Pint Size Thug, Gilligan, back in the News Again, with his Lowlife Buddy, Fatso Mitchell?

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Fallen drugs kingpin Peter ‘Fatso’ Mitchell facing more jail time if he doesn’t hand €27k over to UK cops

  • 7:00, 9 Sep 2022

FALLEN drugs kingpin Peter ‘Fatso’ Mitchell faces more jail time if he fails to cough up €27,260 to cops in the UK.

Mitchell – once a key member of John Gilligan’s gang – could have an extra fifteen months in prison added on to his sentence if he fails to pay the figure.

Peter 'Fatso' Mitchell
Peter ‘Fatso’ Mitchell
Nathan Webber, also caged over the seizure
Nathan Webber, also caged over the seizure

The gangster – who fled Ireland after Gilligan’s mob murdered journalist Veronica Guerin in June 1996 – was ordered to pay the cash after a Proceeds of Crime case was taken by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service.

It comes after he received a ten year sentence in January over a plot to smuggle €153,600 [£133,000], worth of cocaine hidden inside nappies on July 7, 2020.

On that occasion, the notorious gangster was stopped in his car on the M4 near Bridgend in south Wales by officers under ‘Operation Venetic’ and ‘Operation Capote’.

Officers recovered the stash hidden inside nappies in boxes on the back seat of the vehicle.

Mitchell – who also survived an attempt on his life by the Kinahan cartel in 2008 – has three months to pay the cash.

The hood – who previously sold cannabis on church grounds in north inner city Dublin – was also caught after UK authorities smashed his secure communications network.

At the time of his arrest, he was using the EncroChat network with the username ‘Diver Hawk’.

In messages obtained by detectives after his arrest, one said: “he got lifted near Cardiff”.

Another said: “He’ll get one phone call. He knows the drill.”

His two pals, Nathan Webber and James Gallagher were also caged over the seizure.

Around €100,000 in cash was also seized as part of the operation.

Although known as a senior figure for Gilligan before his empire was smashed by gardai, Mitchell has fallen down the pecking order in the world of gangland in recent years.

Following the attempt on his life, he moved to the UK and established a number of restaurants and bars in the north of England.


The hood also changed his name over fears the Kinahan cartel were still targeting him.

But detectives believe he used his time in the UK to forge links with low and mid level drugs gangs.

Another investigator said: “Mitchell certainly had a significant fall from grace.

“He went from being part of a gang that smuggled millions of cannabis into Ireland to a nobody in the realms of gangland.

“He tried to maintain he was just a businessman but once a criminal always a criminal.

“Mitchell was Gilligan’s loyal lieutenant and he certainly was no criminal mastermind.


“He’s been out of Ireland for over 20 years and wasn’t a target for the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau because he was insignificant.”

Speaking after his sentencing, Det Insp Russ Jenkins said: “Organised crime groups over a number of years have utilised encrypted devices to enable their offending.

“They have been brazen and believed the use of such devices ensured they were beyond the reach of the law.

“Our investigations have worked tirelessly and continue to utilise all opportunities available to investigate these offences and successfully prosecute those involved.”

Officers recovered the stash hidden inside nappies in boxes on the back seat of the vehicle
Officers recovered the stash hidden inside nappies in boxes on the back seat of the vehicle
John Gilligan
John GilliganCredit: PA:Press Association

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