No Agenda, so Why all the Bullshit, and Gilroy, makes a Complaint, about Alleged Bullying, he must mean, Bullshit? Then Chambers, Martin’s, Enforcer, a Load of ……….. All it takes is One call, Marc, your Back? Simple,

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Taoiseach Micheál Martin tells Fianna Fáil TDs ‘no agenda not to bring Marc MacSharry’ back into party

27th October 2022

There is no agenda not to bring Marc MacSharry back into the party, Taoiseach Micheál Martin told a Fianna Fáil party meeting tonight.

The Sligo-Leitrim TD resigned from the parliamentary party last year over Mr Martin’s response to the controversy surrounding Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney and his handling of a Covid restrictions-breaching party in his department

Mr MacSharry had also previously criticised Mr Martin’s leadership.

However an effort to bring him back into the fold has been hit by an internal party complaint lodged against Mr MacSharry by councillor Donal Gilroy over comments made in a WhatsApp group.

The comments followed Mr Gilroy raising concerns on his local radio station about a delay in securing a cath lab for Sligo which Mr MacSharry had said he secured for the county by supporting the Government on votes.

Mr Gilroy felt the comments amounted to bullying and reported the matter to Fianna Fáil headquarters in recent weeks.

Mr MacSharry has denied his comments were aimed at bullying his Fianna Fáil colleague.

Tonight TD Barry Cowen raised the issue of Mr MacSharry’s readmission at the weekly party meeting.

Chief Whip Jack Chambers TD and the Taoiseach committed to working to resolve the issue ahead of next meeting of the parliamentary party.

“There is no agenda not to to bring Marc back,” Mr Martin told the meeting.

One of those at the meeting said afterwards: “At least the heat (on the issue) was not as bad as last week.”

Mr Chambers is reported to have said that the complaint is being managed by party headquarters in line with the its dignity and respect and social media policies.

He added that there has been frequent contact with Mr MacSharry from party headquarters and he had written to the Sligo-Leitrim TD within the last 24 hours asking him to “address this matter with engagement” so it can be resolved quickly.

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