Daniel only for his father Christy Snr, would probably be working as a Street Cleaner for Dublin City Council? At least he would earn a Decent Crust. Daniel is a Legend in his own Mind?

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Kinahan Statement Daniel Kinahan has gone from unremarkable street thug to the head of an Irish mafia by virtue of his father

“He used to run away from any form of publicity. He physically ran down streets and once into traffic at a busy Spanish roundabout in order to flee the Sunday World”

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

February 01 2021 01:41 PMUp Dated by Fred Bassett28 February 2021

Daniel Kinahan has evolved into an unrecognisable version of himself but not in the way he sees it.

In his mind he has worked hard to become a boxing powerbroker, a legitimate and respected businessman, an honourable family man and loyal friend to many.

The reality is that he has gone from unremarkable street thug to the head of an Irish mafia, a position gifted to him by his father and one which he holds simply because he controls the purse strings.

Drug money can rocket people from council flats to hilltop mansions, it can turn an ordinary tradesman into a multi-millionaire in a matter of months. Be in the right place at the right time, take a risk, and you could find yourself swimming in cash, Louis Vuitton bags and Rolex watches.

But it is a cruel and false God. The underworld sucks the life blood out of those who inhabit it and there is never an option to just walk away.

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

The crowning of Daniel Kinahan was no democracy. He made it to the top because in gangland terms he was born with the silver spoon of being the Dapper Don Christy Kinahan’s first born. His father built an empire and now his son will destroy it in a well-worn path of many blindsided by the abilities of their own offspring.

Many believe he would never have made it past the first post if it was a fair race, that he is cowardly and that he has lied and manipulated to curry favour with those around him.

Most journalistic fields have the advantage of being able to step into the world of their folly. Business, sports, political and showbiz reporters get to eyeball their prey and sit for hours with them during interviews.

It’s a bit different if you do crime. There are no public relations officers to field queries, no press conferences. It’s just not ‘Livin with Lucy’. Instead, you dig around the edges, you meet nameless and often terrified people who give you little bits of their world before they retreat back into the shadows and you do your best to get to know what makes the kingpins tick.

Daniel Kinahan is an odd one. He used to run away from any form of publicity. He physically ran down streets and once into traffic at a busy Spanish roundabout in order to flee the Sunday World.

Daniel Kinahan leaving court in Spain in 2010

Daniel Kinahan leaving court in Spain in 2010

But as he settled into the top job as CEO of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group, he started to believe he could change history. Instead, or running away he attempted to create his own image through anonymously written books, a rap video and more recently an online documentary which painted him as the real victim of the Regency Hotel attack, a key moment in gangland which happened five years ago this week.

A statement from Kinahan in the run up to a primetime BBC Panorama investigation into boxing and the mob is yet another insight into his increasing separation from reality.

In full: public statement issued by Daniel Kinahan

I know what the Panorama investigation is about because I was interviewed by award winning reporter Darragh MacIntyre for it. It’s about Daniel Kinahan and the boxing firm he founded in Marbella in 2012. It’s about his Irish mafia and it’s about his involvement in top level boxing.

Kinahan is clearly rattled. He has largely ignored and ridiculed the Irish media for years and has had influential individuals close to him publicly state that this country is a wild west when it comes to journalism.

Lies, lies, lies, they have cried saying there is no proof of anything said about Daniel Kinahan while pushing a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the gardai, government and media worked together to have him killed at the Regency. The Irish media may be nothing to Kinahan but the BBC is a different beast and Panorama is its’ lion.

Interestingly Daniel’s statement issued to the crime journalist Ken Foy who has been writing about the mob for years starts: “Daniel is a 43-year-old family man; a father to five beautiful children; and privileged to be the stepfather to three wonderful daughters. He is a proud Irishman.”


He continues to rattle out the same line that many of his supporters in the boxing fraternity have. “He has never been convicted of a crime, not just in Ireland, but in any jurisdiction worldwide.”

Daniel Kinahan has written this statement himself. I know because he always refers to himself as just ‘Daniel’ such is his celebrity in his own mind.

“This statement is made in response to the false and damaging allegations repeated by various commentators and media outlets that he is the leader of an Irish-based international organised crime gang.

“These claims are wholly untrue and unsupported by any evidence. The allegations in the media typically refer to various criminal proceedings wholly unconnected to Daniel and are often based on the testimony or comments of convicted criminals,” he writes.

A special investigation from the Sunday World details how 60 men and women are currently behind bars in Ireland, jailed for their roles in Kinahan related feud activities from murder to money laundering. Their loyalty has cost them their freedom and and many remain on the mafia payroll. He needs their continued silence.

“Daniel is the victim of an orchestrated campaign that is targeting him with the deliberate intention to mislead the public and to damage the successful and legitimate career he has built up over 15 years in international boxing,” his statement continues.

Just like Pablo Escobar and Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, Daniel Kinahan now clearly believes his own perception of himself. He believes that we should see the same person he does when he looks in the mirror.

“It therefore appears that Daniel is incapable of receiving a fair trial, not just in Ireland but elsewhere in the world due to the barrage of media accusations and coverage,” he states.

In Ireland, each of Daniel Kinahan’s soldiers have stood in the dock of the Special Criminal Court where three judges have decided their fate.

While it would be feasible to argue that a jury could not fairly try an individual like Daniel Kinahan it would unlikely win. In Brooklyn, a jury were sworn in to consider Guzman’s guilt. That, of course, would only be of relevance should Kinahan find himself on trial, something he clearly believes is very possible now.

He concludes: “A lie repeated one hundred times is still a lie. My wish, as is my God-given right, is to continue my professional and family life in peace and without continued harassment and I will vigorously defend my right to do so.”

Ironically Kinahan should re-read his final paragraph and perhaps practice what he preaches.

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