voxeurop “Z” symbol missiles; Ukraine is war zone, not of its own making but due to the invasion of the dictator hungry Putin who now is said to have 20% taken but at what human cost to the ordinary people? We forget too easily that the destruction is affecting the “Russian separatists” also. Why? Pure Greed and Power; Putin and his motley crew of oligarchs and gangsters, wants the ports, the grain, the world beholden to him for food and oil/gas and minerals. Do not forget the longer the war goes on, Russia Federation will want the microchips (main source Taiwan) to power their weaponry. So for the Ukrainians we see why you are in the fight for the long haul, contrary to the expectations of Putin who saw all achieved by his invasion in a few days.

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All quiet on the Bessarabian front Dimiter Kenarov – The Point Magazine (Chicago)
Media coverage of the war has focused on the unity of Ukrainians in the face of a common enemy, but there are parts of the country where strong if silent sympathies for Moscow are still simmering underneath. Located in the most southwestern corner of Ukraine, Southern Bessarabia – or Budjak, as the inhabitants call it – is one of them.

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