Dr Mike Ryan talking to young son of his collegue Maria. When will COVID-19 asks the child…”We don’t know” but we know if we adhere to guidelines it will help”. Mike Ryan encourages children in the wealthy vaccinated countries to be advocates to counteract those who perpetrate messages of anti-vaccination. Advocate to win over those who are vaccine hesitant; but more importantly the vaccine apartheid must end.


Simon Coveney: You have insulted all the academic women with Degrees across the length and breadth of Ireland by Telling them they are not sufficiently qualified for this job. This is some insult to every academic feminist, especially the aspirants in this country. Sadly you were backed up by Martin who was totally clueless as to the planning that was going on between you, Leo the Leak and New York based Ms Zappone, the leading light for rights for the LGBT in her new job, as Coveney stated. Again I ask – there are so many “Straight” women who are highly qualified but yet Cronyism takes over yet again. This will not be forgotten. At least Timmy Dooley (FF) said: Zappone should walk away now. Enough said.

‘There’s no wrongdoing here’: Katherine Zappone defends Dáil travel expenses Zappone said the route she uses is the fastest and

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Ian Bailey “flattered” by relationship he’s struck up with woman who married a ghost pirate, but then Ian Bailey Claims he was the most Sought after Male Stallion that ever landed in Schull, the Riviera of the Irish South. Watching the documentaries concerning the murder of Sophie du Plantier it is obvious that many West Cork Hillbilly Males were Jealous, including some Randy Cops, when he Arrived in West Cork almost 30 years ago. Bailey claims he still has the Filter burning for Romance? We can never Forget the Pain of the Family of Sophie du Plantier, but can one Imagine if Ian Bailey is fully Exonerated, with the Cold Case, which by the day must be of concern to Commissioner Drew Harris. The time is now, DNA is more advanced and so much more. Commissioner Harris — it is your call. If Mr Bailey is innocent, there will be many embarrassed people who glibly say Oh Bailey – he is guilty.

Irish woman Amanda Large Teague, who is divorced from the pirate ghost, said she is “interested” in murder suspect Ian

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