Irpin, The Ukraine, is so elegant; but then Russia invaded and beset this beautiful City of prosperity into one of destruction and carnage. The Ukrainians will survive this invasion; they will most likely become members of the EU, they aspired to join. One can witness from the development of Irpin prior to invasion that the Ukrainians were looking towards democracy not the autocracy they knew in the days of the Soviet Union. Holdomor tells the narrative of how Stalin starved the Ukrainians while the food was sold on international markets. Exactly as Putin is doing with his Stealth armoury relating to grain, sunflower oil, potatoes and laying siege to it, starving and stealing from the rightful owners, the sovereign state of Ukraine.

Posted by

Mikhail Khodorkovsky (English)


12th June 2022

The heroic Ukrainian town Irpin before and after the Russian aggression. Putin and his criminal gang will face the International Criminal Court for these crimes and atrocites. Soon!

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