Dublin is not a Safe City; this Assault is Shocking, Ireland has a Serious Crime Problem, and it will get Worse???

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‘Is she alive?’ — Mum of girl brutally attacked on Dublin street says she may lose sight in eye


The mum of a teenage girl who was violently beaten on a Dublin street has revealed she may lose her sight in one eye and described the horrifying scene after the attack.

Alanna Quinn Idris, 17, was left with serious facial injuries — including a ruptured eyeball, broken bones as well as broken teeth — during the attack in Ballyfermot last Thursday, December 30.

A male friend of Alanna’s was also beaten and suffered suspected stab wounds in the attack.

Ballyfermot attack
Speaking on RTE Radio, Alanna’s mother, Jamie Quinn revealed shocking details and how she thought her teenage daughter was ‘dead’.

Speaking on RTE Radio, Alanna’s mother, Jamie Quinn revealed shocking details and how she thought her teenage daughter was ‘dead’.

Mum Jamie said her daughter and her friend got involved in a verbal altercation on the bus home from Liffey Valley Shopping Centre with a man who was known to the teen. The pair were then set upon by a group of people near the Ballyfermot Civic Centre last Thursday evening around 9.30pm.

Jamie said: ‘A group of people came from a couple of different directions. They approached her and her friend. She was trying to make them leave him alone and one of them punched her in the face and then they attacked him.

Witness said there were up to four people involved in the attack.

‘They had a hurley and the saddle of an electric scooter. They had a knife or something sharp because her friend was stabbed. Alanna heard them saying to each other: ‘Stab him! Stab him!’

***** Warning graphic image below that readers may find distressing *****

The violent attack only ended when one of Jamie’s neighbours, out walking his dog, saw what was happening.

‘He came around the corner and saw what was happening and he ran at them. That’s when they all disappeared.’

Jamie, who is six months pregnant, said she feared the worst when she saw the emergency services tending to her daughter.

‘By the time I got there, she was already in the ambulance and I started to panic. I just kept asking, “Is she alive? Is she alive?”’

Jamie also revealed that a doctor told her Alanna’s ‘eye was gone’.

‘The doctor went on to say that her eye was ruptured and there was very little chance she would see from that eye again.

‘The hopes now are that her eye may recover enough for it to look normal.’

GoFundMe has been set up for Alanna and the teenager herself has spoken out about her attack.

The horror injuries sustained by Alanna (Family handout)

In a post uploaded yesterday, Alanna thanked people who had contributed to the fundraising as well as providing an update on her condition:

‘I’ve finally accepted that there is an over 90% chance that I won’t be able to see out if my right eye again , which sucks because my right side is my good side lol.’

Alanna also wrote that she wanted to thank everyone ‘who has sent me a message over the past few days. I’ve been showered with love and support by so many kind hearts.’

Gardai have confirmed they are investigating an assault that occurred on Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10, at about 9.30pm last Thursday and appealed for witnesses. They added a “female juvenile in her late teens” had been hospitalised due to her injuries.

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