Could the Drug Test, be Done, in Ireland; anyway Inspector, is back at Work?

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Garda inspector took a drugs test abroad in bid to clear his name

4th December 2022

A garda inspector who was cleared of an allegation he snorted cocaine in a Limerick pub while in the company of two colleagues, travelled overseas for a drugs test to prove his innocence.

The Sunday Independent can reveal Limerick-based inspector Arthur Ryan underwent a hair follicle drug test overseas that returned a negative result for cocaine. These results were submitted to the garda authorities.

A tribunal which included an assistant garda commissioner cleared Insp Ryan of the drugs allegation last August.

This decision went to the Garda Commissioner, who then formally lifted his suspension, which allowed Insp Ryan to return to duty.

Insp Ryan was represented by solicitor John Power, from Kilmallock, Co Limerick, as well as Ronan Kennedy SC and Frank Crean BL.

Mr Power declined to comment when contacted in relation to the drugs test his client took overseas to prove his innocence.​

An internal garda inquiry had initially upheld the allegation, and Insp Ryan mounted a successful appeal against that decision.

Insp Ryan was arrested in the early hours of May 15, 2019, along with now retired Superintendent Eamon O’Neill when gardaí arrived at their residences in Limerick.

It was alleged that Insp Ryan was in the company of then Supt O’Neill and another detective in The Hurlers Bar in Castletroy on January 9, 2019, when Insp Ryan was alleged to have snorted cocaine in the presence of his two colleagues.

He vehemently denied the claim. As part of the investigation, CCTV in the pub was obtained.

It was claimed that when Insp Ryan put his hand near his nose at one point when he was in the bar, it was to sniff cocaine.

A file on the matter was sent to the DPP, who decided there were insufficient grounds to prosecute.

An allegation was made against former Supt O’Neill that he was in the company of a person taking cocaine. He denied this and no file was sent to the DPP in relation to this allegation.

No charges were taken and the matter was dropped.

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