Turf War, in Warzone Finglas, another Bunch of young Dealers, have Come in, and are Dealing, Spanish Weed, and Cocaine? Where are the Cops, probably, looking for the Weed?

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See the source image

New dealers take over Finglas drugs trade amid crackdown on ‘Mr Flashy’ gang

 22nd October 2022

A new “forensically aware” gang has moved into the lucrative drug-dealing scene in a troubled north Dublin suburb.

Sources say the crew are attempting to fill the vacuum created by the fact that long-standing dealers in Finglas are struggling to sell their product due to increased pressure from gardaí, who have been investigating the deadly Finglas feud that they are involved in.

“This is not a particularly large group of young lads but they have seen a gap in the market and they went for it,” the source pointed out.

In recent weeks, the dealers have been operating at a park in the Scribblestown area of Finglas and sources say they have been selling “unusually high grade” cannabis herb and cocaine, which the young criminals are suspected of sourcing directly from Spain.

“Some of the gang members have been spending months at a time over in Spain, where it is believed they have a business interest in a café over there.

“The weed that they are selling is much more expensive than most; they are charging €120 for three grams of it but all the information is they are now selling cocaine and crack cocaine as well.

“These lads are extremely forensically aware; when they are selling it they are going around wearing blue forensic gloves as well as COVID facemasks and hoodies up, which makes them very difficult to identify on CCTV.

“What’s more, when they operate in the park they have remote cameras set up at all the entry points, which are connected to their mobile phones, so they can see exactly who is coming in or out.

“If they don’t like what they see, they are out of the location quickly on their motorbikes. It is all very efficient and they are making a lot of money,” the source explained.

It has also emerged that the gang has been using social media to advertise their drugs by sending messages to potential customers to let them know when they have stocks of certain drugs.

The so-called “independent operators” have managed to stay out of the deadly Finglas feud, which saw one unsolved murder and dozens of violent incidents this year.

At the centre of much of the violence is the criminal nicknamed ‘Mr Flashy’ and his associates.

There have been major tensions in Finglas all year with the murder of ‘Mr Flashy’ gang rival James ‘Whela’ Whelan (29) in April stoking gang tensions.

The feud has died down in recent months after gardaí made a number of significant arrests.

Social media played a huge role when the Finglas feud was at its height with the rival factions goading their rivals on various platforms on a daily basis.

A common feature of the feud has been targeting of innocent family members of those involved in the gang warfare.

In the early hours of May 21, the mother and brother of murder victim James Whelan were lucky to escape injury when the family home was firebombed by the ‘Mr Flashy’ mob.

Whelan’s mother Sonya and another son managed to escape the house uninjured after the attack, which took place at 2am.

The house was substantially damaged, as were two cars parked outside.

Just hours later innocent relatives of ‘Mr Flashy’ had their homes targeted in revenge petrol bomb attacks.

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