you so regularly say Michelle,it is now a daily occurance . News items are not for the faint hearted either ,

Should we turn off the Television and do something else with our valuable time , yes i think we should ,

18 year old girl murders 22 year old man

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Noll 30, 2008 18:57

Michael and Michael

Obama and how or what he does, for me, is the unknown

Gangsterism is Ireland at Christmas time 2008 is becoming something else.

I am shocked to hear on the news that an 18 year old Girl/woman has killed a young man of 22. She is too young or at least she ought to be. Is it drink, drugs, anger, fear – we need to look into the reasons for these emotional states that lead to murder.

Then we have the mother in Kilkenny and her two children, aged 2 and 7. Now, it looks as if they were dead before the house if Torched. This can’t be in Co. Kilkenny at Christmas tide. What kind of people are out there with anger so wrought that a sensible approach to dealing with strife is non existent. This is as we head into Recession…….what kind of gangster?

Today in the afternoon outside Tara Street Dart station, a man was stabbed and is critical and in hospital.

We are now reaching a murder toll, close to 60, for 2008 – What is going wrong? There are 20 by the gun and the rest is a mixture of domestic and outright plain murder – anger, alcohol and drugs sustain the market which creates the gangsters in one area of life in Ireland but as we know gangsters come from all walks of life.

We appointed Kathleen O’Toole from New York, on the instigation of Michael McDowell. She is now over two years in the posting and the only suggestion is Pepper Spray. Has the time come for change, as the Recession roars out? We know Kathleen O’Toole is paid a salary overr euros200,000 but really is this the answer? Maybe a minister could take on this portfolio and significantly reduce the costs. What I mean is a TD with nothing to do in the Dail all day but twiddle his thumbs could take over in a portfolio which would reduce the cost to the tax payer which means ‘I’ll take you home again Kathleen – back to Boston’ we can’t afford this or sustain the salary now.

I wonder about the murders at Christmas time. Is the period, ever increasing, two long for people?

Michelle Clarke

Related Link: http://www.2006violence

Winds Of Change

Michael – Human League

Máirt Noll 30, 2008 00:05

Thank you John for mentioning that point .

As i really do not have any idea what you are talking about i must assume you were referring to Mr .K.T. Himself and his wonderful article above us both .

May i just add i dont really get involved with Any thing American as i find the yankee doodle doodle antics a Sea Of Contradictions all based on OIL and ITS HORRORS .

Perhaps if we are both in a position to connect in say 4 years time , so until then ………


John Diamond

Luan Noll 29, 2008 18:35

Does the human league think obama will bring change? WAKE UP. He appointed the same people. THE SAME crowd. McCain would have done better. B

Gardai – Kilkenny call out to tragic fire

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Noll 29, 2008 11:31

Gardai in Kilkenny are keeping an open mind to the tragic death of the young mother and her two daughters who all died in the house fire.

In the meantime Gardai in Limerick have arrested a 18 year old non national who is now in custody for murder. It happened in the Sarsfield hostel in Limerick city.

In Nenagh Gardai arrested a man in his early thirties with murder – he was remanded in custody in Nenagh district court on Stephen’s Day.

In Teneriffe, a beautiful young woman, Ms. McConway, was battered to death in her holiday apartment. Her boyfriend is helping police with their enquiries.

Bombs are pouring down on Gaza. The death toll will exceed 300 by today. Women and children are among the dead. A Slaughter of the Innocents.

I ask one question this morning – the great Saviour of Change, President Elect Obama – What Change? Would people wake up? I would love to know the real foundation of morals this man stands for because if this is the change for 2009 – God Help us.

Kevin T. Walsh

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

Much closer to home (than Afghanistan, Colombia, Gaza, Iraq, and Zimbabwe for example)


Luan Noll 29, 2008 08:17

Don’t forget the crucial role of the gangsters in the cultural genocide of recent times connected with places such as Tara and Turoe.

For a truly outrageous example of this please see:

The Hague Convention for the protection of cultural property defines such acts as ‘violations of international law’.”  (From: )

Related link:…f&oq=

Two Peas in a Pod….It sounds so cosy but in reality it can be a hell hole too….

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Domh Noll 28, 2008 17:50

‘There but the Grace of God go I’ – . Michael where was I was on that Saturday…..we would have been thinking along the same line. That apathetic view that comes with age and appeases us to life…….we look back and review and luckily have reached the stage of apathy instead of bitterness……jealousy about the BMW is gone. (Just imagine the others of a similar age, driving the cars, the women, the finances of the country with a thrust of achieving something…….

Yes 2009. The Rear of the Gangster! Would we be so lucky? I note in the Irish Mail that the Monk’s Limo firm faces the chop. I reckon there will be more who will face CASH FLOW problems……maybe people like Fat Freddie Thompson will face cash flow problems to pay for arms. Look at sterling being so weak…..and other factors like the Israelis in full air attack on Gaza and Libya, Syria and other countries have a totally different perspective.

These are sad and horrific times. Countries that are poor like Afghanistan, Colombia, Zimbabwe are on paths of destruction for people and brandishing arms, soldiers, for the exchange rate of the Cocaine and Heroin for the dirty cash of drug dealers who are destroying people through addiction in Ireland.

We need to ask the question about motive and people. Our Lord says the Meek will inherit the earth and the way it is going formation of an ever increasing underclass, there sure will be a lot meek people and children, sitting in encampments, slums, high rise flats, just waiting much like our people did at the time of the famine, while the select few, both immoral and without compassion, live out the ‘Us and Them’ belief system of Apartheid.

The Moderates in the Middle East on both sides were seeking for change – they all look towards Obama, President Elect. The man who is on ever radio station including Fr. Ted said ‘I will bring in new change, I will bring Hope but today sadly Obama sang on the same hymn sheet as Bush, in not condemning the bombs on the Gaza Strip which are killing many women and children indiscriminately. Are we fooled again?

2009. Please let there be a change in attitudes. Let there be a greater sense of ‘Take Responsibility combined with Morality, Ethics and Governance).

War. We don’t want war. We achieved the Peace Process on the Island of Ireland so now we need to consolidate a sense of justice and equality. Alreadly we see health merging and the Gardai working with the PSNI successfully. Let us work towards a diversity that works in the Island of Ireland.

Let 2009 be the year to build the next phase of Ireland and to deal with illegality using every known method to stem the tide. It is possible to reduce criminality but we must form the resolve.

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Two Peas In A Pod

Michael – Human League

Sath Noll 27, 2008 20:53

Over the Christmas Period Like most places, Upper Baggot Street Can Become quiet due to office staff taking their Well deserved break as is rightfully theirs .

I stood on the corner of Mespil Road recently having a puff as i do . The B.M.W.s And the equvilant drove by and i said to myself…….”There but for the grace of God go I”

I saw many a poor unfortunate Also and I said the above ………….”There but for the Grace Of God Go I.”

Will 2009 see The Rear Of The Gangster ? No Prizes for this one .

How quickly and easily some people forget about certain very important things …


Sath Noll 27, 2008 18:42

“Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, …” (From the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights at )

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Israeli fighter plans …….. indiscriminate attack on GAZA

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Sath Noll 27, 2008 15:38

December 28th: Bombs are dropping down on the Gaza strip. Israel says it is necessary – women and children are among the dead. They also say it will continue systematically until their goal is achieved. Let us forget about Bush.

Where is Obama now.? Show me the change in America now?

Back to Europe. napoleon Sarkosy (in his own mind – The Supreme Leader of Europe, right now. The silence is deafening but the lack of condemnation against Israel is criminal.

I will give an up date shortly on the years murders and serious robberies.

The Year of the Gangster Continues and the Silence of Obama and Sarkozy is frightening. Sorry, I forgot to mention Brian Cowen but sadly I think this Government have become irrelevant but the people have to regain anger and lose the apathy – what I mean really is to regain their morals.

K.T. Walsh

Year of the Gangster and Ireland’s EU people

Barry Brennan

Déar Noll 25, 2008 22:33

Well, Sickened, my basic premise is this: amongst a sample of 100 people in any given situation, anywhere in the world, would it not be fair to say of these 100 people not all are bad. Were it so it would include yourself and myself. There will always be good and bad. So by extension I think it would be fair to say that we have some good and honourable people representing us in Brussels.

“there are many people representing Ireland with honour “


Déar Noll 25, 2008 11:09

All I can see is people collecting fat pay cheques and expense cheques — and at the same time going along with all the corruption in the European Union and elsewhere by turning a blind eye to it.

That’s not “honour”: that’s cowardly deceipt — which the rest of us have to pay for through the nose.

Year of the Gangster

Barry Brennan

Céad Noll 24, 2008 18:46

A quote from the RTE News website today: Call for changes to top bank personnel: Communications Minister Eamon Ryan has said there will have to be changes in personnel at the top of Irish banks.

Kevin I think the general discontent amongst the people in this country is going to increase as the economist situation continues to worsen, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a government crisis there were to come about either in 2009 or 2010. It might be fairly reasonable to expect that this would lead to a general election in 2010. One things is for sure, we are going to see chopping and changing at cabinet level in the coming year. Things are not going to be static politically. It’s not only in the private sector we should see personnel changes….

As for the Brussels gravy train, there are many people representing Ireland with honour and for which we should be proud, but there is also a significant level of resource wastage and abuse of taxpayers funds. The way the European Parliament functions is but one example, albeit a glaring one.

Barry Brennan

Vote For Sponge Bob Campaign

Michael – Human League

Máirt Noll 23, 2008 17:44

May I Suggest a Leader For The Position Of ‘Leader For O9’ and see how we get along .

Sponge Bob Square Pants .

At least he makes more sense .

A very Fine line between fair and unfair, just and unjustice

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Noll 22, 2008 11:07

I would like to know how the overall system works in Brussels in relation to the Judiciary because Barry some people call it the ‘Fat Cats Capital’ of Europe. I can also 5 people who have retired on fat pensions from Brussels – the ex pats. They just fly in here and jump on state boards because they feel they have this false right to do so,

Eamon Lillis has just this morning been remanded in custody for the charge of murdering his wife, Celine Cawley at their home in Howth, The daughter age 15 sadly faces Christmas with her Mum dead and her dad in prison. Let us not forget the 28 year old woman in Ranelagh, Miss Hoban, she died in a savage attack at a HSE male hostel. She too left a child behind.

I am reading on today’s Independent that after Nationwide criticism of FAS that the taxpayers are still footing the bill for 5 star hotels. In one instant, FAS paid over Euros15,000 at the Shelbourne in September and October of this year. Even covering mini bar costs, tips for hotel staff and laundry service. The get together was called the Science Challenge Programme – I call it a shower of gob….. abusing taxpayers money. In 2007, Roddy Molloy, the former FAS Director General had 33 guests for dinner in the Merrion hotel – the meal cost Euros7,000. The wine bill was Euros1,700 and tip was paid to staff of Euros900.

Now put these FAS generals alongside Anglo Irish and define for me the word ‘Misappropriation of taxpayers money’. Gregg Craig – while even on sick leave lived a lavish lifestyle on taxpayers money. The most significant use of chauffeur driven cars was in June and July of 2006. Euros2,500 was spent on transport to and from their homes to Dublin Airport.

The Greens are not saying much at the moment are not saying much about Accountability, Ethics and Transparency. I ask why? I ask one final question – who is going to lead us into 2009 after the chaos and shambles of 2008.

Year of the Gangster

Barry Brennan

Sath Noll 20, 2008 22:46

Kevin Walsh, in response to your pertinent comments on just what is the definition of justice in Ireland, perhaps it might be useful once again for the Irish State to take heed from the best practices and examples in Europe. For example, yesterday a court in Belgium ruled that there were sufficient indications that the Belgian Government had attempted to influence court proceedings against Fortis, Belgium’s largest financial institution. So here was an example of the state colluding with an established and influential commercial organization to attempt to predetermine the outcome of judicial proceedings, and the higher court ruled against the government. This must be seen as a shining example of where the judicial is separate from the state. My point here is that until we take steps to reform our Irish legal system, which by the way is to a great extent inherited from the British common law system, we cannot be confident we have an independent and impartial judiciary, free from external forces which may seek to influence its workings. Once we have introduced these reforms, then we can more confidently define what true justice in Ireland exactly means, because then it will actually exit.

Yours sincerely etc. Barry

Define what is Crime in Ireland? Do the boundaries alter on request and of who?

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Sath Noll 20, 2008 17:10

Saturday Evening and I am sitting on my chair and look at my Jack Russell and wondering – WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A CRIME IN IRELAND NOW/

Let us first go back to the murders of the last week, the young man knifed to death in the vvillage of Glenamady, Co. Galway, last week. The murder of Celine Cawley, age 46, mother of a teenage daughter, MD of media production company, murdered on the patia of her home in Elite Howth area. As we know a man from Howth is helping the Gardai with enquiries tonight. Then we had the murder of Ms. Hoban in a Man’s hostel in Ranelagh.

3 murders in one week – all by sheer raw violence. Of course, we say that different agendas apply. Every murder has its own story. This year already we have 51 murders, (20 by the gun gangland), detection rate, well let us say it is embarrassing by any standards. The year of the gangster sadly continues – I ask a question tonight. It concerns Mr. Fitzpatrick, Anglo Irish Bank. Who gave him the authority to move and borrow 87 m euros of shareholders money. Listening to Radio 1 at 1 p.m., one journalist said ‘there must be some law broken perhaps deception’. Now I ask could someone define for me this evening the definition of breaking the law within this jurisdiction.

My prayers go out tonight to the Rossiter family who received Euros200,000 from the State and an apology for the unlawful detention of their son in Clonmel Garda Station – unfortunately, it saddens me that nobody has been held accountable.

Solicitors in the year 2008. 2 from Ballinrobe were found guilty of misconduct and the misappropriation of client funds yet they were not struck off. They were fined Euros 100,000 each and placed on probation for 2 years. It beggars belief.

Michael Lynn tonight I am sure is having champagne wherever he is. Every paper in Ireland and the High Court suggest he took 85 m. euros. Now tonight I ask why is there no international arrest warrant out for Michael Lynn which includes the Gardai and Interpol. What really is going on? Does Lynn know too much? I don’t know, I am only asking.

What a day for the publication of Injustices by the Law, the State, For the ordinary person, one can see a perspective that really makes one think what is happening to the Separation of Powers, why does it appear that our Constitution is becoming a document of history? The Proclamation has faded into a distance and all told crime becomes the unbridled horse.

I look at this woman Louise O’Keeffe (a stoic woman who has battled this system and found herself in the Supreme Court) yesterday. This woman lost her appeal against having to pay legal costs to the Government. She challenged and lost her appeal having lost a damages case against school principal who had subjected her to abuse.

This woman is a mother of 2……and the the Supreme Court have determined that she must pay damages nearing 1 million euros.

Surely, there is something wrong. It appears to me that we have nothing but Abuse of children floating and nobody wants to take responsibility to compensate them. It looks as if Louises case is anchored on the probability if she received damages then there would be a precedent on say the Department of Education, Church and other groups. Shame to all concerned. Remember: ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’…….This tips the balance to a society with problems with their Scales of Justice.

Let us not forget what Vincent Browne said some years ago – his show Radio 1, before he left for TV3. Browne said – it was the biggest fraud in the history of the state – 37 million in foreign currency irregularities AIB headoffice in Ballsbridge. As Browne asked on radio – Not one member of the Fraud Squad entered that Bank. Who held them back? Yes,Year of the Gangster has no boundaries…….Morally, or Socially.

Kevin T. Walsh

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“Superbly high-quality gangsterism”


Déar Noll 18, 2008 22:00


There is a certain group of people who very cleverly and very ruthlessly hi-jack the good work of other people, and then slyly – almost completely unnoticed by everybody outside their own circle – turn it to their own advantage in ways which are socially destructive for most people outside of their clique.

For example, the extremely high-quality legal work produced by Thomas Jefferson led directly to what is now the most powerful nation on earth (i.e. the United States of America). However, along the way, Thomas Jefferson’s good work was subtly and almost invisibly twisted in a way whereby the legal system he slaved over to protect people from the tyranny of corrupt governments, was subtly transformed to enable corrupt judges (and their close associates in government) to actually use the law produced by Thomas Jefferson to bully and abuse people with impunity: which was the exact opposite of course to what Thomas Jefferson worked so hard for.

There is a similar situation relating to the ancient Celtic monks of Ireland. They created the world’s first major Christian university at Clonmacnoise, and through it re-launched western civilisation during the several centuries sometimes referred to as the “Dark Ages”. Once done, Rome then took over (on the back of the Anglo Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169 AD), Clonmacnoise was decommissioned, and the Celtic monks were written out of history (or almost so at any rate). All you can find on the Celtic Christian monks today, despite their truly massive contribution to the spread of Christianity in Europe and elsewhere, and their many works of really high quality art such as the Book of Kells and the Ardagh Chalice for example (please see at ), is the odd few bits and pieces you can find through Internet links such as…earch

It is perversion and deception at its worst — or best, depending which side your are on.

The Celtic monk situation is why the “benign to tyrannous government transformation phenomenon” is sometimes very closely associated with the amazing “Anglo Norman flair for political guile”: or “superbly high-quality gangsterism” as some see it, and which these days has the full force and power of the United States of America driving it (more or less) — despite all the best efforts of the extremely gifted and extremely hard working Thomas Jefferson, who was of course the Principal Author of the American Declaration of Independence.

The Judiciary………Pillars of Society? or slacking

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Déar Noll 18, 2008 18:03


I was really interested in what you had to say. The broad term is about Gangsters and it is easy define their crimes – they tend to be dramatic, ruthless and most often related to the illegal drugs market.

Your point about the role of the Judge has made me think further. I have always revered the legal profession and judiciary mainly because of the Rose tinted glasses that cover your vision when you have members of the family both in the Judiciary and in law. There is a sense of honour that emblazens role in the formation of society. This is backed up by the Constitution; the King’s Inn and the rich heritage and esteem; the solicitors. However, I am disheartened; the idea of leading by example has left the professions and nobody really asks why? The why is vital. the scandals relating to solicitors, their powers, money, failing to produce documents and yet the Banks allowing them to take loans without signing papers based on a mythology truth, leaves us in a hideous position and has played a considerable part in the downfall of so many banks in Ireland. I am unsure but I think in the last year some 30 solicitors appeared the Tribunals, one has disappeared leaving chaos for people, and funds abroad, others have taken their medicine and have been expelled or supervised.

The impact of this wrongdoing is significant. In certain cases, solicitors are leading officials, people down the path of illegality and corruption and as you say Hereman this stokes the embers of what crime is.

‘Justice must be seen to be done’. In England, you swear the Oath to the Queen and it is a historic ritual that embibes a goal towards Justice and Social Justice., What strain have we developed in Ireland? I know in 1914 my grandfather was appointed KC but he then followed the route of Dail Courts and into the Irish Republic. I have read papers of his before Judiciary in the House of Lords, and it has that ceremony and sense of righteousness (saving the lives of IRA men due to be executed).

Ireland, the Republic, the Peace Agreement, Government, the Island of Ireland – all in a century achieved. Why are we so williing to destroy the work and abilities of so many by being loose, spoilt, corrupt, greedy, Celtic Tigers gone nearly extinct.

We have forgotten the Separation of Powers. Why do we deny such wisdom. The Judiciary, the Presidency and the Government are the Pillars that stand tall and upright. It is about the Rule of Law that ought to be sacrosanct. We need the checks and balances and when I say this I feel it totally inequitable that tribunals assessing corrupt politicians have taken over a decade to make judgement. Where is the Justice here? If you think there is Justice, well then where is social justice.

An effort is made to curb Corruption on a worldwide basis. Transparency Ireland is based here and is worth reviewing. There is an article in the Village relaunch and it is well worth reading.

The Pillars must stand tall and lead by example. The Gardai as enforcers of the Law must be held accountabile and when guilty charged and put to prison…….Too many suspect murders hinting at Garda are one the books.

Mr. Justice Barr was involved in the John Carthy Tribunal. John was a 29 year old with bipolar condition and who lived in Abbeylara. Wrong decisions resulted in his death by Garda ERU gun……? The report is outstanding and deals with mental health but alas this example by a Learned Judge has not been directed to the exercise of proper mental health procedures. Why? We are all people and we all count.

We think of these young people as the gangsters and true a lot are. However, think of Madoff in US, the grey population in his 70’s and his blatant fraud and corruption that has deleted 55 billion from client accounts……these clients were conned by who he represented himself to be, his clothes, his money, his life and now a potential criminal for 20 years (released from jail in his 90’s). He used hedge funds, risk, nerve, greed……but Justice may win out I hope.

To end. I saw a man in the newspaper last week – lovely blond longish hair. He has a business, it was a successful business but somehow he became involved with a rogue solicitor. This rogue was asked to give evidence by camera but he lacked the compassion. Mr. Cunningham faces a future with his children, having been conned out all his funds. Why is it that the Solicitors Tribunal cannot compensate Mr. Cunningham in some way. This is not equitable.


Related Link:



Déar Noll 18, 2008 09:15

Noticed at

“The continued giveaway of our oil & gas to private companies, at a time of great public need.”

Related link:…f&oq=

Corrupt Judges


Céad Noll 17, 2008 09:00

With due regard for the deep insights of former United States of America President Thomas Jefferson, who was arguably the most gifted and most talented lawyer of all time, there is no doubt at all in my mind that the excessive powers of judges needs to be very sharply reined in — as a matter of URGENCY — in the Republic of Ireland.

One only has to look at the way the “Rossport 5 Situation” (i.e. the general “Shell Oil Dispute” focused on Mayo, but affecting the WHOLE of the Republic of Ireland State in very major ways) has been handled by the Republic of Ireland’s Judiciary to see this very clearly.

Thanks to the extremely bad example the Republic of Ireland’s Judiciary is setting regarding human rights law (as set out by the United Nations and by common sense), the whole of our legal profession now appears to have been corrupted into believing that “human rights law is just a complete waste of time”: and so it is of course as far as trying to get any respect for it from our judges in our courts of law goes.

Thus, the crimes of our judges are lighting the fires of crime in our people (through the mechanism of judicial injustice), and fanning them into huge flames in certain places.

For a start, no judge should be allowed to imprison anybody without a lawfully assembled jury, or at least not for a minute longer than it takes for such a jury to be assembled.

Perhaps the greatest weakness in Bunreacht na hEireann (Basic Law of the Republic of Ireland) is that, for a wide variety of ALLEGED offences, our judges can both criminalise, and imprison, our citizens without the involvement of a jury: which, if unaltered, is very definitely a straightforward invitation for the generation of yet more extremely serious crime and trouble in our society.

Related link:…earch

Forfeiture of a Constitution. Why is crime, corruption, murder escalating.

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Noll 16, 2008 18:48

Thomas Jefferson in the 1830’s spoke with vision about Judicial Tyranny and the outcomes. MacKenzie, and Sabina, have detailed sites, court cases, commentary, on this US President’s views, There are also links on Human Rights as they stand, now (faltering in the face of cesspool corruption, crime and dissent from a sense of Morality).

I quote one excerpt from links:;

Jefferson plainly had an answer against judicial tyranny.

This case of Marbury and Madison is continually cited by bench and bar, as if it were settled law, without any animadversions on its being merely an obiter dissertation of the Chief Justice … . But the Chief Justice says, “there must be an ultimate arbiter somewhere.” True, there must; but … . The ultimate arbiter is the people …. — Letter to Judge William Johnson, June 1823

Note……our Government, our Judiciary, the President, public services

‘The ultimate arbiter is the people’………….It appears that society is made up of peaks and troughs and these seek balance distribution but unfortunately maintenance is a problem.

The markets, the murders, the lack of compassion and kindness, the lack of vision, and direction……….I wonder does one share my belief…..these are the reminders from a higher earth form to warn us to redress our behaviours and for this society improves. People become again the just arbiter.

The time has come to take account. We need to look at the Judiciary and the prison system, we need to look at the education system to ensure it is needs met for children with behaviour disorders……..we need an end to corruption at all levels and for this there needs to be a Code of Conduct.

We need to lead by example. We need mentors and not managers. We need to learn how to accept change and share life experiences with others who may have different life experienes yes coloured. I admire Lord Archer. Gracefully he entered prison, as he entered Westminster and he put his time to use and plied his trade i.e. writing. He also shared his knowledge with the few that were interested to learn.

Then there is the former Banker Nick Leeson, now living in Ireland, having been jailed in Asia…….Look out for his writings about this financial crisis……

Michelle Quotation. The Elementary Forms of Denial by Stanley Cohen ‘In totalitarian societies (Ireland is not one), especially of the clasic Stalinist variety official denial goes beyond particular incidents (the massacre that didn’t happen) to an entire rewriting of history and blocking out of the present’

We don’t have to go this way………Ireland is now the Island of Ireland.

Related Link:

The Global Cesspit of Corruption, Crime, and Cover-Ups


Máirt Noll 16, 2008 16:58

With hopes of better things for the world in the years ahead, and mindful of the key role the United States of America now plays in world affairs, an e-mail was sent today to outgoing President George W. Bush, incoming President-elect Barack Obama, Prime Minister Brian Cowan TD, and to a selection of others.

A copy of the e-mail in question can be viewed at:…l.htm

“He saw where JUDICIAL TYRANNY was leading.”


Luan Noll 15, 2008 11:34

Excessive power, greed, corruption, injustice, cover-ups (and more cover-ups), crime, JUDICIAL TYRANNY, violence, war, extreme lawlessness, global warfare (e.g. World War 2), failed attempts to prevent this cyclic HUMAN problem (e.g. United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”) — and so on, and on, the destructive cycle which humanity is at the present time locked into continues (e.g. the unlawful invasion of Iraq in 2003 for instance).

“When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the centre of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated …. ”

— From letter to C. Hammond (in July 1821) by Master-Lawyer & Master-Politician Thomas Jefferson (, Principal Author of the American Declaration of Independence, and Third President of the United States of America. (Letter excerpt taken from….html )

Break the JUDICIAL TYRANNY, and this extremely vicious and destructive human cycle of events gets broken: for once and for all, and keeping in mind that there is NO other means of breaking it known to mankind.

Related link:…f&oq=

Handbags & Gladrags

Michael – Human League

Luan Noll 15, 2008 07:50

K.T. Wonderful report as per your standards . Time Marches On.

Await outcome of Tribunals and the charges that will apply

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Domh Noll 14, 2008 16:04

It is almost the final chapter of the year 2008. Sadly gangland continues on our streets, in our towns all over Ireland. In the East Wall last week, Mr. O’Kane was the 20th person to die by the gun this year. Allegedly at the hands of a 16 year old youth.

I was gobsmacked last week listening to Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern. In a speech he actually praised the Gardai in the war against gangland in Ireland. Is this man on the same planet as I am, I doubt it very much. The Gardai have no will to tackle gangland and according to today’s Sunday Times there is still a serious hard core of corruption within the Gardai Force. The Gardai Ombudsman Commission stated that the complaints are getting more serious and vicious against the Irish citizen. Some of the complaints reported in the Times listed: a young man beaten up in his own home in South Dublin by six members of An Garda Siochana, 4 who have been suspended and facing dismissal. This man’s only offence was having a row with a trainee Garda outside a nightclub. Some days later, 2 Garda cars arrive at this man’s home and beat him up: other complaints included members of the Gardai colluding with drug dealers.

I agree with Michael to a point in legalising Cannabis – it would break the back of the gangland market and probably save lives in the process. Some month ago I was reading in all newspapers that a young man from Inchicore, aged 20, appeared in the Circuit Cout in Dublin – his crime was holding a stash of cannabis worth street value Euros 28,000. This young man was under a death threat (no choice). Even the two Gardai admitted this in Court yet Judge D….t gave him 9 years in prison. I find this incredulous. This young man needed help not to be locked in a cage but as we all know who she is married to, it speaks lots.

Who really are the Gangsters in this country? We have 137 unsolved gangland murders. The Gardai get praised. I find this mind boggling. Take a view at our Banks, our semi-state bodies e.g. FAS, the Property developers and last but not least look now at Frank Dunlop who in the New Year is not contesting 16 counts of bribery and corruption. In 10 years of Tribunals and our Barristers becoming Fat Cats – I wonder will Dunlop bring the curtain down on the rest of the rats around him.

I will closer by asking can someone explain to me the words Irish Democracy. Some time ago, I voted No to Lisbon and this Government led by Cowen or perhaps by Sarkosy that it is unacceptable of me to vote no and I am now basically forced to vote Yes. Well F… them. No is No and I have a democratic right to vote in accordance with my principles and morals. This country needs a moral cleansing from within othrwise how can we morally take on gangland because environmentally we as a society crated the problems, with bad housing, poor infrastructure etc. It is a fact that the Banks engaged in blatant criminal conspiracies……nobody was held to charge. Among the elite during the Tiger, the bankers the lawyers, the accountants, according to Gene Kerrigan today in the Independent held intense discussions about ‘the preferable international locations for fraudulent accounts – again, no fraud squad, no charges.

Where are the persistent prosecutors? Where are the angry Judiciary? But then again, who appoints them? O yes, the year of the gangster is getting more complex as we face into the year 2009.

I want to wish all on the site a Happy Christmas and a bright New Year and to thank all involved in running this site. It is not an easy job! Believe me, Indymedia is now read worldwide and that is good for citizen journalism. I nearly forgot on the Mail – Sarkozy’s wife was advertising her designer handbags. This begs the questions about a French President’s wife who appears to put the wind up Biffo. Maybe the opposition could check out Carla’s handbag…..

K. T. Walsh

Related Link: http://www.2006violence

I Say What I See

Michael – Human League

Sath Noll 13, 2008 20:45

Michelle (My Belle) K.T., Yes, the one and only rapped me over the ‘ead recently as to my ”comments” re your Postings . So you are apartment bound ,thats why i have never seen you circa Baggot St , I see what you are saying in your 1st and last paragraph and of course within . I do my piece at xmas and would not like to be installed in any institution over xmas ( 11 years was enough in a relationship ) and i for 1 would see Bishop Martin as merely doing his job by visiting said inmates as the likes of our leaders have in a lot of ways paved the road to ruin for many of OUR prisoners who are away from their loved ones at xmas time. So he gets no credit from me and thats for sure. In regard to our poor unfortunates who are in mental institutions today i could imagine the horrors of the disease itself and the total misunderstanding of people with disabilities of the mind , lying ”there” and not a visitor in sight for the person who probably broke down in an attempt to put his/her now absent family on the road to riches and education and in the process forgot about themselves , and thats the long and short of it .. People Put People Away for one reason or another ,its in us all ,Good And Not So Good . When is the last time anybody ,in the City ,looked at each other as they passed each others eyes when out shopping ?

When Eyes Meet Eyes It Could Spell Danger , Sad But True.

Questioning, Probing, Morality, and Hope

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Sath Noll 13, 2008 18:31


I really like the wit h but can’t get a hang of the accent!! There is nothing like a little truth….we all aspire to such esteemed parenting and sibling stoicism, the truth is a nice reminder……

You know I am basically apartment bound for a few years now, except of course for Indymedia interaction. Well I was skipping through the web on one of my favorite topics: psychiatry/psychology/brain injury and I printed out this page. I listened ardently to Archbishop Martin on the TV last night and was greatly surprised that he had chosen to go to the Mountjoy last Christmas and this year he has chosen the Central Mental Hospital. These are where our Gangsters are heading for….while others are in for a few months and out again……There is a lifelong pattern to their life patterns of criminality. What distresses me is that inspite of all the education we apparently have, all the research that is forthcoming from Universities like Trinity, UCD, St. Patrick’s Maynooth, no difference is being made. Too much research is focused on lecturers and their publications list, targeted for overseas. The dross and the operators of society are to tired, to fond of the old ale, beer, shorts, drugs, to be visionaries to help those vulnerable to crime, at the necessary age i.e. young. Guidance, learning, support is needed. People have the web, there are answers to bad behaviours. We can travel now via the web from country to country and we we can learn the findings of their reports on Illegal Drugs, Criminal Behavious, inner need to be a gangster if such exists…..

Archbishop Martin seemed totally saddened by the reality of the loneliness in prison on a Christmas Day and the brief number of words gave a sense of profundity and hopeless senseless pain, for many and why?

Back to what I found:- Archive Abstracts

Title: Safety Lit: Injury Research and Prevention Literature …… Journal Article ‘Brain anatomy of persistent violent offenders: more rather than less Tilhonen J. Rossi R., Laakso MP, Hodgkins S………..etc. 2008; 163 (3): 201-12 Affiliation: Department of Forensic Psychiatry, Niuvanniemi Hospital, University of Kuopion, Finland

The findings are that most of the violent crimes committed in Western societies are committed by a small group of men who display anti social behaviour….from an early age. (this remains across the life span). It is not yet known that an absornal brain structure exists in these men.

I can identify with this……..

Press Release: Irish Council for Civil Liberties 17th February 2007 ‘Top Expert says removing rights won’t tackle Gangland Crime’ Hark…..listen….

Professor Robrt Gordon, Director of the School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver was speaking about the latest Justice Reform Proposalsd at the ICCL on 17th February 2007.

‘I have been following the current debate about whether there is need to re-balance’ the criminal system, and I am really puzzled by the suggestion that the rights of victims can in some way be enhanced by diminishing the rights of people accused of crimes. Quite simply, this flies in the face of facts’ according to Professor Gordon……

The speakers at the conference and those attending are mainly from an elite legal profession yet these issues penetrate every aspect of society and particularly in prevention and rehabiltation.

They say are young generation are Fame orientated and who can blame them with the media idolatory. Sometimes I wonder with our gangsters have they got the same bug but they can’t sing or act and they do what they know they can do……….for notice, attention, acclaim.


Related Link: http://www.those



Aoine Noll 12, 2008 22:48

They never want to hear about the Organised crime gang we call the ‘Political Party’

So much easier to rant about removing the rights of criminals from the lower classes. So far at every Irish site bar indymedia that I have mentioned the obvious criminality of Politicians and Gardai some pathetic arsehole pipes up to tell me I can’t say such things without absolute proof. Funnily enough these same people are usually the ones that bray loudest for removal of all out protections against the excesses of the State. The same ones the always immediately believe crooked politicians and Gardai when the make put forward preposterous statements to explain actions which obviously break the law

First things first


Aoine Noll 12, 2008 09:02

“The Garda have decided to put more funding and resources into combating organized criminal gangs.”

The first “organized criminal gang” the Garda Síochána (Republic of Ireland Police) would need to to investigate is the one in Government responsible for sustaining the unconstitutional legislation produced during the past 10 years or so — which of course involves crime of a treasonous nature.

Related link:…l.htm

Christmas and crime

Barry Brennan

Aoine Noll 12, 2008 00:21

Let’s see if the efforts of the Garda over the Christmas period and thereafter will result in any prosecutions of gang members. Apparently the Garda have decided to put more funding and resources into combating organized criminal gangs. This to be applauded and is long-overdue. Perhaps the security authorities should have been more alert to the warnings put out there by people such as Kevin Walsh. If they had been, maybe they would have taken action earlier.

A Mother Voicing Her Concern About Her Son

Michael – Human League

Déar Noll 11, 2008 23:36

As we have learned to listen to the hardshaws of Dublin over the years i happened to ”wander ” into a watering hole recently and sitting down (,back to the wall job) to read the oirish mail i over heard this lady over the fone to what seemed to be a conversation concerning her son , ”If You Dont Stay outa trouble sez she, i will Be Dug Outa Ya ,WHY DONT YA FIND YERSELF A ”MOT” AND GET HER INTA TROUBLE AND MAYBE YED STAY AWAY FROM THE CROWD WHO DONT GIVE A TOSS ABOUT YE.

Maybe this woman knows something about lads in general that we dont . Women to the rescue again no doubt

“A Living Reality”?


Déar Noll 11, 2008 08:56

“It is our duty to ensure that these rights (listed at ) are a living reality — that they are known, understood and enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. It is often those who most need their human rights protected, who also need to be informed that the Declaration exists — and that it exists for them.” (United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon)

It seems to me we all have some lengthy way to go yet though before these rights are a “living reality” in our daily lives?

“Talking the talk” is one thing, and “walking the walk” is another.

Related link:

More Injustice of a Religious and Political involvement in so-called Holy Ireland


Céad Noll 10, 2008 14:38

Read the Book Just A Woman. I agree it’s a great read. Chris Barry has another novel out as well. It called Truth Behold…it’s about the abuse in the Industrial Schools in Ireland. It opens your eyes to the religious and political injustices that went on in Ireland during the 1950s –1960s. Well worth a read. Chris Barry writes on real life issues in her novels and combines prose with poetry. Mary Kelly Roscommon

“A new broom sweeps clean?”


Céad Noll 10, 2008 14:19

“On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the full text of which appears in the following pages. Following this historic act the Assembly called upon all Member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and ‘to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories.’ “

The above text formed part of an e-mail sent yesterday to US President-elect Barack Obama — and others including Prime Minister Brian Cowan T.D.

A copy of the e-mail in question can be seen at:…l.htm

Gone is theEire of saint and scholars


Céad Noll 10, 2008 10:02author email jim2674 at live dot ieauthor address GalwayReport this post to the editors

Ireland no more the island of saints and scholars, it has become the land of injustices and sex trafficking. Three weeks ago I read a book by an Irish author Chris Barry…. Just A Woman, It is a novel about trafficking of women and children for the sex trade in Ireland. As I read through this book the first thought that came to me was that could never happen in Ireland. But how wrong I was. This week the Garda are on a hunt down for the Irish sex traffickers. What has Ireland become I now ask myself, Saints and scholars, certainly not, it is now the island of gangsters and sex traffickers. Just A Woman is a great read and a book that would make a great screen production. Jim Cummins Galway

Full Irish Breakfast /Back Soon ?

Michael. – Human League

Máirt Noll 09, 2008 21:53

We now have the Minister For ButcherCulture Scratching his head wondering how in the Name Of JAYSIS /what would Charlie have done to get us out of Jail with the current Pinky And Perky Crisis . Easy to blame this that ‘n tother ,But the genuine Farmers must not be ignored as once again stringent work practices ,as set out by agriculture sector have let the whole country down the slippery slopes to bankruptcy on a frightening scale .

Whats Next ???

Just a thought?


Máirt Noll 09, 2008 08:58

Michelle & Kevin:

Do you think it might help if “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (United Nations) was taught in our schools – as was originally envisaged and suggested in 1948? (Please see the “teaching” and “education” references to this point in the “Preamble” section of the document at ).

This question is partly prompted by the fact that tomorrow is the 60th Anniversary of “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

I often find myself wondering when (if ever) this hugely important subject is going to be taught to our children in our schools?

I also often wonder of course what has prevented its introduction up to now?

Sixty years seems to me to be a very long time to delay regarding such a core-issue matter for human society.

The Year of the Gangster

Barry Brennan

Máirt Noll 09, 2008 02:50

I was delighted to hear on the Pat Kenny show some of the opinions and information on inydmedia being commented on by Pat the Man himself. At last people are hearing about this. Hopefully they will wake up and see the reality, thanks to people like Kevin Walsh and Michelle Clarke. Thanks Kevin and Michelle. Your efforts are not going unrecognized. Barry Brennan

So bizarre….who could believe about the ham, pork, sausages… fell swoop….

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Noll 08, 2008 18:43

Visitor…yes…..bizarre times

Another murder, a father…..a gang…a gundrawn and used…..only young by Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics Mon 08 Dec 2008 06:35:37 PM CST How do we draw a line? One side would be Gangsterism, corruption, harmful lies, deception, outright theft, contrivance to harm.

Then on the otherside, there would be Truth and need I add not the truth necessarily related to Religion….reform is needed here also. The next point: would we be able to handle the truth i.e. the truth of the Mahon Tribunal, the Morris Tribunal, the Barr Tribunal and so many others. In fact, why does it appear that the Moriarity Tribunal have found it necessary to ringfence a certain proportion of their findings, before releasing same to the people and they are bound to do constitutionally. We need to to really wake ourselves up to humanity in relation to the young women being trafficked from other countries and used selfishly up to 10 times a day in areas like Ballsbridge, Dundalk, Castlebar…..everywhere seems to have satient appetites that cannot be satisfied at home or in a relationship or by lifetime containment of celibacy. Compassion and kindness by consequence rank low because all of us are part of the society that exists in Ireland presently and all of us are accountable restore a sense of balance and social justice.

I know, it is all so very easy. We can look for methods to guide us perhaps the 10 commandments. But it is like receiving orders, you might be a calm kind of person with the rationality that curbs other emotions and then you are okay, you can’t be prosecuted for thinking and not acting (yet). But then there is always the Scarlet O’Hara type…..reactiton everywhere and just about held back by another at the last

Aidan O’Kane moved to Dublin – East Wall one year ago. He had interest in cars and motorbikes. A gang had been terrorising the area. The Gardai had been called at the weekend when this gang damaged his car. He has a son in his twenties, his wife is dead. Then there is this gang and he or his possessions or his manner, just something attracts their attention, and alas the wrong attention and enabled action. Who would think a crowd of youngsters would have known that one of their collegiate aged only 15 was carrying a loaded gun and the attitude to kill? Who knew? The Gardai have rounded up a few so are these suspects? What a tangle for young lads on an evening night that might have fostered a little more rebel rousing without turning to raw hatred, a murder weapon, possibly a prompt from another or just an inappropriate emotional thrust.

What can we do? Look to the list of people of all stratas of society in prison for life, for hears, mothers, women, children, men, boys. We are missing out somewhere. We need education and more importantly learning and understanding. There is something in the make-up of every human being that makes us unpredictable – some follow the safe route, do nothing so bad that we become tainted or criminalised.

Others and they are sprinkled throughout our society and the heads pop up with something criminal in a most unclandestine spot………this is the humanity in people and hence the paradox.

Things are so bad in the economy but this is not to do with crime in the economy. It is more like when Celtic Tigers sponsor initiative, ideas, connections, business education, legal education………What arises is those emotions – those deadly sins and our ability to keep them in check and on a daily basis.

Let us look to the wrong side of the line and remember the person might well live on the Right side…….

Our banks are in a state of disarray. The Government have intervened with funding but the banks of fearful. They fear to share with the people because there is a strong possibility the small businessnesses have not got what it takes to make it and the banks will lose yet again. We are talking serious fear, the fear that stops progress and reduces cash in the economy, especially at Christmas.

I am going to end on an extreme.

We have had as a civilised society 20 murders by the gun this year. Now we have 137 unsolved muders by the gun in the last 7 years yet Dermot Ahern, Minister for Justice, praises on Garda Siochana during the week. I find this a minister like his finance Colleague Lenihan way out of their depts. One more question where is Kathleen O’Toole (Boston). Taxpayers pay her a high salary and Kathleen comes up with pepper sptray. Maybe she can transfer posts to FAS in the New Year !!!!

The capacity to do wrong is all around us. I am reading an article from the New York Times. It is a UBS banker who pleads guilty to AIDING TAX EVASION

Fort Launderdale, Florida ‘One after another, the secrets spilled out. The millions stashed into Swiss bank accounts. The precious jewels and artwork whisked into hiding. The diamonds in a tube of toothpaste. Bradley C. Birkenfeld kept all those secrets and as he discreetly managed the fortunes of American millionaires and billionaires at UBS, the Swiss Bank.

Well, he pleaded guilty last week to a charge of helping American Billionaire, Igor Olenicoff.

Interestingly……UBS has been considering the names of thousands of its wealthy clients in the US.

Omerta………or Truth maybe a touch of morality and a view on world human rights.


Quotation Being Oneself Clarissa Pinkola Estes Mexican poet ‘To be ourselves causes to be exiled by man others, and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves.



Related Link: http://www.2006violence

Worser and worser it gets


Luan Noll 08, 2008 18:03

Whole country’s going to the fucking dayvil I say – what!!

Juvenile Gangsters

Kevin T Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Noll 08, 2008 12:45

Sadly last night a man aged 50 who locals know as Aidan Kane, a father with a young family. Mr. Kane chased a group of youths who were allegedly throwing eggs at his home. When he reached the lane, a youth age 13 turned around and shot Mr. Kane dead Who gave this kid a handgun. What has happened in this country. As I am writing this the youth in his company are being questioned in Store Street Garda Station and Social Services.

People around the country are shocked at this news. Sadly this is the 20th murder by gun in 2008. Are their answers for 2009.

K.T Walsh

Organised Crime and Gangsters to new lows that we don’t have to accept

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice Ethics

Déar Noll 04, 2008 17:49


I hear and listen to what you say but feel that this vulnerable young girl slipped through the ropes of our Social Services whose function was to protect her and found herself begging on the streets. Children been trafficked into Ireland through our airports and ports, is very problematic and susceptible in immigration process we found ourselves in somewhere in the midst of the Celtic Tiger. Naturally, people are attracted from Eastern European, African, and South American countries to a country that boasts great success!!!

How these people get here and how we deal in a professional and protective way towards these people comes down to the nit and grit of life. You know that part that gets beyond grasp and is so easy to ignore. There is a strong tendency to overlook these realities.

The news this week about Trafficking young people and then the number of young foreign children placed in the HSE homes and who subsquently went missing…..most likely to the seedy part of life, to prostitution to drugs – realistically to a life of no legal protection, no secure family and just pure despair and usury.

What can we do? How can we alert ourselves? You might live in an apartment block and see signs…..but then you must ask what services are out there to support these people and to empower to live in our society. People count, their sense of take responsibility, their outrage. I recall an incident in the early 1980’s when I worked in Fitzwilliam Square, then trade was plied on the Square. I was working for a man and his wife sometimes called to the office. I recall the day, my jaw down, as she told me she saw a man seeking custom……and she basically bumpered him until he moved on…..

Truckers are doing no favours, the price is dirty money and it will ring through on their conscience. Sometime in the future, it will come to mind at a time of near God and greater sensitivity.

This is what scares me and fair dues to all the Gardai involved yesterday, I believe over 100 got focused and ringed in a South African, Wife, girlfriend, etc….who had established their dens of illict sex, etc in almost every town in Ireland. The web, the locations, the trafficked young girls……were all subject to this savage control for money.

Something caught my attention. The arrests yesterday, were not outside the title Gangsterism. Trafficking women would only be a subset for gansters who say were into guns, drugs. Crime is about making money and getting profits and like a banker getting the best deal from say one currency over another….. We are talking about serious criminal minds who choose one avenue instead of another.

I would recommend the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform on Organised Crime (

Part of data

‘Organised crime covers a wide range of activities, the most damaging of which are drug trafficking, illegal trafficking of people, and Fraud. It also includes a wide range of crimes such a high-tech crime, counterfeiting, the use of firearms by criminals, serious robbery, organised vehicle crime, intellectual property theft nd others. What can you say? A true self serving mendtality of people willing to use the vulnerable……they form a criminal industry and when they get angry, they lose the temper and they shoot……The Orgaised Crime unit take up the flack.

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

Organised Crime and Gangsters to new lows that we don’t have to accept

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice Ethics

Déar Noll 04, 2008 17:49


I hear and listen to what you say but feel that this vulnerable young girl slipped through the ropes of our Social Services whose function was to protect her and found herself begging on the streets. Children been trafficked into Ireland through our airports and ports, is very problematic and susceptible in immigration process we found ourselves in somewhere in the midst of the Celtic Tiger. Naturally, people are attracted from Eastern European, African, and South American countries to a country that boasts great success!!!

How these people get here and how we deal in a professional and protective way towards these people comes down to the nit and grit of life. You know that part that gets beyond grasp and is so easy to ignore. There is a strong tendency to overlook these realities.

The news this week about Trafficking young people and then the number of young foreign children placed in the HSE homes and who subsquently went missing…..most likely to the seedy part of life, to prostitution to drugs – realistically to a life of no legal protection, no secure family and just pure despair and usury.

What can we do? How can we alert ourselves? You might live in an apartment block and see signs…..but then you must ask what services are out there to support these people and to empower to live in our society. People count, their sense of take responsibility, their outrage. I recall an incident in the early 1980’s when I worked in Fitzwilliam Square, then trade was plied on the Square. I was working for a man and his wife sometimes called to the office. I recall the day, my jaw down, as she told me she saw a man seeking custom……and she basically bumpered him until he moved on…..

Truckers are doing no favours, the price is dirty money and it will ring through on their conscience. Sometime in the future, it will come to mind at a time of near God and greater sensitivity.

This is what scares me and fair dues to all the Gardai involved yesterday, I believe over 100 got focused and ringed in a South African, Wife, girlfriend, etc….who had established their dens of illict sex, etc in almost every town in Ireland. The web, the locations, the trafficked young girls……were all subject to this savage control for money.

Something caught my attention. The arrests yesterday, were not outside the title Gangsterism. Trafficking women would only be a subset for gansters who say were into guns, drugs. Crime is about making money and getting profits and like a banker getting the best deal from say one currency over another….. We are talking about serious criminal minds who choose one avenue instead of another.

I would recommend the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform on Organised Crime (

Part of data

‘Organised crime covers a wide range of activities, the most damaging of which are drug trafficking, illegal trafficking of people, and Fraud. It also includes a wide range of crimes such a high-tech crime, counterfeiting, the use of firearms by criminals, serious robbery, organised vehicle crime, intellectual property theft nd others. What can you say? A true self serving mendtality of people willing to use the vulnerable……they form a criminal industry and when they get angry, they lose the temper and they shoot……The Orgaised Crime unit take up the flack.

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

Her family should be prosecuted for not showing a ‘duty of care’ towards their daughter!

Jacqueline Fallon

Máirt Noll 02, 2008 21:04

The young girl’s parents should be prosecuted as well and all their remaining children taken off them and put into State care (if the State cares?), as her parents were grossly negligent in their ‘duty of care’ towards their daughter and put her life at great risk by their actions. Prosecuting her family just might prevent others who are inclined to put young lives at risk on the streets in return for a cash reward for themselves.

What sort of family goes out for a day out begging and then permits their young daughter/sister to go off alone with a strange man, in return for money, and expect her to return back to them safe and sound? The family should share some of the blame for her untimely death with the murderer, due to their ‘gross negligence and their lack of a duty of care towards their family member’. It is too late for them now to be turning on the crocodile tears, when they parted with their morals and their young sister/daughter for a few miserly euro!

Supergangsters, Gangsters, Financiers, Govt. people … anger maybe greet

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Noll 02, 2008 18:12

To An Gardai tonight as they seek the remains of a young vulnerable Romanian child, dead, yes although there is no body. How? Why? Who?

Is their a chink in the armour of some gangster or associated that could no longer live with his conscience because he knows or she knows, that an awful atrocity has been carried out, by certain people, who allowed their instincts to become so base as to play power games with a young vulnerable Romanian girl………trying to find a life in Ireland.

Who is this missing girl. Marioara Rosta is an attractive Romanian girl, straigh hair tied back from her pretty face. Today, Gardai are searching for the young girls body and they are two switch the search to the Dubin mountains.

Yes, we can say Underworld encroached in areas of Dublin city, sadly. The Canal has been trawled but no body is found. Gardai have made contact with her brother and are hoping that he may have a lead regarding a car and person who drove Mariora Rostas out of Dublin, last January 2008.

The fear is that one of the criminal gangs may have earmarked her for prostitution and when she said no……..these criminal underworld beings decided to shoot her dead. She and her brother were begging in Lombard and a car stopped. The man gave her brother some money while his sister got into the car with the man. Nobody has heard from her 11 months hence.

What happened? Investigators think she was befriended by well known Southside criminal (known to Gardai also)

Detectives are investigating a HSE hostel. They believe she was shot there and the building alighted. There is evidence of gunfire at the torched house.

Some items belonging to Mariora were found in the Canal last week. The search continues for the murder weapon.

Someone’s conscience is active, there have been two telephone calls.

The man under suspicion and arrested and applied for a stay to another 72 hours.

Anyone who knows anything about this young girl, please phone Pearse Street Gardai Station…01 6669000


Quotation : Consuming Passions by Ivan Illich (b. 1926) Austrian born philosopher, theologian and author of Limits to Medicine

‘In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy’

The person who shot this girl took away her freedom……..but he too will lose Freedom

Supergangsters, Gangsters, Financiers, Govt. people … anger maybe greet

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Noll 02, 2008 18:12

To An Gardai tonight as they seek the remains of a young vulnerable Romanian child, dead, yes although there is no body. How? Why? Who?

Is their a chink in the armour of some gangster or associated that could no longer live with his conscience because he knows or she knows, that an awful atrocity has been carried out, by certain people, who allowed their instincts to become so base as to play power games with a young vulnerable Romanian girl………trying to find a life in Ireland.

Who is this missing girl. Marioara Rosta is an attractive Romanian girl, straigh hair tied back from her pretty face. Today, Gardai are searching for the young girls body and they are two switch the search to the Dubin mountains.

Yes, we can say Underworld encroached in areas of Dublin city, sadly. The Canal has been trawled but no body is found. Gardai have made contact with her brother and are hoping that he may have a lead regarding a car and person who drove Mariora Rostas out of Dublin, last January 2008.

The fear is that one of the criminal gangs may have earmarked her for prostitution and when she said no……..these criminal underworld beings decided to shoot her dead. She and her brother were begging in Lombard and a car stopped. The man gave her brother some money while his sister got into the car with the man. Nobody has heard from her 11 months hence.

What happened? Investigators think she was befriended by well known Southside criminal (known to Gardai also)

Detectives are investigating a HSE hostel. They believe she was shot there and the building alighted. There is evidence of gunfire at the torched house.

Some items belonging to Mariora were found in the Canal last week. The search continues for the murder weapon.

Someone’s conscience is active, there have been two telephone calls.

The man under suspicion and arrested and applied for a stay to another 72 hours.

Anyone who knows anything about this young girl, please phone Pearse Street Gardai Station…01 6669000


Quotation : Consuming Passions by Ivan Illich (b. 1926) Austrian born philosopher, theologian and author of Limits to Medicine

‘In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy’

The person who shot this girl took away her freedom……..but he too will lose Freedom

“The Real American Gangsters”


Sath Samh 29, 2008 20:08

“To say that our great nation (USA) is under the control of a conglomeration of various gangster enterprises is not an exaggeration. The Federal Reserve Bank is a criminal cartel of the same variety that our American predecessors fought and gave their lives to escape from during the Revolution. The Internal Revenue Service is a misnomer, as ‘revenue’ is merely the euphemism used for extortion money, just as “Economic Stimulus Package” is merely euphemism for a bribe. Our Federal tax dollars do not pay for any governmental protection or services. The vast majority of each income tax dollar we pay goes toward the interest accrued on the money which the corrupt and unconstitutional Federal Reserve central bank creates out of thin air and loans to the government (at a hefty rate of interest). It is the ultimate racket, the quintessential shell game.”


But, please note, there are some very inspirational ideas expressed as well (in the same article):

“The Renaissance of the 14th to the 17th century stands as a shining example of what a free people can accomplish when they awaken the power of their reason and throw off the mental, emotional, psychological, economic and physical shackles which have them imprisoned. It is a gleaming precedent. The same cultural movement toward freedom can be made, here and now, in America (and elsewhere around the world as well maybe?).

ICCL call for Garda ‘Culture of Accountability’ 13th September 2007

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Sath Samh 29, 2008 16:55


I like the position you have taken. A simple check on the google and you know Shane Geoghegan accidentally shot dead by a gangster minded human person yet to be found. Then you moved subtley to 14 year old Brian Rossiter…..dead in a prison cell he ought never have been put in let alone kept overnight.

46,000 + google Shane Geoghegan’s site but caution even fear determines the number who show sympathy, seek Justice, seek for the rights of a young man who quite evidently suffered an injury to the head… injury suffice to cause him to die. Having survived a head injury, I ask did his Protectors in the cell watch out for his potential symptoms. I ask, given the presupposition that on the two nights prior when he is supposed to have been hit by another, younger man, did they know the details from his Father or from their Files, that this young man ought to have been under observation for a head injury. Was there a visit to a doctor, or Accident and Emergency. Did anyone make a phone call regarding the so called bang to the head. This is basic procedure, 2 decades ago, death proved to be near immediate. But things have moved on…..people like me survive with a different quality of life and we become the evidence that brain injury ought to be known about and caution applied particularly by the likes of An Gardai Siochana, the lawyers, the legal people.

Moving from conscious to unconscious is one obervationary period that must be noted in prisons but also where the brain injury has been latent and slow, the symptoms, the sickness, the violent headaches, should be noted and never confused with a misbehvaiour.

I would suggest anyone using google just google brain and even get the daily articles to show you the scope of the brain, its functions, its capacity, its ability to break down mobility to hands, legs, fingers etc. Another site I would suggest is one I have written on Indymedia under Brain Awareness.

Anything to do with the brain is highly person centred and the outcome can be bad behaviour at school and at home or paralysed from the neck down. It is force applied to the head…… a car accident, a riding fall, a blow of the hand, …………. Who ever is responsible let them take the responsibility but let nobody try to mis direct evidence in such a serious charge. As you conclude Humis in both cases there is a death and there ought not to be discrimination in death as Michael rightly points out.

Where was the DPP? Given the level of paperwork involved in the murder of Brian Rossiter and the question marks about head injury, it ought to have been easily established as to the cause of death and who it was? Do we really know? Will we know? Could there be a cover up? Don’t be scared about brain injury, there is a lot on the net and more in Mind Matters by American Scientific.

I wish the families of both Peace but also let Justice be done at all times. We need now more than ever in Ireland to have ‘Justice seen to be done’

The reports of the investigation of this child’s death in State Custody will never be totally explained – Why, I will tell you. Check the Irish Times and the main street papers, McDowell then Minister for Justice appointed a Garda Chief Superintendent to investigate under a 1923 Metropolitan Act which sadly gives the State the right to Silence. Yet McDowell in his tenure wanted to take that same right from the Irish citizen. Let’s forget the American Researve Fraud for a while and the global corruption and let us start right here at home. FAS are leading the way since yesterday, they told Mary Coughlan they are going to be accountable. Now isn’t that Hope:

Michelle St Francis of Assisi ‘Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddently you are doing the impossible’

Just think of the monks from New York……….in Moyross…………

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

Little hypocrisys breed bigger hypocrisys


Aoine Samh 28, 2008 23:48

When society is being run by super-gangsters who can break the law in major ways all over the world without any fear of punishment whatsoever, is it any wonder that lesser gangsters (at various levels lower down the food-chain of criminal activity) would be trying to do the same?

I loaded the exact phrase “Shane Geoghegan” and “Limerick” into Google’s Advanced Search feature, which would return all pages from Ireland with the exact phrase “Shane Geoghegan” as well as the word “Limerick”.

Similarly I loaded the exact phrase “Brian Rossiter” and “Clonmel” into Google’s Advanced Search feature, which would return all pages from Ireland with the exact phrase “Brian Rossiter” as well as the word “Clonmel”.

The results of the Google jury were:

Google Search pages from Ireland: “Shane Geoghegan” AND Limerick (…tryIE)

Results 1 – 10 of about 46,500 for “Limerick” + “Shane Geoghegan”.

So that is 46,500 pages from Ireland discussing the death of Shane Geoghegan in Limerick.

And for the 14 year old dead boy:

Google Search pages from Ireland: “Brian Rossiter” AND Clonmel (…tryIE)

Results 1 – 10 of about 842 for “Clonmel” + “Brian Rossiter”.

Now that is 842 pages from Ireland discussing the death of 14 year old Brian Rossiter in a Police cell in Clonmel.

That’s far, FAR worse than I thought.

So it looks like I was right: The Irish People really REALLY ARE a bunch of Hypocritical Scumbags . . .

In what universe does a society function properly when there is very obviously one law for the ‘connected’ and a very different one for all others? Can anyone tell me that please, if you know?

Brian Rossiter’s last week on this Earth consisted of series of violent attacks on his person by grown men twice his size. He died alone in a cold cell in Clonmel because the Irish people refuse to deal with the fact that Garda can do what they like without any fear of retribution, legal or otherwise. Where is the outrage?

Do people not realise that scumbags see this and see no reason why they too should follow the law?

Related Link:….html

“Education has to be the starting ground”


Aoine Samh 28, 2008 21:56


The first piece of education needed is to teach United States of America President George W. Bush that he will not be allowed to get away with his extremely violent violations of national and international law.

If the President of the United States of America (the most powerful nation on earth) is casually allowed by the rest of the world community to put himself above the law, as and when he pleases, what hope can there be for humanity?

Plutarch said ‘wildest colts make the best horses’…..Education has to be the starting ground

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Aoine Samh 28, 2008 21:02

Robin Yes, I have arrived at this logic too. The example is basically to do wrong rather than good.

What can we do to change this?

Remember Gandhi tried….he said ‘You have to be the change you want to see in the world’

Robin, the take responsibility comes down to individuals in society. How do we bring about a change in attitudes at an individual level – globally it seems but who knows Obama may pave the way….


Super-Gangsters breed Smaller-Gangsters


Aoine Samh 28, 2008 19:14


When society is being run by super-gangsters who can break the law in major ways all over the world without any fear of punishment whatsoever, is it any wonder that lesser gangsters (at various levels lower down the food-chain of criminal activity) would be trying to do the same?

Gangsters……..its the mentality and motive

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Aoine Samh 28, 2008 16:48

Andrew and Eileen. Both interesting themes. It appears to be the idea that is extreme and the motive for wealth and power drives a certain type of person. These are the gangsters, the super to the meagre, but there is a root cause that is about using fear and violence to determine their self constructed identity and the wealth an power.

Back to Ireland. What cocoon fostered our gangster mentality. What directed their minds towards weapons, drugs, runners, launderers, Sellers of Motor Cars, Vans, 4 Wheel Drives, houses, boats, gymnasiums, beauty salons, hotels, pubs, nightclubs (okay some know, others don’t and then there is the bouncer in Limerick who has the courage to take a stand and he is shot dead in a merciless way. Here was an innocent man of honour, going home in the early hours to his wife and children and he was chased and shot dead in cold blood. His on crime was he refused Limerick druglords to meddle their drugs in the nightclub he worked in – Questions must be asked again of the will our Government to take on these killers.

Early one morning, the news stated that a motor bike cop, Garda Sherlock, in the city had been shot and wounded. Do we know anymore about this man? He was suspicious about a car/van and he followed. He was the man that was shot. This too is gangsterism and either panic or dissociated from reality caused them to get the gun and shoot at the Garda. They escaped. How come? People must have noticed the erratic driving. It is hard to believe that there could be no lead.

What has happened to frustrate the efforts of these gangsters at an Garda Siochana. Chief Administrator of Gardai Human Resources, Kathleen ‘Toole from Boston (PD) appointed was appointed by McDowell two years ago – I ask the question what justifies her salary morally. We have Moyross, we have Dublin inner City, we have drugs circulating in every town and village in this country and Kathleen’s answer is pepper spray – what happens if the gangster has one of the ever increasing allegeries!!!!

The morals go beyond FAS, every department in the civil service, the medical profession, the legal profession, the Auditors, the Church, the Trade Unions and the Ministers who allow a culture and behaviour of what we have seen in the papers re. FAS all the week long. The wastage and corruption has to stop at the top and that is where we need Cowen (if he feels able for such a role?) as a leader.

The legislation passing through presently leaves me horrified. Why, I live in the City and over the years I meet regularly on our streets and on the Canal homeless people. Why in these times of strife and impending hardship, are the Government in Ireland bringing in legislation about the homeless and providing the Gardai with powers to remove them, arrest and even charge.

I ask where are these people to go? If they manage to drum up money for the hostel and managed to get through on the phone, they still have to put in the day from 9.00 a.m. until the evening. Can you imagine having to put in every day in a society like ours? At least if they beg, they can buy some food but more importantly, they become part of the community and kind people often watch out for them, give them some clothes. These people vary but some have alcohol addiction problems, broken marriages, mental health patients recently freed from the system……all of them are vulnerable because something, or person, or health, has caused their life to falter drastically.

This recession will introduce a lot people to this group – I remember London in the 1980’s and there were lots of young people too and many from respectable families, who were destined to a fate, where the needed support, funding, time to prepare to get back into society. Empowerment is what is needed. Anyone of us could end up on the street just as any one of us could been on the Famine ships, is born in the 1840’s.

Begging has always been of Ireland through the centuries. Does anyone ever think about why a person walking down the street empties their pockets and says to a man or a woman, here, let me hear a little of your story, ask if you are being told the truth and realising probably yes. Does anyone think about loneliness not of the man who begs but rather the one who gives? The homeless can often be the unpaid entertainers or listening ears.

Ministers – how you got to the Homeless legislation in the midst of one of the greatest Financial Disasters worldwide, I do not know. Did anybody thinki of this while drafting. I say, this is really going to suit you this recession, to which he replied why be so hurtful, I say no think about it. Everything is in rapid decline. The Government gave funds to the bank on the basis they would lend them out to small businesses who are running out of cash. The banks were too scares and businesses are closing down. You stand out with you cap and god alone knows who gives you what. You go on no holidays, you don’t travel to Newry to get the drink cheaper… keep the cash in circulation, in the country and listen to the woes meantime. It so seldom these days that you see community Gardai walking the streets saying the odd hello. However, it is highly notable that they will have the chat with homeless guy — because he might have a little news!!! Why not respect him if so?


Related Link:

“Bush Family Funded Adolf Hitler”


Aoine Samh 28, 2008 09:52

“According to research carried out over the last few years, Wall Street bankers (amongst others) financed Hitler’s rise to power whilst making large profits at the same time. What is yet still more deplorable is the fact that relatives of the current U.S. president were amongst this group of individuals.”

“The Bush family’s habit of dominating territories and wealth is nothing new. Their fascist genes were generated during the 1930s. Therefore defining the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the threats to other countries as a continuance of blitzkreig offensives as fascist is no blunder.”


Kettles calling the pots black


Aoine Samh 28, 2008 08:49

The “War on Terror” needs to begin in Washington D.C. by having the leading super-terrorists located there (in places like the Whitehouse and the Pentagon) hauled before the courts of law.

Are You Being Served ???

Michael – Human League

Aoine Samh 28, 2008 04:08

Wonderful article above me .

Now down to the nitty gritty. Did you see the picture of Mary Harney ,the klose up 1 in yesterday’s Irish Independent during ”slagging time ” at Skid Row ? As for the nickser done to Hairy Mary’s hair my Jezus would’nt any sane lady ask for the states money back if not entirely satisfied , between Her And Bertram God knows what money was spent on trying to make ”Silk Purse’s out Of Sows Ears ” and divil a bit of differance it made them both’ We lost Bertram because of ”Issues” and i have Harney as gone before end January 09 so i am on target.

Come to think of it , Al Capone was done for tax evasion and not for crimes against humanity , meaning Most Gangsters are eventually broken by what Gangsters In Suits never dreamed, only for them to take their eye off the ball in a moment of madness which will haunt them for the rest of their lives…..

Is there anybody out there who feels the gangsters are finally in trouble or will she ‘leave ‘as did Her Head Honcho Of Fas ??? Or Has Harney Indeed got the X Factor in her ”aura” , only time will tell ,It Always Has………………….

Will we see Harney Doing A Thatcher when the Good News Is Broken ,sniff sniff

The ‘Masters of Terror’…..who are they, what are the Linkages

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Déar Samh 27, 2008 18:06

Patrick It has taken me time to come back to you and I riveted by the weblinks provided, that cover what real power and wealth can achieve, particularly unregulated.

The linkages to Thyssen in Germany i.e. Nazi times, and the allegiances that formed between Thyssen’s director and Hitler gave rise to a massive amalgamation of industrial goods from coal to steel, add in the slave Labour from Poland and Auschwitz and then the arranged covernsion and operation through the banking system of the prized possession of Gold, Silver, Steel, Coal, etc…….to accounts in the US banking system up to 6 months before the US forces set forth to invade Germany i.e. Nazi Germany the country that was to be humiliated with the trial of individuals who had loss sense of what humanity means and the rights of people. Included in all this is Prescott Bush, Yale University and great-grandfather to President Bush. .

What does it mean to be a criminal and what is the worst extreme of criminal as the Neurberg Trials defined – I believe another Nazi has been found is awaiting his trial at the age of over 70. I think of the recent TV coverage of Monsignor Flaherty (The Scarlet and the Black film in the 1950’s) and the work he carried out to save the lives of Jewish people who otherwise were destined for Auschwitz and the other death camps.

What are we seeking? Surely it is to be so appalled at what a human being can do unto another, for either no reason, for revenge, for wealth, or just power, that absolute power that it is proper that we as people ought to abhor. How can we overcome the need to kill, to destroy, to hate? We have the Deadly Sins from the Catholic religion and maybe our education system should widen the syllabus to include parents and children, so that jealousy is stripped to the basics, until it is understood……….’the eyes of the little green monster’ and go onwards towards an understanding of criminality. Instead children are fed films of violence, computer games and violence, their imagination is taken up by violence. What about Balance?

Have you ever watched a breed of dog that gets angry versus the one that is docile. The docile dog like the Labrador just sits in a stately role as the children roll over her while that hyper edgy, corgi, jack russell, is there ready to boil over and yet keeping the temper in check because they just hate to be corrected or punished. Their focus is one dimensional and then all of a sudden they know if they take the tennis ball into their mouth they will not bite their owner…….and their anger is handed. We need more of this surely. This leads to a good social environment for human and canine. Can we learn anything.

I know one thing is that human beings are the central components : Just take the horror of yesterday in Blakestown, Blanchardstown. A father is at home with his 17 month old daughter. His little girl is upstairs and he is downstairs when the bell rings and he felt confident to open the door and ask the man in……The killer (pre meditated murder and motivated) walked in and then to a gun leaving gunshort wounds (an awful death – the bullet splinters into pieces. The killer shot the man, his little girl upstairs, several times. Why? Mr. Cloherty aged 27 is dead. He leaves two children and a partner. Why? Surely, there is another way.

Mr. Cloherty’s father was a member of An Gardai Siochana. He was a highly respected Garda Sergeant based at Harcourt Terrace off the Canal, survived by his mother and his two siblings. This young man was shot in the middle of the day in his own home in West Dublin.

I want to know now, where are the Gardai in tackling these gangland murders. This is now approx. 134 unsolved gangland murders in the past 7 years. FAS are getting heavy criticism in the last few days but somebody has to ask the question – Are our Gardai up to the fight against Gangland. They have the resources but do they have the will. THE WILL COMES FROM THE TOP MINISTER DERMOT AHERN AND FACHTNA MURPHY. |I wonder when they face a Dail Committee – praise no doubt in the drug finds in Cork and well done but when asked about all these murders in Dublin Limerick Cork and Galway – I would like to know their answers morally. Charlie Flanagan, Fine Gael TD, said last week in the Irish Times and on the Dail Record, there is something ‘Rotten in the Irish Judiciary system’ and it is time the question was asked what is justice? I hope it cannot be bought.

Frank Dunlop former Fianna Fair adviser appeared in court on 14 charges going forward to a higher court in the New Year. Frank is pleading guilty on planning corruption and money corruption. You see the Year of the Gangster it is not just Moyross of Dublin Gangland, it is also the suits and briefcases that can be found in leafy Dublin 4 and the Docklands. I ask one question – Is the abuse of taxpayers money a crime.

I would like to see the will of the people of this nation to take on Gangland – the silver vote showed us how to beat the Government on the medical card so lets get focused and start asking serious questions e.g. the Gardai know all the families in Limerick and the gangland members in Dublin. They have a special taskforce ERU, Branch – what is the problem? There is my question.

Quotation from Sophocles ‘Success is dependent on Effort’

Diversity is needed: We need to review little criminals who can be directed elsewhere….education

Related Link:

“Masters of Terror” (and Deceit) – the Bush Family


Céad Samh 26, 2008 17:57

“The Bush family has a track record on terror you won’t believe. The only problem: It is hardly known! Not that they place the bombs or pull the triggers themselves. The underlings will do that. It starts with granddaddy Prescott Bush, who was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler and got rich from financing his war effort.” (Click on…earch for more.)

“In the early sixties George H.W. Bush is personally involved in the formation of Operation 40, a supersecret CIA-team of assassins to eliminate unsympathetic political leaders.”

“Father Bush is still friends with Orlando Bosch and Felix Rodriguez, the latter was in 1967 the head of the CIA team that tracked down and murdered Che Guevara ( “FATHER OF REVOLUTION, SON OF GALWAY” see ) in Bolivia.”

“Ready for the kicker? On November 22, 1963, Luis Posada Carriles, Guillermo Novo, Orlando Bosch en Frank Sturgis, were all present in Dealey Plaza, the Dallas square were John F. Kennedy was assassinated.”

For the full story click on:

Executive Order No. 11110 – “The ramifications of this bill (for super-gangsters) are enormous.”)


Céad Samh 26, 2008 16:22

“On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power ‘to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury’. This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous. “

“Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level, because it would have given the government the ability to repay its debt without going to the Federal Reserve and being charged interest in order to create the new money (‘out of thin air’).”

“After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued.”

The above texts have been copied from

Related link:…f&oq=

Year of the Ganster

Barry Brennan

Céad Samh 26, 2008 15:39

Michelle, the points you make are very good regarding organized crime and the judicial system and process in Ireland. That it is a growing rather than a receding problem must be an indication that there is a fault in the system somewhere along the line of accountability. The buck must surely stop somewhere. Or is this a case of people deflecting a sense of responsibility on to the next person. I would suggest that more government funds should be allocated to fighting organized crime. However this might be wishful thinking in the current economic climate. At any rate, more decisive action has to be taken by the relevant authorities to combat crime, otherwise it will continue to grow like a cancer through the fabric of our society at all levels.

There are gangsters and there are super-gangsters it seems?


Céad Samh 26, 2008 07:10

“Everybody should learn as much as they can about the Federal Reserve and how it works. First off….its a bank. It is not part of the Federal Government. It is not regulated by the US Government. The Federal Reserve is responsible for all of the depressions and 3/4 of the wars fought during the 20th century. It is also responsible for people being squeezed financially everyday just to pay for the cost to live. The Federal Reserve loans the money it manufactures (‘out of thin air’) to the US Government at interest. This is why we have a 9 Trillion dollar deficit. The last President to stand up to the Federal Reserve was John F. Kennedy. We all know what happened to him.”

“On June 4th 1963 John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 that would basically strip the Federal Reserve to loan money to the US Government at interest and gave the US Treasury the power to make money directly….like how it was originally setup when the Unites States was created. Almost 6 months later JFK was assassinated and the Executive Order was stopped.”

Both of the above excerpts have been copied from a contributor on the Barack Obama & Joe Biden web site (titled “The change we need”) at .

If the basic “Federal Reserve” problem referred to above was limited to the United States, things might not be so bad.

The trouble is though, as the present global financial crisis strongly indicates, “The Great Federal Reserve Scam” (as some people think of it) has already spread its extremely powerful wings — in slightly different ways using equally misleading names in different regions — over most of the world it seems: including of course the Republic of Ireland.

This is possibly the worst and most dangerous scourge the world has ever faced so far, and all the more deadly (and difficult to deal with) because the vast majority of people around the world are still completely blind to it.

Related link:…f&oq=

To a man with knowledge greater than mine…..I acknowledge and learn

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Céad Samh 26, 2008 00:01

You might be educationally faltered in reaction to my claim re. opium and the poppy but I stand corrected and more learned. Thanks


Related Link:

well I never new that


Máirt Samh 25, 2008 18:20

I must be educationaly faltered or maybe someone else is cosI thought it was opium what comes from poppies thats the word on the street anyway.

Thomas Jefferson. Seamus what a challenge?

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt Samh 25, 2008 17:18

Seamus. It is good to read quotations from people like Thomas Jefferson. If the government cannot protect people in their homes, alas, it becomes necessary to put self protection in place. I lived in an uncertain time in Zimbabwe and it was necessary at times, due to uncertainty, to consider protecting your home with armed guard.

It is up to the Government to ensure political stability that is what they are empowered to do by the people. Corruption in government can only provide a future of great uncertainty. The plain people of Ireland rely on their Honour, abilities, dedication to ensure sound and safe government – corruption engaged in only wastes time with tribunals that run for a decade and salaries to a legal profession that are already overpaid.

Example is vital: What example have our Gangland received. Education evidently faltered and family life too……we shilly shally over meeting exceptional needs of children. Surely, we know suffice that if a child does not identify with the education given, then funds ought to be provided … children are the future of the country. It is the government’s responsibility to provide for a suitable education focused on the feature of crime deterence, while it

This is a safeguard 1, surely.

Instead we have young men, on motor bikers with human targets that they have been paid. Then there are others who order these, Areas define gangs and punishment. Add to this the lucrative drug importation business and those who buy these drugs through middlemen, paying high and low prices. Then add in those who launder the money. All are guilty of great wrongdoing and most of all the person at the party, in the restaurant, in the park, in the pub……these are all part of the real crime, the death, the suffering, the propigation of illegality and suffering. Afghanistan exports 70 per cent of Cocaine (the Poppy plant). The war is there and by facilitating illegal drugs to people in this country, we are causing destruction.

Safeguards in remission: Gardai and criminal services and people who lack a conscience and an ability to have the rational sense to work out how illegal drugs harm and destroy.


Frederick Douglas. I glory in conflict, that I may hereafter exult in victory’ There is no victory of gangsters and their chain gang.

Related Link: http://www.common

Time to “cop on”


Máirt Samh 25, 2008 08:34

“When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is – The Fed has usurped the government!” (U.S. Congressman Louis T. McFadden)

Related link:…f&oq=

“Strongest Reason”


Luan Samh 24, 2008 08:28

Thomas Jefferson said:

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” (from

I can’t help feeling that we might — at the present time — be moving dangerously ever closer to such a situation, and such a need?

I hope not though.

Related link:…f&oq=



Domh Samh 23, 2008 11:11

“It has become very obvious that a vast majority of this country’s citizens are totally ignorant of the hidden agenda and objective of those who have created and continue to direct the anti-firearm movement. The hidden agenda of this collective and conspiring group of politicians, bureaucrats, intelligentsia, and the fourth estate is the total disarmament of the law abiding citizens of this country so that this oligarchy can achieve their hidden political objective of establishing, without armed rebellion, a totalitarian socialistic state. Promoters of all gun control measures have repeatedly used a massive smoke screen of emotional and illogical fiction and falsehoods to hid their true agenda and political objective from the people.” (from )

US President Thomas Jefferson, Despotism, & Guns:…f&oq=

I got lots more . . . .


Domh Samh 23, 2008 10:20

we are soooo played like fiddles by the Press and the Politicians

Have you noticed the screaming headlines about LICENCED handguns and what a danger THEY are?

Apparently we are all about to be murdered in our beds by legal LICENCED owners of Handguns – it’s a freakin epidemic, I tells ya.

Actually it’s not me doing the telling – Tony O’Reilly is the one doing the screaming.

No one seems to have noticed that Licenced handguns have not yet been found to be the ones being used in killings.

I fully expect a LICENCED handgun to be found to be a murder weapon sometime soon – just by coincidence of course. – perhaps someones house gets broken into – the homeowner is a Licenced handgun holder – the gun gets stolen and is used in a murder – possible of a child, or maybe a young photogenic Blonde Female (newspapers just love them to bits when they die, it seems)

Tony O’s rags keep telling us about the glut of Glock Handguns now in Ireland – illegal handguns acquired illegally from ilegal types.

You’ll NEVER guess who I think is responsible for the glut of Glocks on the market . . . Step forward General David H. Petraeus

I know, I know – crazy ain’t it?

Hegelian Dialectics personified, I reckon



Domh Samh 23, 2008 08:11

“Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.” (from )

Related link:…f&oq=

Dermot Ahern – Minister of Justice . .


Domh Samh 23, 2008 02:07

Sure I know nothing about Hegelian Dialectics – sure aren’t I just a the Justice Minister with a Law degree. What would a highly successful Justice Minister with a Law degree know about feckin’Hegelian Dialectics, for gawd’s sake, are yis mad or what?

Hegel wept . . . Hegel wept . . .

Unholy Trinity


Domh Samh 23, 2008 01:19

the Unholy Trinity of people like Jim Mansfield, The Gardai and the media leading us all on a merry dance

The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

What is the Hegelian Dialectic? (

Jim Mansfield is a major contributor to the Fianna Fail Party -known for their tough stance on ‘Justice’ issues. Jim says he knew nothing about any heroin because he just loans out his plane willy-nilly to all-and-sundry – I wonder if that excuse would work for me if I loaned my car to some bank robbers to use as a getaway vehicle? Somehow I think not, but then we live in a representative and free democracy, do we not, where ALL are equal under the law, are they not?

Nice ot the State Sponsored Broadcaster to give Jim about 5 mins on the prime-time news show to assure us how innocent he is – that last time I remember them doing something similar was for Mr Bartholemew Ahern.

Oh wait – they also did it for Jim when his Conference Centre was in the news due to his ignoring the planning laws – his excuse at the time was something like

Sure I know nothing about feckin’ planning law – sure aren’t I just a Property developer. What would a highly successful mutli-millionaire property developer know about planning laws, for gawd’s sake, are yis mad or what?

Co-incidentally this was not too disimilar to his excuse for his plane being involved in heroin importation through his own privately owned Airport. At the time he said something along the lines of

Sure I know nothing about feckin’ Customs Laws – sure aren’t I just an Airport Owner. What would a highly successful multi-millionaire Airport Owner know about Customs Law, for gawd’s sake, are yis mad or what?

Garda may use covert material to prosecute gangs (….html)

GARDAÍ ARE to be given new powers allowing them to break into criminals’ houses, plant audio and visual bugging devices, and then use the material gathered to prosecute gang members in court.

The measures, which are contained in the Covert Surveillance Bill, were approved by Cabinet yesterday after being flagged last week in the wake of the murder in Limerick of Shane Geoghegan.

ah yes – Hegelian Dialectics at it’s finest.

String ’em up!

I have now identified something called the Jim Mansfield Defence It goes something like this:

Sure I know nothing about [insert whatever section of the legal code was breached, here] – sure aren’t I just a [insert very-related Job Title of one that could not do their job without being cognizant of the related body of laws, here]. What would a highly successful mutli-millionaire [insert very related Job Title of one that could not do their job without being cognizant of the related body of laws, here] know about feckin’ [insert whatever section of the legal code was breached, here] laws, for gawd’s sake, are yis mad or what?

Drugs – YOu couldn’t make this shit up . . .


Sath Samh 22, 2008 21:26,…l,230

Businessman was shocked over heroin find

Eileen Whelan reports that businessman Jim Mansfield says he was shocked to find that heroin had been brought into the country in his private jet

Jaysus Ambrose, shocked I was, totally shocked.

The guy that got caught with the Aircraft was WORKING for Mansfiled at the time –

Originally all Irish media claimed the Drug Smuggler had worked for Sean Dunne – there was NO MENTION that he was working for Mansfield at the time

About a month ago the Media finally admitted that the Drug smuggler was actually in Mansfield’s employ at the time of the Drugs bust in Belgium.

Funny how they forgot to mention it at the time and very very quietly released the info years later.




Sath Samh 22, 2008 20:33

2 very simple Google searches tell you all you need to know about the hypocritical Irish people in 2008.

Google Search pages from Ireland: Shane Geoghegan

Results 1 – 10 of about 37,300 for Shane Geoghegan. (0.18 seconds)


Google Search pages from Ireland: Brian Rossiter

Results 1 – 10 of about 8,030 for Brian Rossiter. (0.09 seconds)


Shane Geoghegan was murdered less than 2 weeks ago. Brian Rossiter was (possibly/probably?) murdered in a cell in Clonmel Garda Station following his arrest in the town on 10 September 2002. – That is over 6 years ago.

Brian Rossiter - just 14 years of age when he 'died in garda custody' - How much violence was Brian Rossiter on the receiving end of, in his very brief 14 year life?Brian Rossiter – just 14 years of age when he ‘died in garda custody’ – How much violence was Brian Rossiter on the receiving end of, in his very brief 14 year life?

Related Link:….html

The “Ruling Elites” and their “extreme lawlessness” …


Aoine Samh 21, 2008 13:46

“Please note that due to the largely well-hidden nature (as I see things) of the political, legal, and medical difficulties I have been struggling badly with for the past several years now, I have long since come to believe that confidentiality is much more of a hindrance than a help to me. Consequently, and I feel I should try to stress this point, I do not seek, or want, confidentiality regarding the matters I am writing to you about — either from yourself, or from any of the other recipients of this e-mail.”

The above text is from an e-mail sent yesterday to Dr Anne Jeffers (Health Service Executive, Republic of Ireland).

The full e-mail (which was copied to several others) can be viewed at the following address:…l.htm

Related link:…f&oq=

The Year of the Gangster

Barry Brennan

Déar Samh 20, 2008 22:15

On the subject of gangland violence, I can state that as a recently returned Irish emigrant, after being away for 20 years, and now back over a year and a half, the problem with organised crime is one which has persisted to this day and instead of the Government getting to grips with it, it seems to have become worse instead of better with the passing time. Whereas 20 years ago organised crime in Ireland was a largely local problem, now it is clear that it has become an international phenomenon, with local Irish gangs collaborating with non-Irish gangs. This situation enables the Irish gangs to spread their tentacles over beyond our borders to enrich and organise themselves even more. I am not suggesting organised crime is a problem which can be eradicated completely, but it can certainly be brought under reasonable control, and there are a number of European countries which Ireland would do well to look to for best practice. In my opinion the fact it exists to the extent it does in Ireland is symptomatic of a wider social and political reality: the corruption and inefficiencies which exist in Ireland at judicial, law enforcement, local and national government levels. There also seems to be general indifference amongst the general population in Ireland to the scourge of organised crime. For these reasons, the fact that there are over 120 unsolved murders in Ireland goes largely unnoticed. Only some elements of the media and people like Kevin T. Walsh, and of course people directly affected by this crime as witnessed in Limerick recently, seem to care that these problems continue unchecked. We need to sit up listen to the voices of people like Mr. Walsh and Michelle Clarke. These are people who really care deeply about where our country is heading. We need to recognize and salute these people – Ireland’s true patriots.

Barry Brennan

Vulnerable people and those who have the Power and use and abuse it

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Céad Samh 19, 2008 17:53

Yes, Michael, I enjoyed your reply. Yes the suited can be greedy, corrupt, smugglers and they can don the suits. What a pity we can’t dose them with a sense of morality and a degree of empathy and stultify their need to form an identity consistent with being wealthy and powerful. There needs to be more attention paid on the school curriculum about formation of identity. There are vast amounts of material that needs to be discussed and understood.

Profession and unquestioned power still predominates in Ireland and yes there has been some recourse as journailists and the media acted as an ear for the vulnerable as they cried out to the abuses they suffered at the hands of the professions. Media and Justice has proven equitable to some people but then there are others who will never have their cases heard, as the economy is predicted to crash from Recession to Depression. Our politicians are staggering under the Financial Crisis, making outbursts in the changing of legislation re. surveillance and gangland, without sufficient time been given to consider the legislation in the senate and the Dail. This is a panic and this panic causes anxiety and fear and at every level.

……….the power of the professional can be curbed now if all people start to review life, their needs, their wants, identify drug dealers and cut off their sources. We only need note the Harvard Course of lectures for the year ahead. The topic is ‘Taking Responsibility’

The spread of information exists, we know about the casualties in medicine, we know about the uncontrolled, illegal drug funder operations of the gangsters……we when the Govt. tried to remove the medical card from the elderly, that they marched in an unprecedented way……We know but how do we address problems with the knowledge we have. We need something more: we need a sense of Morality, Ethics, Transparency, Accountability…..enough to move forward in an improved way…. Voltaire philosopher ‘I think therefore I am…..’

Gideon Rosen, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Humanities. Princeton University

Title: ‘Human Weakness and the limits of Responsibility’

Centre for Ethics. I really would love to see people become so at ease with Broadband that computers and the knowledge that they hold could be used with ease by all to enhance life-long learning and an enhanced life standard. It would at least stop us looking at the cost of everything and more in tune with the values of life. It enables us to explore thoughts we may have or get ideas to think about and share..


Our eminent Universities in Ireland ought to by now have adapted their curriculum to take account of the importance of humanities, Ethics and Responsibility. If you live nearby, I really would suggest their night classes in the new year.

We can review the postings over the years on Indymedia and we can gleen how a doom and gloom society with many emigrants leaving Ireland and those left behind seeking vision, opportunities, to drive forward the Celtic Tiger through recession and into Boomtime. We had a decade of this and people made lots of profits, and money became available at Government level to fund those extremely expensive tribunals that took much time (too much I would suggest) to arrive at a conclusion. These tribunals were paid considerable money, money a country in recession would no doubt never entertain.

Now……for those of us who are vulnerable, who are homeless, who have disabilities, who are sick, who need access to public health, it is not to decry, defame and blame that will help the vulnerable. No, now is the time to look at how to best solve the economic c risis and to participate at all levels of society with the academics and politicians to give Ireland, the Island of Ireland, the lift …..

Options exist. Think them through and it can work. Already it has started one bank has advertised the use of the text to let you know your monthly lodgements have gone through….Clever.

Yes, social housing technically was a loser during the recession. But on the other hand, much research was done in Trinity under Professor Drudy and his team into the sociological, economic components for housing provision for vulnerable people. Access the research and form a view. I believe that in the private market, there is about 30% housing approaching negative equity fast and people are being evicted by the Courts in a constant flow presently…….there must be an alternative, a solution. I had my life almost destroyed by negative equity in the 1980’s and my health even to this day. We know what money pressure is about, let’s get ideas together and lets seek answers.

The Banks are paying a high price…….but let us really focus on what money is overseas in bank accounts in the Isle of Man, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands……if bankers and people fear this too much, they are free to leave Ireland. Okay extreme but somewhere down the middle there is a solution to keep the Island of Ireland afloat, and coping. Ireland picked itself up many times, with different visionaries and competent Civil Servants like T.J. Whitaker since Independence. Stand proud of this and the people behind it ….. yes the remittances from emigrants, the decision not to pay the Land Reform annuities to England in the 1930’s. This is the only way to keep the ship afloat and provide for our vulnerable.

Bear in mind Human Weakness….it is very much part of the human condition and blame is only being dependent on blame and failing to be pro-active.

Identity, I mentioned above. The Celtic Tiger brought the real meaning of Identity to Ireland……the shops provided the clothes, the labels, the accessories, the car showrooms provided the cars, the motor bikes, interior design condensed the identity and housing and apartment living re-inforced the trend. What is critical is the income to fund it? You go one root to wearing the suit and become a banker or you go the other way to donning the equivalent of the Suit – the golf cap, the tee-shirt, the foreign holidays, the moths….behaviourisms while out say at restaurant so that people know who you are. Add to this arrests and the real exhibitionism of the forged identity and what have you got. It becomes an illusory image that it is hard to catch, charge and imprison for the specific crimes nominated. Everything concerns identity and image. It is control, power, murder, money ex. illegal drugs to fund their ‘game’. The outcome is fear for ordinary people. People are being shot dead for nothing more than petty mindsets embalmed in greed, envy, jealousy….I believe these are learned behaviours so therefore I believe in change and hope for it.

One other point about identity: Why do these gangster people look so fit? Then I started listening to Ben Dunne on the radio, it concerned defibrilator provision and I wondered more who attends these gyms, a real blend, it appears. People who are interested in their fitiness but for polar opposite reasons. Then I was told that our prisons had the best gyms in Ireland and in some cases prisoners have personal trainers – (this cannot be so…).

Profilers work on catching the criminals….but why don’t we review Identities. Shame is a word that ought to come back to the fore.


Martin Luther (1483-1546) German Rebel Theologian opposed to the corruptyion and abusive power of the Catholic Church Wealthh ‘God grants wealth to those coarse asses to whom He gives nothing else’

Humility ……

Related Link: http://www.discipline

Ready to wear Suits

Michael – Human League

Máirt Samh 18, 2008 00:15

Surely ,with enough gangsters suited to deceiving the public for so long ,They could have concocted a masterplan to hock the drugs BACK to the source of supply at a reasonable rate. but we dont want to over tax the already overstreched Fat Heads too much now ,do we ?

Illegal Drugs, Opium, Heroin, Meths….you name them and they harm people

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Samh 17, 2008 17:54

Kevin, you appear to say that there is enough blame out there and the time has come for decisions to be made and action to be taken to deal with the onslaught of illegal drugs which penetrate every hi-way and bi-way of the Island of Ireland. To unexpected catches off the coast of Cork worth a just short of a billion, exclude from this the contivance of the smugglers, the yachts, the labour, – this is an unknown and near enough to the value of Bank of Ireland Shares today at 90 cent, 95% down on this time last year……yes a bizarre comparison but always remember the importance of cash to illegal drugs.

This takes me to laundering. How is the money laundered? Do we really know? One thing we know is that it involves people and connections, links, foreign countries, even Overseas Bank accounties. We can also say that those global funds that related to illegal drugs are all part of a swell of money that is used to perpetrate the illegal drugs to an ever increasing number of people vulnerable to addiction and often too young to know anything different.

I have just been given the Herald……Sadly the headline reads Kerry GAA star fails drugs test……what a pity….these players are men of example but alas there appears to be a change afoot……….

Now, listen out for a mentality…..let us not label but let us seek to change attitudes…..

It reads ‘The streets will pour with blood’ Limerick Gangster……yes the message is an all our War. How could this be we have just signed the Peace Agreement for the Island of Ireland. The man in the photo appears to state that Shane Geoghegan’s death, involved a Rugby player, with the insinuation of class divide as a reason for ‘gangsters’ to move forward with raw aggression. Let them hear, we do not want more people dead in this battle on the streets.

If people could just ponder for a while, seek ways of finding an alternative to such hostility.

Awaken to cash trundling around our society and betware. The banks reported yesterday that they could conclude from the figures that there is a lot of black market cash out there.


Annother suggestion. Keep aware. Look out for Anti-Corruption, check out the FT and overseas accounts….restrictions are due to be placed on these by the French and Germans, meaning these accounts will yield funds back to the host country. Look out for Transparency Ireland. Don’t take a chance…….talk to your children and let them be informed before they take illegal drugs.


Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan Samh 17, 2008 13:44

The year 2008, November.

We have now between 20 and 22 unsolved gangland murders, Limerick and Dublin and let us not forget the tragic death of Shane Geoghegan in Limerick last week. Simon was not in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was going home. With all the media hype in the last few days with extra powers for the Gardai to tackle gangland crime. Would people ever wake up. The Gardai have ample powers in place. We don’t need anymore legislation. It starts at the top, the Government of the Day, Dermot Ahern, Justice Minister, needs to have the will to take on these thugs.

Our own President, Mary McAleese, as a young RTE Journalist, 25 years ago, reported on the destitution, unemployment, poverty in Moyross and in different areas of Limerick at that time. This is not a problem that sprung up over night, it is a problem that existed 30 years years ago and still does. I would like to ask some serious questions today in my article.

McDowell appointed Kathleen O’Toole from Boston as Manager of Human Resources in An Gardai Siochana. Ms. O’Toole works with the outgoing Ms. Catherine Clancy in this area. After 2 years in job at a salary of over Euros 160,000 p.a. Kathleen comes up with Pepper Spray. This is nonsense and it is about time we realise what the word Nonsense really means.

In the last 7 years there is a 137 unsolved murders in this country. Last year alone, we had a situation, where 32 juries were intimidated in Dublin and Limerick. If our Justice system cannot protect our jurors then what chance has our citizen on the street. Well, I will give you an answer, Shane Geoghegan. Let us also not forget, Donna Cleary, a young mother, shot through a window and her parents still cannot get answers off the Gardai.

The Gardai Siochana have one of the worst detection rates in Europe and figures from the Irish Times, Tribune and Independent prove this beyond reasonable doubt. The year of the Gangster goes in different directions, the nucleus is the drugs trade. Now we have international gangs operating from Europe smuggling drugs into Ireland with their gangland links in Galway, Cork and Dublin. Well done to the Gardai last week and the large haul but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The story won’t go away in Dundalk and the Gardai cannot cover it up because it is now in the hands of the Garda Ombudsman. The story goes like this. 2 senior Gardai and a convicted drug dealer – missing money and a lot of heroin seized and yet no charges from the DPP. Now we must await the outcome of what really happened (Irish Times and other newspaper 2 weeks ago, carried the story). The Gardai lack proper Forensic training. They are very much overrated. I mean let’s get real. Willie O’Dea is Minister for Defence and yet his own city of Limerick is under siege. I mean this is laughable but sadly nobody is laughing.

We have some problems in An Gardai Siochana, in some areas the lack of discipline is very visible and the findings in Donegal should be noted by the Minister for Justice with a pledge that it will not happen again. Limerick has the Dundons, the McCarthy’s, Collopy’s, the Ryan’s – the local Gardai know them all, inside out. It’s not rocket science to gather evidence. It also requires people with guts to stand up and go to court but these people need proper protection by the State and that is not happening.

In Dublin, 2 weeks go, a young man was shot dead by a youth on a pushbike. As one journalist put it – how one paedophile gangster caused a bloodbath in the inner city with the loss of over 7 lives. To stop these gangsters will take a tough stomach and a will to win and I don’t think the Government are up to it. There is a lot of money involved in drugs in this country, multi millions.

I will close with a caution to all Civil Liberties Groups out there today. John Mooney, reporter said yesterday, the Government is planning to give under cover Gardai the power to break into houses, businesses and cars to plant eavesdropping devices and retrieve evidence. This is after the death of Shane Geoghegan in Limierick. As John Mooney put it there is a growing political willingness to allow intrusive surveillance operations against criminals in special circumstances. Under the terms of this proposed bill to be brought before Cabinet this week by Dermot Ahern, Gardai will get the power to enter private property to plant bugs, once they have a special warrant. This I do not agree with. It should make everyone on this island shudder at the thought. Have we not learnt from the abuse suffered by some of our citizens from corrupt Gardai in this country. Bugging is not the answer, phone tapping is not the answer, it is not acceptable to affect the lives of the Irish people. What the Gardai have to do is quite simple, in some ways – just do their job like in a transparent and accountable way like everyone else. That’s what they are paid for because sadly more innocent lives will be lost. Let us not forget John Carty, Anthony Campbell, Brian Rossiter, and Terence Wheelock, Shane Geoghegan……may they rest in Peace. All dead and unsolved sadly.

K.T. Walsh

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

The Year of the Gangster, K.T. Walsh round synopsis

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan DFómh 06, 2008 12:08

Michelle, in response to you and Michael on the article The Year o the Gangster, there have been 16 murders this year in Ireland – the last one was Mr. White, found dead in Palmerstown (aged in his 30’s). Gangland and Dissident Republican groups have been in the shadows recently because of the banking crisis that almost brought the country to a sudden halt.

As we have a temporary valve in place on the financial crisis, let us get back to the gun men without any legal mandate from the people of this island. I read sadly in the papers druing the week that Dissident so called IRA gangs are racing to be the first to kill a police officer. This must mean South and North of the so called border. With these so called groups foiled in attempts to murder police officers in Derry, Tyrone and Fermanagh, Sir Hugh Orde said the threat was at its highest for 6 years. Mr. Orde continued to say that these people are determined to kill.

The CIRA, the Real IRA and indeed the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) – there seems to be competition among them to see who gets the target first – sadly. These people are determined to cause mayhem – to bring the North of Ireland back to the dark days and this is not going to happen. They have no mandate from the people of Ireland North and South. The people we are arresting, continued Hugh Orde are not 50 and 60 year olds from the old school. These are young people being brainwashed by dissidents, disenfranchised and marginalised youth sent out to do the dirty work of the armchair general.

Richard Walsh and co. may speak at the GPO in front of 25 followers but remember one thing – There is No Mandate. People want peace, People have Peace, People are used to Peace Now.

There is a different war now. It is our economy. It is the need to focus on education for our young people, on funding for our health services and the care of our elderly. As Martin mMcGuinness said ‘would Republican Sinn Fein pack up and go away’. These people now in the overall republican view are not Republicans, they are Gangsters and I hope to God they don’t get the opportunity to add to the list of murders on the Island of Ireland.

Related Link: http://www.common

Swindlers in Suits but let’s recall those who had the courage to make a stand!!!

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Déar DFómh 02, 2008 13:47

Yes I like it ‘suited swindlers’ but now we have the picture, what can be learnt to move ahead. Can we punish in a way that interacts one group of risk takers with the other and come up with something pleasing to society, Justice and of course the regulators.. . Let us not throw out the Baby with the Bath water…….plain people of Ireland Ireland unveils unpredictably as a Balance Sheet with Assets and Liabilities. Let us listen to people – after all, Ireland has the advantage of a diaspora returned and those who emigrated and returned like David McWilliams – who started the brain inflow back to ireland…..

It is looking dim…….where is the capital that backs the loans?

Ireland has stood behind the deposits held by her 5 major banks? Is she wrong or right?

What are the costs? Will the wealth managers of big worldwide capital funds say – lets try Ireland, I like their policies.

Will others look to the history of Ireland and get scared and like the 1980’s run to the Bernuda’s, tax havens or even Switzerland.

What are the demographics in Ireland. Is it ageing with a costly elderly group with now unexpected depreciated assets and in particular property?

Then it may be a large young population? If so, is it not wise to look at education and the needed Knowledge Economy that they are now prepared to engage in. Let not the limited mindsets of an older population of Educationalists hinder this process.

What about mineral rights e.g. the Corrib? Is Ireland accessing a fair deal? Is the cost of security by the Gardai reducing the benefits to Ireland and ought Shell not cover their security charges?

In 2003 became ill with yet another neurological illness – ME. Confined to bed for long periods of time, and exhausted with viral infections – I started writing on Indymedia. I suppose it was realistic – I had nothing else to occupy my mind other than the society I lived in and had experienced.

Media has grabbed the Ball……but remember the world goes on and it is time for people to get connected and look to alternatives and learn from this experience.

Internet is essential for communication going forward – why can’t we give opportunities to say our Construction employees and others to learn how to use it …..

Has anyone watched the Geneaology programmes of recent date. RTE – Charlie Bird, Joe Duffy, Dana Scallon. Ireland and its people are survivors. Our history is tough and hard. If ever you look at the National Archives site, it is worth reading the medical report circa 1910 of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Cameron.

Michelle Clarke

Quotation. AIDS Susan Sontag (born 1933), US critic and author ‘Societies need to have one illness which becomes identified with evil, and attaches blames to its ‘victims’

Blame…at the inapproriate time causes harm and harm to the vulnerable……


I have to say that I have been surprised by the actions of members of Govt, Academics, media, ordinary people to the Financial Crisis. It say a lot for a country like Ireland – yes the Island of Ireland, that remains divided by Currency!!!

Chosen Quotation The Little Book of Rebels Faith ‘I began revolution with 82 men. UIf I had to do it again, I’d do it with 10 or 15 and Absolute Faith

Fidel Castro (b. 1926) Cuban Revolutionary who ousted President Batistas in 1959.

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice

year of the SUITED gangster


Máirt MFómh 30, 2008 15:44

While not to take anything away from Jack and his fine piece, Should we not add the Banks To ‘Swindlers List’ ?

The Gardai and Gangland resolution…..

Jack Russell – Social Justice and Ethics

Luan MFómh 29, 2008 23:59

This year alone we have had 16 murders – 15 we can name, but there is one un-named in Palmerstown and the Gardai are seeking information concerning him.

In the last 9 years we have had 129 murders in Ireland – Court and Media figures share the same belief that 90% of domestic murders were solved by Gardai and only 7% of gangland murders. Where is the problem, I ask? Where is Kathleen O’Toole, now one year in the job or two years in the job!, (from Boston) and appointed by Michael McDowell, then Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform. Mrs. O’Toole is in charge of Gardai Human Resources – I noticed in one of her last three (rare) public statements that her preferences included that Gardai should be armed. Also she suggests they are supplied with Taser guns. She also suggests a change in the structure of the baton to include a lead top. I didn’t hear any neurosurgeon stating the danger of brain injuries from such weapons. Why?

If we are serious in solving gangland, it is not by bullying but by education, proper and equitable housing, giving young people a chance to go to school, have a normal life, an education, away from the criminal fraternity. We have Moyross gangland, we have Cork gangland – of course, there is Dublin gangland. According to Garda intelligence, there are now more than 15 gangs operating in Dublin alone. These gangsters have no morals. Let us not forget the awful death of Anthony Campbell, a young plumber, popular footballer, loving family left broken hearted.

Then let us remember the double murder of Brian Downes and Edward Ward, almost a year ago. Ward was totally innocent – the same cannot be said for Fixer Downes but then nobody deserves to die in such a brutal way. 7 young children were left without fathers because of evil events of October 5th last year. The point I finally make is – where is the Garda motivation? Where is the necessary Gardai intelligence? Where is Kathleen O’Toole? and finally where is the Minister Dermot Ahern?

Let us also recall the highly suspicious deaths of Brian Rossiter and the Wheelock boy while in Gardai custody. We need also recall the death of John Carthy in Abbeylara and the findings of Mr. Justice Barr at the Tribunal hearing. It would not be unrealistic to suggest that in such a heated moment between John and members of the ERU that his request for cigarettes might have saved his life.

Jack Russell

Quotation Reasonableness : June Jordan (US poet writing in Poem about my rights) born 1936 ‘We are the wrong people of the wrong skin in the wrong continent and what in hell is everyone being reasonable about’

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Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Equity

Céad MFómh 10, 2008 18:22

Another dramatic murder, reckless to the feelings of ordinary people. What has happened? What can be done to halt this gangsterism? Who makes the decisions?

The Irish Independent today Wednesday 10th September 2008 reports……

‘Pipe bomb raid halts GANGLAND BLOODBATH’

How can this be so in Ireland? How did we move from guns to pipebombs!!!

It is thought there are INLA links. The Special Branch have moved on this and five people are held.

Well done to the Special Branch: Their actions highlight the intensity to gangland crime, as the dissident IRA groups (paramilitaries) target those in gangland warfare.

It is thought that the five people arrested are linked to INLA leader Declan (wacko) Duffy, who is locked up and awaiting trial, The five arrested are held under Section 30 Offences against the State Act..

What we have in this situation is Preventative Crime…….but we know what is found, it is the harm that can be done by these dissidents.

Liveline today (listeners over half million people) were outraged today about another gangland killing in Clondalkin. The man’s name is MacDonagh – he jumped out of a bedroom window, he was followed and shot a number of times. Journalists this evening reported that this happened within 200 metres of Ronanstown Garda Station. Christy MacDonagh was a second hand car sales man – this leads to many questions. Seemingly, Christy MacDonagh is well known to local Gardai. As Paul Reynolds said this evening on Drivetime – ‘well known to Gardai for drugs and guns finds but never convicted?

In the last two weeks we have had gun finds, drugs finds, plans from a prison cell in Portlaoise prison which was intercepted by the Gardai, PSNI and the Dutch police. This has saved lives if you go on last nights murder in Clondalkin. You could feel today on Liveline the deep sense of outrage. O yes, the year of gangster constinues. The question is can Minister Dermot Ahern, Minister for Justice, handle the situation?

I’ve seen the taxi driver park at Baggot Street hospital, doing is daily chores…..and another member of the Workforce of the State, the Gardai, fine him. The taxi is easy prey……..but yet the money roles in from these opportunities. Why is gangland so prominent? Why the muirders? Why as was said on the radio today – Just round them up and apply Section 30……it worked before. Gangland costs to the people are too high!!!! We need action.

Quotation Lies – Alexander Solzhenitsyn (born 1918 died 2008) Russian Dissident who spent 8 years in prison for criticising Stalin. Finally exiled after publication of his book the Gulag Archipelego

‘In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State’

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Answers needed: How did 8 min. prisoners manage to operate BEBO sites while in Prison

Jack Russell – Social Justice and Ethics

Sath MFómh 06, 2008 22:26

Irish Independent 3rd eptember 2008 headfline ‘

‘Jail Crackdown’ after Prisoners caught using Bebo site’

How could this happen? Surely the Joe Duffy show last year gave clear messages about the scope certain prisoners had on the incite. If I am not correct, a colleague of mine, known as Rocky, made all the headlines…….he is an excellent sniffer dog and has worked inside and out, to represent Justice in acc ordance with the Rule of Law.

This appears to be human error…..alas the serious kind.

The Mountjoy inmates managed to send photographs and personal details to the social networking site.

The Rule is ‘No Mobiles’ and we can now see why the rule must be emphatic. What has to be done? What about a signal block?

Jack Russell

Quotation Ability Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) – the founder of Buddhism ‘He is able who thinks he able”

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Gangsters……Well done to the Combined efforts of Gardai and PSNI. Now we look to lives saved:

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice and Ethics

Déar MFómh 04, 2008 19:17

Kevin. I have read your articles on gangsters, tactics, imprisonment, using the prison for the direction of instruction to commit the crime of murder. This is a challenging impetus of the criminal mind, that has been confined by the Judiciary and yet they breech every moral rule and these gangster minds are facilitated sadly in some ways to do so.

This is the ‘world of the Gangster’ in Ireland……a group of like minds, and in some cases from specific locations in Limerick, Dublin and elsewhere.

These gangsters have engaged in the drug Lord set with aspirations on territory, acquisition, money, power and position.

It is in this regard we must congratulate the Gardai efforts in Ireland, the efforts of the PSNI in Northern Ireland for their combined dedication to finding these criminals. We must add the extra 147 guns found, to the others to date. We must include to the Dutch efforts in this massive hunt for arms, drugs and illegal dealings.

Imagine, the arms found, the drugs found. Ponder on the significance of the find, the ability to ring fence the involvement of a man imprisoned, to delegate and organise such acts of gangsterism and the other criminals seeping through the system.

This combined effort by the Garda, PSNI and Dutch interpol must be appraised on the marked reduction to criminal activity and more importantly the potential lives saved – one can but speculate but it is impressive.

Let us also remember the crime undertaken by Corporate companies. Recently we have seen a tendency to adhere to Social and Ethical responsibilities in the major public companies but it is up to people at ground level to be vigilant. I found this quotation in the Little Book of Rebels and quoted in New Internationalist Awareness and vigilance is not a heavy load.

Shell on Trial by Ken Saro Wiwa (1941-95) Nigerial writer and actvist leader of the Ogoni people who were protesting against Shell’s oil exploration on their land, environmental destruction and huban rights abuses. Mr. Wiwa was executed with 8 others by the Nigerian Government. I and my colleagues here are not the only ones on Trial. Shell is here on trial…the company has indeed ducked this particular trial, but its day will surely come…….’

PS I have read your articles on prisons, re. the Block in Cork, the lack of human rights, discipline, Gary Dooch murder, the case of the young boy dead…..head injuries, Brian Rossiter, then there there is a suspect in the Wheelock boy……we need to get a handle on this…….especially, when breeches in favour like BEBO, drugs, can happen as the alternative…

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Refine the word Truth in Gangland

Kevin T. Walsh – Social Justice and Ethics

Máirt MFómh 02, 2008 17:12

In 1997, Bertie Ahern, Taoiseach, declared war on Ireland’s emerging gangland culture and issued a start warningto organised criminals. Our plan is to arrest you, prosecute you and put you in jail.

From the Archives of the Tribune by Ali Bracken, Journalist.

Since Bertie’s warning we have had 127 gangland murders and only 14 convictions i.e. a 9% detection rate. This ensuers that organised criminals will continue to kill each other relatively unperturbed by the fear of getting caught. Since Fianna Fail entered Government in 1997 548 murder enquiries have been launched by Gardai, meaning that gangland killings have accounted for less that one quarter of murders in the last 11.5 years. People should not forget the domestic murders in Ireland and the 11 women still missing and families still waiting.

Another problem is that gangland criminals increasingly hire hit men to assassinate their enemies in order to keep their hands clean. Often we can establish motive and develop a clear idea of who we believe ordered the murder.

If criminals, however, have ordered hitman from Eastern Europe or somewhere to kill a man at 10.00 a.m., they are often back on a plane to where they came from by lunch time.

I will now enclose details of some murders in the last few years in Ireland.

June 1997 Timothy Rattigan was shot in the head with a 9 mm gun in a Dublin bookies shop. Gangland killing but no conviction.

November 1997 Dublin drug dealer Anthony Chester Beattie was murdered by his associates, Martin Comerford was due to go on trial for that murder but was himself killed in a gangland feud in 1999 and no convictions.

In 1998. 4 killings and no convictions.

1999, 12 killings and one conviction in gangland warfare.

In the year 2000, 12 killings and 2 convictions.

I ask the question about the miisuse of Garda overtime. Common sense will tell you it is going towards the priority in the West of Ireland, Shell. Money comes before life.

On gangland alone Ahern broke his word and McDowell’s word ‘gangland as the last sting in a dying bee) – this sure has come back to haunt the Department of Justice and others.

Michelle I understood what you wrote last night – you have disabilities. You know drugs are very harmful and so does everyone. You will agree with me that 127 killings and only 14 killings is a disgrace to any police force in Europe. I will close by saying – Dermot Ahern, Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform has broken many promises and I agree with Ciaron O’Reilly that the conditions of Mountjoy prison are extremely poor. Let us not forget the death of Gary Dooch, who was murdered in his prison cell while in state care and who is accountable for that murder, I wonder

I will close by saying there are many questions and few answers about the penal system as usual.

Kevin T. Walsh

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Yes, oral history, culture, the Church, the plight

Michelle Clarke – Social Justice

Aoine Noll 29, 2006 00:44

I really enjoyed this posting.

I have read Kevin Kearns book on

Dublin’s Lost Heroines – Mammies and Grannies in a vanished city

What about the drug culture that became entrenched and divisive in the 1980’s. What have we learnt?

Example: Drugs – a Mother’s Dread page 247

Rafferty in the Urban Plunge referred to those mothers who were most affected by drugs who emeged as the resolute……

‘The heroin problem in the north inner-city was largely beaten by the people who lived with discarded needles, the blood soaked balconies, the daily queues up to the flats from which the white magic was distributed – who said they had had enough, who marched under threats of intimidation and violence, to the pushers’ houses and said, Out; Out; Out.

Michelle clarke Quotation: Gandhi ‘You have to be the change you want to see in the world’