Dr Romeo, aka the Padre Pio of Penises Arrested?

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Sexual healing Italian man dubbed ‘Dr Magic Flute’ who said he could cure HPV by sleeping with women arrested

Gynaecologist Miniello was caught in a TV sting after women complained about his ‘healing’ process

Dr Miniello is surprised as a journalist enters the

Dr Miniello is surprised as a journalist enters the room

December 01 2021 02:59 PM

An Italian doctor who nicknamed his genitals with supposed healing qualities ‘the Padre Pio of Penises’ and ‘Dr Magic Flute’ has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting two women after claiming he could cure the infection human papillomavirus (HPV) through having sex with them.

Dr Giovanni Miniello (60) was caught after a TV sting after one of his patients contacted the show claiming he had told her he could cure her of the viral infection – even though she tested negative for it.

Miniello, who referred to his penis as ‘Padre Pio of penises’ after a famous priest who could reportedly heal people, was filmed in a hotel room offering to ‘cure’ a patient by sleeping with her.

An actress with an investigative news programme called Le Lene visited the doctor, who secretly filmed herself having an examination.

The doctor pictured in a hotel room with an
                    actress from the sting

The doctor pictured in a hotel room with an actress from the sting

Miniello then told the patient she had tested positive for the virus before offering to meet her in a hotel room, where he referred to his penis with the aforementioned pet names.

The gynaecologist, from the city of Bari in Italy, was filmed meeting the actress in the hotel room to undergo her ‘treatment’.

But as he sat on the bed with only his pants covering his mystical equipment, a journalist launched the sting, entering the room and challenging Miniello on his otherworldly claims.

The doctor remained resolute however, and insisted he could ring patients who had previously been cured by his unique process.

He was later arrested on suspicion of two alleged sexual assault incidents in 2019 and 2021, and has since been placed under house arrest.

Since the TV show aired, it’s understood another 15 women have come forward and said they were victims of the doctor.

The claims came to light after a woman known as Anna Maria contacted the media, saying she had gone to Miniello because she couldn’t conceive, and he had told her she had the HPV virus.

Miniello explained that he calls his penis his 'magic
              flute' and the 'Padre Pio of penises'

Miniello explained that he calls his penis his ‘magic flute’ and the ‘Padre Pio of penises’

After allegedly inappropriately touching the woman’s breasts and offering to have sex with her in order to cure her, the woman contacted the show who sent their own actress to the doctor, who proceeded to tell her she had white spots on her cervix which indicated the presence of the infection.

The actress then met Miniello in a hotel, where he insisted on having unprotected sex with the woman as the condom would prevent the ‘antibodies from working’.

When the journalist entered the room, surprising Miniello, he stood by his initial claim, saying he was “doing this for my studies” and “for the other people I have saved”.

In a statement released by his lawyer, the gynaecologist continued to claim that he has “successfully treated hundreds of women for over 40 years” and that his “alternative treatment” has “yielded results”.

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