Carey has caused so much Hurt, in Peoples Lives, but this Man Roy Adamson, will not Lie Down, He will Fight on, a man with 4 Children?

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Father of four who says he was swindled out of €35,000 by convicted fraudster Catriona Carey ordered to give up house

Rory Adamson outside court yesterday. Photo: Mary Browne
Convicted fraudster Caitriona Carey. Photo: Mark Condren

Rory Adamson outside court yesterday.

July 20 2022 02:30 AM

A father of four who claims he was defrauded out of €35,000 by a company connected to Catriona Carey has been ordered to give up possession of his “family home”.

Wexford Circuit Court heard Rory Adamson has defaulted on mortgage repayments for a property in Poulshone, Courtown, Co Wexford, since 2011.

Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC was seeking an order for repossession and sale of the property to recover an outstanding balance of €393,943, of which €244,000 is arrears.

Judge Alice Doyle said there appeared to be a large amount of money owed and granted the order.

The ruling followed “repeated interruptions” by Mr Adamson which prompted the judge to issue a “contempt of court” warning.

Mr Adamson said the house is his family home, but counsel for Pepper Finance said this has not been proven as no family home declaration had been signed.

  • At an earlier hearing, Mr Adamson alleged he had engaged the services of an unauthorised third party and had been defrauded out of €35,000, which is currently under investigation by gardaí.
  • He claims he paid the money to Careysfort Asset Estates Limited as part of a deal to keep his property. He also argued the house is a family home and therefore covered by the Family Home Act.

Seán O’Mahony BL, acting on behalf of Pepper, said Mr Adamson had failed to furnish an affidavit setting out these allegations.

Mr Adamson, who was representing himself, then produced an unsworn affidavit which Judge Doyle allowed to be opened before the court.

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Mr Adamson said he met with Ms Carey, director of Careysfort Asset Estates, in 2018 “in relation to creating a remedy for the alleged debt” and gave her a €35,000 deposit.

He also stated that his four children and their mother live in the property in Courtown and it is their family home.

Mr O’Mahony said the defendant was in arrears for a continuous period and had not meaningfully engaged with the plaintiff, despite repeated correspondence sent to him.

He said the defendant has not offered up any valid defence for defaulting on the repayments and has not provided necessary financial information.

Mr Adamson is registered as the sole owner of the house.

In 2004, he drew down a mortgage to buy the property and in 2006 he sought a further loan, which he claims was to renovate the house.

The outstanding balance on the mortgage is €274,266, of which €168,702 is arrears. The net monthly instalments were supposed to be €1,083. On the other mortgage account, there is an outstanding balance of €119,677, of which €76,297 is arrears. The monthly instalments should be €478.

Mr O’Mahony said the last three payments on the account were prior to 2014, when ownership of the charge on the property was transferred to Shoreline Residential Limited.

Shoreline purchased a portfolio of mortgage and personal loans from Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited and appointed Pepper to service this portfolio from August 2014.

Ownership of the charge on the property in Courtown was transferred to Pepper in 2019.

Mr Adamson, who brought 40 pieces of silver and a copy of the Irish Constitution to court, said: “As a national and a native living indigenous man, I am protected by the divine Christ of God under Irish law.”

He was reprimanded by Judge Doyle for repeatedly interrupting the proceedings.

On two occasions, Judge Doyle left the courtroom during the hearing.

“You are disrupting this court. If you do not desist, I will find you in contempt,” she warned.

“You are bullying and taking over the court. I am the judge in this court. I am going to find you in contempt if you don’t behave yourself.”

She found the facts as stated by Pepper to be proven and granted the order for repossession and sale.

Mr Adamson has 10 days to appeal the decision.

Speaking afterwards, he said he intends “to go all the way to the Supreme Court”.

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