Prisoners in Irish Jails, may get Canaries and Goldfish, in case they get Lonely in their Cells???

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Irish Prison Service cancels in person visits to inmates in all jails in response to Covid-19

 9th January 2022

THE IRISH PRISON Service (IPS) has suspended visits by relatives as part of their Covid-19 response.Mountjoy Prison is one of the facilities affected.© Sam Boal Mountjoy Prison is one of the facilities affected.

The IPS has announced that all physical family visits will be temporarily suspended from 10 January until 24 January, 2022.

The service will continue to provide video visits and prisoners will be entitled to receive one video visit per week.

A spokesperson said that the IPS understood concerns for families and prisoners.

“The Irish Prison Service is aware of the importance of visits to prisoners and their families however due to the widespread community transmission of Covid 19.  

“Any person who has at this stage has booked a visit should note that they will not be facilitated with access to the prison and no further bookings will be available at this time.

“This restriction will be reviewed in advance of the expiry of the 14 day suspension period, with any extension (or removal) of those restrictions being based on infection control advice at the time.

“All prisoners will continue to have access to the Video Visiting System and will be entitled to receive 1 family video visit per week.

“Professional visits by legal advisors will, where possible, be conducted virtually but a physical visit may be facilitated,” he said.

The IPS said that physical visits requested on compassionate grounds by family members will be considered on a case by case basis but will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

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