Dublin City, at War, Gangland, and Far Right Groups?

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Son of gangland killer 'Cotton Eye' Joe Delaney jailed in France for ...

Son of gangland killer ‘Cotton Eye’ Joe Delaney urges underworld figures to unite at anti-migrant protest

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The son of gangland killer ‘Cotton Eye’ Joe Delaney has urged underworld figures to unite at an anti-immigration protest tomorrow at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens in Dublin.

Scott Delaney, who also goes by the name Scott Knight, previously claimed he was once the biggest ecstasy dealer in Dublin.

He is one of a number of gangland figures being monitored by the Special Detective Unit (SDU).

He has now used TikTok to appeal to people to join the far-right National Party, which has been involved in a series of protests and has been widely condemned for inciting hatred of immigrants.

“The National Party is really the best choice we have for saving our country and our people,” Delaney claimed.

“The way I was thinking was, if everyone who belongs to the Irish underworld in Dublin, nearly 30,000 boys, and their families, were to all join the National Party, it only takes €20 to register.

“If everyone was to give support to the National Party, Ireland would be in a far, far better place.

No homelessness. No country destroyed with heroin and crack cocaine – the genocide powder

“If we all got together, if everyone put a bit of work in to help the National Party to get them into the Dáil, our country would be restored, back to helping Irish people.

“No homelessness. No country destroyed with heroin and crack cocaine – the genocide powder.”

Delaney went on to say he has joined the National Party and “already feels better for it”.

He added that he is the best cultivator of “weed” in Ireland and has “references from Europe” to prove it.

“The National Party is the best way that we have to sort this country out OK. I’ve got some big plans, big big plans, and I can’t do it on my own,” he said.

Delaney previously served time in prison for his part in the murder of Mark Dwyer, who was killed over a stash of ecstasy.

Dwyer was tied to a chair and beaten with iron bars for several hours after 40,000 ecstasy tablets had been stolen.

Joe Delaney decided Dwyer was behind the theft and ordered that he be kidnapped and brought to him.

Scott Delaney was later convicted of murder, but this was quashed on appeal, and he was sentenced to five years on a new charge of accessory to murder.

A source said the series of videos from Scott Delaney is “further evidence” that gangland criminals are becoming part of the “far-right agenda”.

“Let’s not give the likes of Delaney too much credit in terms of brain power,” the source said.

“Nonetheless, it is a new departure that criminals are throwing their weight behind this far-right narrative and rhetoric because, unfortunately, it can be influential.”

It has also emerged in recent days that gangland criminal Wayne Bradley called for “weapons” to be left at home as he joined an anti-immigrant protest that took place in Finglas on Wednesday night.

Bradley, who was a close associate of murdered gang boss Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne, posted a series of messages on his Facebook account before the demonstration.

He warned those attending the planned protest in his native Finglas not to bring weapons as it “will ruin what we started”.

“Today’s protest has to be peaceful, a show in numbers is all we need,” Bradley wrote online.

“The media have knowledge of it and that’s what we set out to do. We can’t have weapons of any kind, it will ruin what we started.

“There will be women and children at this, so everyone stay calm. I have a solicitor on trying to get Grame released. Thanks.”

The reference to ‘Grame’ relates to far-right activist Graham Carey, who was arrested on Wednesday morning at his home by armed members of the SDU.

He was held at a south Dublin garda station, where he was questioned.

It is understood his arrest followed a lengthy investigation by SDU officers. He was still being detained last night.

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