A Candle in the Wind, and the Binge?

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Woman on crack binge stole candles

10th January 2023

A CRACK cocaine user arrested for shoplifting candles told the arresting garda: “It’s not me, it’s the addiction.”

Mother-of-two Kathrina Wynne (42) was on a crack binge when she took the five candles, Dublin District Court heard. Judge Bryan Smyth fined her €200.

Wynne, of Thomas Court, Thomas Street, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty to theft.

Garda Barry Leyden said he was called to Arnotts in the north city centre on February 26. The accused had been detained by security after taking candles worth €125 and putting them in her bag before leaving with no attempt to pay.

When arrested, Wynne said she was addicted to crack. She told the garda: “Sorry, it’s not me, it’s the addiction.”

Wynne had previous theft convictions. She had a history of drug addiction and her “poison would have been crack cocaine”, her lawyer said. She had been clean but relapsed after family bereavements.

“She was severely addicted at the time,” he said.

When caught stealing, she “handled herself in the best manner that she could have”.

Wynne was now on methadone and while she had a “bad background”, there was some hope and “light at the end of the tunnel,” her lawyer added.

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