Now Rows break out, in Funeral Homes; Sligo, Family Feuds?

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Gardaí called to ‘volatile scene’ at Sligo funeral home

Gardaí in Sligo had to respond to the incident at a funeral home.

Gardaí in Sligo had to respond to the incident at a funeral home.

November 24 2022 12:30 PM

Gardaí were called to what was described as an extremely volatile scene among a large group of family members with gardaí having to separate the group outside a funeral home in Sligo town.

Before the court was Michael Sweeney (46), Caltragh Crescent who was charged with assaulting his brother-in-law, also Michael Sweeney on August 12th 2020 outside Feehily’s Funeral Home, Cartron Cross.

Defending solicitor Mr Tom MacSharry said his client had entered a plea and things were now civil between the parties. Sergeant Derek Butler said gardaí received a report of a large gathering of people outside the funeral home, one group were trying to gain access.

It was an extremely volatile situation and gardaí tried to separate the groups and closed the entrance and told them to disperse and leave. Tempers were high and there was a lot of aggression. Arising out of the incident, a complaint was made to gardaí from Michael Sweeney that he had been punched in the face by Michael Sweeney, the defendant.

He made admissions and apologised. Gardaí viewed CCTV which captured an ongoing family feud and there had been a number of different incidents regarding the feud but this was the last incident gardaí are aware of, Sgt Butler said.

Mr MacSharry said his client apologised through the family and he also wanted to make a publi apology. Sweeney said he had never had a problem with his brother-in-law for 25 years and he always tried to isolate himself from situations. He said he wanted to apologise to him from the bottom of his heart. He also apologised to gardaí and the court. He said emotions had been high.

Judge Murphy asked if the feud was ongoing and Sweeney said there was nothing between the parties for two or three years. Mr MacSharry said in fairness to Sgt Butler he was very fair and very knowledgeable of the people of Sligo. He said unfortunately there had been a lot of tragedy in the family. Judge Murphy put the matter back to canvass for a Victim Impact Statement and the situation regarding the feud.

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