Dont think, Convicted, Thug Dowdall, is on, the Sinn Fein, Xmas Card, list, this Year? One Never Knows?

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That is probably the last we will see of world-class whinger Jonathan Dowdall

Ex-Sinn Féin councillor will eventually disappear into witness protection programme,

Jonathan Dowdall
A member of the Garda Armed Support Unit on duty outside the Special Criminal Court yesterday. Photo: Collins Courts

Jonathan Dowdall

December 22 2022 02:30 AM

At 3.30pm yesterday, Jonathan Dowdall’s punishing cross-examination came to a sudden halt as Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s defence counsel said he was done with the state witness.

Combative up to the final moment, the last words from the former Sinn Féin councillor were to deny he was lying when he claimed Hutch told him he was involved in the murder of drug dealer David Byrne.

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