WASTE: a luxury we can no longer afford. We have the Pandemic but we also have the environmentalists shouting “Ecocide”. We have time to reflect in leisure these days so let’s think about what we are doing to our planet. Waste cannot be good especially food and clothes. Waste is in a way a form of theft from others who are in need. There are people starving and it is time to really assess the environmental cost of cheap fashion which is part of the fossil fuel chain and its impact on our world. There is a country that is host to all our waste clothes – a dump. Shame on us.

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Twitter Barbara Williams @Barbara544799623 16h

Sixth Mass Extinction is caused by escalating ecological collapse.  The COVID pandemic is a symptom and the economic growth paradigm is the cause.  We need to fix the cause with rapid, ethical #IPAT_Degrowth, until then eco-damage will continue to escalate #ImPAct

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