Urban Planning. Do we have it in Dublin or is it part and parcel of a plan that we know nothing about? What we do know is that there is much dereliction removing the sense of community within local areas. Then of course there is development and we can access Bartra (private developer Gerry Barrett) and now Conor McGregor. All we ask from them is that they comply with planning to ensure that we are left with a city that ranks highest in the world for its advancement. Eoin O’Brioin, Rory Hearne, Frank O’Connor, Jude Sherry, Anois, Darragh O’Brien…I sincerely hope they have a broad vision. Now is the opportunity to take our cities and stamp the mark of our young generation on the development of same.

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The reality is a selection of dereliction and how it debases community. Then we look to those who have funding, plans, and development. Jonathan Swift said “Give vision to the Visionless” but my fear is that these developers are solo agents in search of their own specific dream creating a form of gated communities.

Dublin 8 and rebirth of communities…but one must ask the questions why so much dereliction and what will be done. Sinn Fein are calling out for vast social housing estates but what happens if it is like when people were moved out of the tenements in the inner city to places like Finglas, Ballymun, Tallaght, Crumlin when there were no plans for infrastructure. We don’t want more of this.

Check out the following links and then decide what you think about dereliction in our cities and the formation of smart urban inner city communities.


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