A Right Lowlife Thug?

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COURT JESTER New dad says judge gave him ‘four weeks off’ and laughs as he’s jailed for spitting in the face of female garda

Jason Hennessy Junior (25) was extremely aggressive to gardaí

Jason Hennessy Junior

Jason Hennessy Junior

April 22 2022 03:00 AM

A NEW dad spat in the face of a young female officer after he was called to the scene by a female relative when she was stopped on suspicion of uninsured driving, a court heard.

Jason Hennessy Junior (25) was extremely aggressive toward gardaí, repeatedly saying “you’re not f**king taking the car”.

Gardaí subsequently discovered that Hennessy’s relative was fully insured.

Judge David McHugh convicted and jailed Hennessy for four months.

As he was led into custody, Hennessy laughed, saying he knew the judge would be biased, and “he gave me four weeks off”.

The defendant, of Sheephill Avenue in Blanchardstown, was found guilty of assaulting Garda Megan Furey and Garda Rebekah Gaffey at Ashling Heights in Corduff on January 25, 2019.

Garda Robert Ruddy said he was on mobile patrol when he stopped a vehicle which did not have an insurance disc displayed.

Gda Ruddy said the young female driver took out her phone and told her family to come and help her.

Gda Ruddy said Hennessy came down, and he was immediately aggressive, repeatedly telling him “you’re not taking the f**king car”.

Hennessy was roaring and shouting, and Gda Ruddy said he was the most aggressive person he has come across.


Gda Ruddy said Hennessy was extremely aggressive toward Gda Furey, and was roaring and shouting right into her face.

The defendant was arrested, and Gda Furey said Hennessy was put in the back of the patrol van.

As she put her hand on his back to aid him up the step, Hennessy turned back, cleared his throat and spat straight in her face.

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