Whatever meeting Micheal Martin had with his Political Cohorts, FG, it now states that Helen McEntee will Face Questions in the Dail tomorrow in relation to the Woulfe situation. Make no doubt about this, Helen will be put through her homework tonight by her advisors and Leo the Leak. I wonder will Martin be invited. Let’s face it – he is in coalition, I mean FF with the Blueshirts so is Micheal invited tonight or not? Tomorrow will be Ireland’s chance to witness the Truth and give people HOPE that in 9 months of COVID-19. If they cannot tomorrow in the Dail, tell the Truth, where are we with the fall-out of COVID-19 and our most vulnerable people, the homeless; sadly we are told that two more homeless people have died in the last 24 hours. Our nursing homes are a scandal out of all proportions and who will represent those who die? So tomorrow will be a Dawn or a Dark Dust. The People Voted for Change. Tomorrow will TELL. Fred

A Sad Look down Murder Memory Lane: a Taxi Driver in Galway; Eileen Costello-O’Shaughnessy, Murdered 23 years ago; still it goes Unsolved. The Main Suspect at the time was Thomas Murray a convicted Murderer, who was out on Temporary Release. At that time the Dept of Justice would not Listen to Governor Dan Scannell who believed strongly Murray could Kill again. Many Questions still remain unanswered in this Tragic Murder. Why?

Family of murdered woman believe gardai talking to the wrong man Sat, Nov 30, 2002, 00:00   Five years after

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This Covid-19 is far from over? People need to be Cautious this Christmas; sadly what I witness is total Boozing and Gatherings in South Dublin. If we have a third Lockdown, some Pubs and Shops are gone for ever. This Government should Stop the Soundbites and Lead the Country with total Clarity. Consistent Short Sharp Words that resound for all to adhere to.

Gardai shut down ‘Break the Rules’ beach rave in Dublin stock image November 24 2020 12:58 PM Gardaí managed to

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A Dail not fit for purpose. FF in Turmoil, Martin with no Economic Road Map, and Leo again having the last Laugh. Woulfe was Appointed by Varadkar, the Sheep in Wicklow know that, even Clueless Donnelly (Minister for Aps and Smarties) knows. Why is Martin always on the Backfoot with Leo the Leak “in the know”.

Opposition withdraw from Dáil committee over Woulfe controversy Updated / Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 19:50 By Mícheál Lehane Political Correspondent

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